marathy armia

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hi all,
i am looking for an audio for "marathy armia" in arabic or coptic.


  • i have it in arabic shnoda but it is very big.10 MB,
    if you really need it send me your email and i will mail it for you,

    pray 4 me
  • plz betengana i would really like to hear it plz if you can send it to me i would be thankfull for you
  • thx you betengana,it is very know i get also another record that is also awesome.i will send it to is of our fr.serafem hana.surely you haven`t heared about him but he is really good at hymns.
  • hello there... i would like to hear those audios as well :)
  • welcome shenouda.and shaq , i will try sending it to you soon.
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