A close friend has left me what should i do?

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i have a very close friend who was close to church, but now is away from church. we were really close and good friends before. we are have a very cold relationshinship (friendship) for the mean time. I want to be back friends again ,i love him. I tried talking to him once but it didnt work, the friendship is going to be extinct if i dont act. What should i do?Any ideas? what should Isay to him>? I would love if you can help me urgentely. :'( :'( :(

God bless you.


  • i really need a urgent answer and advice on the problem. plzzz.. ??? ???
  • Hello close friend, well first of all try your very best to be close to this friend again. Try you very best to show him that you like him so much and that you do care about the friendship between you and him. Beleive me love can do mericales. Once this person starts feeling that you still like him and care about him, he will definitely response and get close to you. Pray Pray and Pray so that God can tell you what to do. Also its a good point to know exactly why he is away from church and then try to talk with him. Again I do think that if you show your love to this person that will help a lot actually.
    have fun
  • Well if he is close to the church you could maybe say somthing like, "hey are you comin to church this sunday". Then maybe sit with him at church or somthin.
  • Well Bespetna i think hes not close to the church anymore...so lol...but here's my advice if you know were he lives i think you should go to his house and talk to him and ask him wahts wrong and why has he left the church and stff but dont get into those ?s until u ask him how is he doing and school and stuff and then say i havent seen yyoun in while whats going on...i hope that helps and good luck and dont worry this is God's will and God will bring him back just pray hard!
  • well he isnt close to church, and he's friends are persuading him not to be my friend, which makes the matter worse. its really hard and even good morning and hi, bye he doesnt even say that. :-X :-X
  • try to let abouna talk to his parents, first to persuade him to come to church then when he comes to church, you can talk to him!

  • well even abouna dosent work , i am the only person after God ofcourse. thats why i am asking w[b][u]hat should I do?[/b][/u]?
  • You can try speaking from your heart dunno if you tried that and pray pray pray.I will also pray for you and soon i think god will step in and open his eyes for these friends tryin to keep him from you and church arent his friends at all.i think this will be better in time but give it a couple of days and i bet you he will come around.I will pray now and let me know how it turns out god bless you pray for me.
  • Hello,
    it is very good to love, better still to be loved and best to love and be loved.
    We are enjoined to love and let our light shine before our fellow beings.
    Do this and pray over it ; and pray for your friend and his too.
    Do be carefull and let your believe in God direct you.
    May the Lord guide us all.
  • Well, tried to talk to him, but i feel that something is stopping me from talking to him. its really annoying. any ideas how to combat these problems ?
  • Sometimes, the best gesture one can give is a silent, yet brotherly gesture. Your friendship, by essence, is connected through the nexus of God's power and mercy. Therfore, I recommend asking God to re-establish that fellowship through prayer. In my experience, prayer girded by faith always brings resolve to dillemahs revolving around relationships. That's how powerful prayer can be.

    God Bless.
  • I know this is late, but if you still havent seen him, try to hang out with him outside of church first. Like if he likes the movies, sports, etc. Then try to figure out whats wrong and why he is drawing away from the church. Slowly try to bring him back .....try even using psychology or anything to get through to him or find out what is bothering him -because something must have happened.
  • yes i think that is a good idea....but can also cause you to move away from church...dont gorget if he tells you to go movies instead of church SAY NO...the devil might bring you idea that are wrong even though it may seem like you are helping people!!
  • well right of course, dont choose these things over church. i'm saying that at a time when you are both free and do not have church do this......i'm sure you have some spare time to see him....if he's not talking to you, and he's not coming to church.....this is a way to see him. and maybe after a few times of just spending time together, he'll open up to you . hopefully, and with God's help, you can gradually bring him back.

    i think its going to be a gradual process, and it wont be easy.....wat does he say when you ask him why he doesnt come to church anymore?
  • well actually we just started talking hi and bye. what do we have for homework and its getting better. but im afarid of peer presure from his friends. at last after 1 year and a half there has been some communication. It was and is still really hard not to talk to him. im afarid of his friends and peer pressure. some adivce what to do? im really afaird to speak to him? i dont knw why. I really Love him so much and the friendship to resume. ??? ???
  • y dont u like send him a letter and write to him everything he might read it and think about it just try that and see
  • we are just getting little better but in need of a mircale and lots of your prayers so that we can regain the friend ship back.
    Please pray for this problem that it may dissolve and finish quickly. I thank you all for your adiveces and please send more. God bless you all the heavenly rewards. Amazingly its already now , been 1 year and 3 months since our friendship cutt totally offf, very long time indeed. Thats how long we haven't and still not friends. Thats why it was really hard for me. i went through many emotinoal sicknees, self-esteem very low and really upset during that time. I am really indebted to you all, and dont know how to thank you.
    With lots of love,
    Please pray for my weakness,
    Coptic Youth.
  • If you have a friend that is really far and moved somewhere else like another state you should get his phone number or email address and dissuss how it has been i your life so far and stuff like see whatsup.Even if the call is long distance i would do it cuz it would be worth it.
  • Ask him to meet u in the, church. Start with a youth meeting first. If u see his parents ask them how ur friend is doing. Invite him over ur house on a saturday,amd rent some movies for both of u 2 watch. Have a sleep over. Then, on sunday, let him come to church with u. Tell him to speak with abouna. Speak to him from ur heart,and pray for himl.

    God bless
  • Hey i know this is really late but im hoping that this topic is still up!!
    i really think that you should try to reach out to a person by finding out what they are into... for example i love soccer... so if someone wanted to get through to me on something they would maybe ask me to go watch a local game or play soccer one weekend or even just ask how my team is going etc. immediately they have sparked interest in my mind. then from there u dont need to ask them to hang out or anything just use it as ur way to intiate a friendship again.

    from there you can increase the contact between you by phone calls or extra hello's and goodbyes.

    but if his not a church goer then dont take him to church on the first meet. because he might not be ready for that because it is a big step!
    Sometimes time is the biggest healer!! remember there's only so much you can really do to influence someone!! not everyhting is in your hands...
    pray for the situation!! and be honest with the person... if you have unresolved issues then solve them together... confront him and ask him what did i do so wrong to turn you away from me... etc.
    Good Luck!!
  • but D33, 1 year and a half is soo long and we are not friendes, not even classmates!!!!! i mean it hard to confront (talk) to him, when we are not even collegaues, we are but extremely basic. like hi and bi . thats it. i would love to have this matter resolved quikly, and we become friendes again, (hopefully brother like after). i really miss him, but dont know when the right time to confront/talk to him. its really hard, sad and depressing. time is making it a very little better, but is toturtring me. please i need ur advice , my brothers and sisters. please remeber me in ur prayers. ASAP for advice.

    When should i talk to him? How? how do i know the right time to talk to him? how ?????
    Please answer me and advise me ASAP!!!!!!!!

    Irni Pasi,
    Pray for me

    Coptic youth.
  • [quote author=coptic youth link=board=13;threadid=3872;start=15#msg59955 date=1156926338]
    i would love to have this matter resolved quikly,

    patience.. n everything will resolve itself over time anyway just pray bout it

    keep me in the prayers plz
  • if he forgot el ayeashwe el malah
    then he is not worth to be friends with,
    u did your part by trying to talk to him, so infront of god, god won't hasbaak enta, cuz u did your part!
    but try and try again, you conscience won't let you just leave him like that! he might ruin himself!
    so don't give up no matter how bad it is!
  • From a similiar experience I learned that the longer you wait to talk to a person the harder its going to be. The fact that you havent actually talked for a year and a half says a lot, and the fact that you still sincerely care about this person means you should reallly confront him. Dont worry about his reaction, just let him know that you're sorry you haven't been there for him all this time, and you want things to go back to the way they used to be.

    You may not get the reaction you wanted, but give him time to absorb your offer to reconcile.

    Also, PRAYER is key...never underestimate the power of prayer! St. Monica prayed for 20 years for her son to come back to her and to Christ, and finally he returned to her...not just as Augustine...but as ST. Augustine...so be patient!
  • oh i know the feeling you have must be killing and its been soo long to, but listen. Our lord Jesus Christ did not say he loved us but showed us, gave us the best gift in the history of man kind. Maybe that is what you need to do. Show him that you love him, even if its a spontaneus(sp?) hug or a heart felt letter. Do all you can. Because a friends love is a true blessing. Besides that pray and dont worry God takes care of us. He will make things work. pray for me.
  • i know it's painful and it hurts soo much especially if you have been friends for a long time, pray for him more than trying to talk to him and dont think he left you because you are not ok or something like this, it's kinda because he left church and you were a part of the church atmosphere to him, when he returns to jesus he will be friends back with you and miracles still happen when you pray with faith and god be with him and with you and dont forget that there is a time for everything and a season for every activity under heaven and that it is god's will and he must have a reason for this, we only look from a narrow limited point of view but He knows everything..

    pray for me,
  • you know wht is even harder,
    i was at this friendes party (b'day) and he was invited to. when he came he said hi to everyone and me. then he was standing next to me and it was really painful for mr to have him next to me and not talk to him, it contunied for 10 mins. when i left, in said bye to everyone and gave him a hug, it was sooooo unbelievable that we are not friendes and just doing it out of duty not friendship!!!!! it is really painful not being friendes when you wan to. i dont know what to do ????? ANY IDEAS,,, SOLUTIONS!!!!!!

  • go and tell him that you love him and he is a very special person to you god be with you
  • [quote author=coptic youth link=board=13;threadid=3872;start=15#msg61041 date=1158731155]
    you know wht is even harder,
    i was at this friendes party (b'day) and he was invited to. when he came he said hi to everyone and me. then he was standing next to me and it was really painful for mr to have him next to me and not talk to him, it contunied for 10 mins. when i left, in said bye to everyone and gave him a hug, it was sooooo unbelievable that we are not friendes and just doing it out of duty not friendship!!!!! it is really painful not being friendes when you wan to. i dont know what to do ????? ANY IDEAS,,, SOLUTIONS!!!!!!


    Why didn't you just talk to him, even small talk, if he was near you for so long?
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