Hurting Urself



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    ummm i hav a friend of mine dat does it with an uncleaned razor evn during school time. she says she cant stop cuz its addicting. so i got her some verses from the bible about how ur leading your self to hell by doing so. it touched her in a sense and i also gav her books about the body and how it is the lord's temple and what would happen to those that harm their bodies. ;)

    god bless... hope i helped

    What did I tell you guys, it's the most important thing for you to tell them yourself about how it effects God's body, just give them nice verses from the Bible they can benefit from, I applaud to both ~*Chipsy*~ and egyptionorthobeaut for helping your friends accomplish this!

    Coptic Servent
  • [quote author=sandrahanna link=board=13;threadid=2401;start=0#msg37422 date=1125870527] god you remind me the boy in my art class lat that boy used to sew his skin it was the most discusting thing i have ever saw in my life...sometimes i used to cry when i get home!!hey was horrible!!ew
    ew is right, i almost threw up :P
  • some people are so sick...but its true they really are sick...psychologicaly sick
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