any one know wut to say on saturday mass during the fast???

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hey guys....i m kinda lost on wut to be said on saturday masses during the fast....plzz help...thnx


  • you could say efempha gar, besides with the long psalm 150 for Kiahk in 3 languages, how much more time do you need.

  • im sorry i thought the post was for saturday liturgy communion hymns. Hymns for saturday are as sunday liturgy hymns i think. which you could find at
    and the recordings for all kiahk hymns are on

  • yea....but isn't this time different then when kihak starts??
    or is it the same the alleluia (b4 gospel) and psalm 150?? i say tai shory or Tee shory....thnx mina for ur help...i m def. stuck tomorrow
  • Untill Kiahk starts, nothing is changed within the Liturgy, except for the Fraction and the Canon (which is debatable btw).
    As far as i know u say Tay shory normally during the whole fast except for wednesdays and fridays.
  • With the canon it has to be annual for two main reasons
    1. How can we have the whole liturgy annual and then all of the sudden change the cannon to Pimici
    2. Durring the midnight praise of sunday we say nim ghar and tennav right so it has to be aktonk (risen) throught the sunday liturgy, so then how can we go from je aktonk to, the pimici evol two very different ideas that contridict
    so by logic durring the fast it has to be annual, then durring kiahk we start pimici

  • tee shoree is prayed on the weekdays beginning with the fast along with alleluia je efmevi. On saturday and sunday, throughout the whole fast, alleluia fai pe pi and tai shoree are prayed. When the month of kiahk starts, that is when all the other hymns are prayed, such as the gospel response, psalm 150 (long alleluia), Kiahk Tasbeha,and more...
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