• hey sandra, there used to be one but they had to shut it down.... it was also sad most of the time!!!! lol
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    ya.. my sister fell wen she was little and her liver ripped i think or kidney but iwas like 5 or 6 months old and she was supposed to die and Baba Kyrolos (dont no how to spell) saved her

    I love Pope Kyrillos Miracles, they are WONDERFUL to hear about, and Saint Mina, and Saint Mary, and so on!

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  • lol wow... that was funny...
  • MarMar that is so funny, May God be with you, that happens sometimes to the little of us!

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  • waking up to see the next day is a miracle for itself...you shouldnt take it for granted...

    people with illnesses that can die anyday...when they wake up in the morning..they regard it as a miracle...why cant we be like that??
  • okay well i just had a recent miracle done to me like a small one at my church. well it was after tasbeha and i went inside the alter to go pray and when i go to pray i closed my eyes and i started to pray to saint mary and pope kirilios.so after that i heard people go outside and so that means i had the whole church to myself and that was the really cool part.so i continue to pray and when i was done i opened my eyes and it was all dark!i was a little scared and i knew that god was with me so i was not scared anymore.so i stepped outside of the alter to see if i can find the door and not fall over a chair or anything so as i got out i saw the pictures of pope kirilios and saint mary lighting up and i mean the whole picture was lighting up!and i knew that they were really safe and that they were both with me!

    god bless all of u..

    love always ur sister in christ
    mary :)
  • i don't know if you would call this a miracle but i was a t schol and i had lost a very important peice of paper. evedently i must have dropped it on the ground somewhere. Well i went home, knowing i was going to fall, so i decided to open the bible and a picture of saint mina and abba krylos fell out. i put it back in and had a strange feeling that i should go check the mail box even though i know that some one had already picked up the mail and sure enogh there was the paper and lying under it was the same exact picture that was in my bible. :o
  • WOW basketball & copticross, I really enjoyed both stories, thank you so much for sharing, that was just outrageous to hear about, one question to all who posted, HOW DID YOU FEEL AFTER THOSE MIRACLES HAPPENED TO YOU...? and copticross I would call it a miracle if you found it in the mailbox! ;) :D

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  • I constantly find the miracle of spirtual transformation working in every individual who is renewed as a Christian. It seems only concionable to me that what men often take for granted as ordinary change is actually the greatest of all unseen miracles occuring within the very threads of everday existence. Thus, I see the miracle of transformation every day.

    God bless.
  • Thank you so much gmankbadi, I really appreciate, and great details!

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  • Thankyou for the kind compliment.
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