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admins please dont delete this topic (helping others very this is related to Christianity)

and also this is not funny

I dont know why but I am getting severe acne these days I mean like really SEVERE and I look so ugly now!! and I dont know what happened :'(

and im not going to go to church next sunday if I still look like this :'( ( I dont want to go to school either :'( )

so does any 1 know of any good acne medicine pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I think I've tried everything in the world :'(


  • hey there... dont be sad man :) did you ever hear of abouna yostos abdelmaseeh... i thinkkk thats his name ...not sure... well he was a great saint...he died a few yrs ago and its known taht teh sand from where he is buried does many miracles through teh power of God... i heard taht ppl with acne have washed tehir face with it and have been cured...only through fiath fo course... ask around and try to get some and may God let it be to you accoridng to your faith... :)
  • also, i know its not easy to deal with... but be happy man, dont let taht put you down... because you will clear up soon anyway :) be happy at all times :)
  • if u can order proactive from online i heard its really good. i use foundation that doesn't have oil in it and it actually has acne medicine in it so it covers up and clears up. u can find it at your nearest shoprite or walgreens etc. when push comes to shove, looks are nothing! God will never ever ever ever take that into consideration and he made you and thinks you're beautiful. but i also do know that the teenage years can be cruel and theres absolutely nothing wrong with wanting your face to be clear and wanting to look nice. Just don't spend too much time thinking about it and don't let it take u away from anything else. YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL! :)
  • dont be sad........ :)
    i dont know any good acne medicine but i can tell u what not to use
    -neutrogena acne medicines never help
    -clean and clean ...dont work
    -clearasil..doesnt clear anything!

    the most effective stuff for "severe" cases of acne are antibiotics
    however..i think there is a downside to antibiotics..if u take too much it damages your liver..i think

    oh ya also "depression" causes acne dont be in a bad mood, cheer up :)
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