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  • hello there... i would like to hear those audios as well :)
    in marathy armia Comment by shaq June 2006
  • you do have a point but not fully... look at st Athanasius and st Cyril and st Dioscorus...they were considerate but the truth was the truth and when others tried to go around it they were striaght up... why else do you think st Diosocorus was hat…
  • from what i heard he was asked either to stay and serve his church or to stop serving as priest of his church and continue his online preaching... he had teh choice and chose to keep preaching ... this way the pope is not at fault with the muslims s…
  • hey, i agree with everyone about not reading it because it is simply a waste of your time and you could be reading much more benefitting material instead... also, a veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy importnat thing i was told, never read anything like this or o…
  • yea....but isn't this time different then when kihak starts?? or is it the same the alleluia (b4 gospel) and psalm 150?? i say tai shory or Tee shory....thnx mina for ur help...i m def. stuck tomorrow
  • also, i know its not easy to deal with... but be happy man, dont let taht put you down... because you will clear up soon anyway :) be happy at all times :)
  • hey there... dont be sad man :) did you ever hear of abouna yostos abdelmaseeh... i thinkkk thats his name ...not sure... well he was a great saint...he died a few yrs ago and its known taht teh sand from where he is buried does many miracles throug…
  • id like to see lahn el shamma3a on the site :)
  • sorry...i left out pope Kyrillos the sixth...hes like my top 2 :) im not tall by da way lol thank you MaryS :)
  • i guess mine change a bit every once in a while but heres what i got now... no particular order... st Mary st George st Moses the black st John the short David the prophet