Controversy of Fr. Zakaria's ministry

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Im sure some of you may of heard of father Zakaria's ministry in Egypt and how he has all the Muslims furious for what he's been doing...

For those of you who dont know, Fr. Zakaria is a devoted priest residing in Egypt whos been committed to keeping the faith alive in Egypt and answering some of the many misconceptions the muslim community has had concerning our faith. In fact, because he has been so influential, he's made tons of muslims convert. A lot of muslim authorities blasphemed against what he's been doing and they complained to pope shenouda III. When asked why he doesnt stop fr zakaria from evangelizing, he replied back saying that fr Zakaria is old of age and he has already begun his retirement, so he (pope shenouda III) has no control over what fr. zakaria does...he obviously isnt talking about retirement of priesthood...hes speaking about retirement in general, how fr.zakaria is too old to be accusing him of such matters

yea so if you guys are interested, here's the link to his website:

I urge you guys to check out his site...its full of ex-muslims' testimonials and it has interviews with fr.zakaria himself....and if you guys dont understand arabic, dont worry, you can select the english version on the top left corner ;)

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  • its amazing (no rudeness) but wat i herd dat dey said dat he is excommunicated from the coptic church? does any 1 no anythin about it?
  • plz do not get me rong, i have full respect for fr.zakria but i belive the following is true:

    * fr.zakria did evangelize in egypt but then was asked to leave the country because of his attack on islam and ofcourse his influence on converting some to christianity.

    * he went to Australia den later moved to the USA were he is living at the moment evangelizing and expressing his views on islam in comparison to christianity.

    * His Holliness Pope Shenouda III did not state that fr.zakria is in his retirment years or that he cannot control him but his holliness stated that his practices are outside the orthodox doctoine, so it maybe that fr.zakria was further ousted or excomunicated from the orthodox faith as a consequence.

    * One time a certain bishop was asked about this issue of Fr.Zakria, his reply was that christianity(specificaly orthodox) is a religion that does not go out nd compare other religions to it(criticizing it) in order to gain popularity and converts, but it is a religion that prides itself on showing others the way of christians through the behavior displayed day in and day out. This hence is the core reason that attracts others to the christian faith.

    forgive me if i have offended anyone in my reply.
  • Dear friends
    Greetings in the Lord Jesus Christ
    I just wanted to add that before we listen to any speaker we should look deep into his ministry...What is he promoting or what is he after?
    Fr. Zachariah is in the United States and preaches harsh words against those of the muslim faith. Our church has been persecuted for many years. But the gates of hell has not and will not prevail. The way we should reach out to others is through our actions and not through bashing other religions. The Pope has been persecuted more than Fr. Zacharia yet we don't see him complaining because like St. Paul the apostle he looked at every persecution as a crown in heaven. Remember the words of our Lord when he says "you will know them by their fruit"
  • minam05 fr. zakaria isnt trying to be the culprit....if you check out his website, he says that he loves muslims dearly and he's showing them the way to Christ (the way to Salvation)...if aything, i actually feel he's doing a wonderful fact, i wish all christians can have as much faith as he has. He isnt afraid of being improsoned (which he has been 3 times already) nor is he afraid of being excommunicated, nor is he afraid of dying a martyr, because he knows he is "living for Christ" phil 1:21

    Maybe God is using him as a tool in these Muslim's doesnt seem like his intentions are to bash the muslim religion, rather, he is setting the facts straight because a lot of muslims have claimed and believed false ideas about our faith; hes just ensuring they know the truth

    everyone is entitiled to their own feel free to add on to what i've said or argue my points, Take care
  • so is the priest coptic or not?
  • Yes, Fr. Zacharia is Coptic.
  • No he is not
    He was excommunicated and left Egypt...Now he is wearing out attire and he's working for the protestant church...he came to our city and all the protestants went to hear him and some priests in Canada refused to put up any advertisements about him or his sermons
  • so how come it was in the elkeraza that his holiness saw father zakaria? they seaid in the caption "coptic priest father zakaria botrous with his holiness pope shenouda III"
  • Copts need to wake up!!!!!
    Father Zakaria is a great man. He is telling the truth about Islam. He is not bashing Islam or anything else. He has the courage to tell the truth about Islam and Christianity and not to live in the fear and in the coptic paranoia. This truth will open the eyes of the Muslims and even some Christian that we do not believe in the same God. He preaches like Elijah did, that there is God and thre is Baal and people has to choose, bacause not all gods are the same and there is only one God Jesus Christ. Islam is twisting the truth about Jesus, the bible and our faith and the truth need to Cleared.
  • I agree with kimi,
    but the pope didnt excomunicate him, i think he just "dethroned him" or made him not a presit anymore.
    Either way, im sure H.H. believes in what he says, but he doesnt want any more troubles with muslims, so he is in a way apeasing them through this.

  • From what I have heard, Fr. Zakaria is not excommunicated and has his full priestly rank in the Coptic Church... He was only forced to leave Egypt, because of persecution. He is indeed a great man with a special calling to preach to Muslims. He is doing the work of an evangelist, and many Muslims are turning to Christ.
  • Yea, i really dont see y copts criticize him, but none of the other fiery evangilists b4 him, such as saint paul, and saint peter. He is just following in the footsteps of the apostles, which all clergy are supposed to do!

  • well..if the guy is coptic god bless him and may all his sermons be fruitful to believers as well as non-believers also may god stick by his side at the times of hard ship and trouble

  • "not all gods are the same and there is only one God Jesus Christ." - kimi333,,Jesus is not God, he is Son of God, please get that right
  • MasrII

    kimi333,,Jesus is not God, he is Son of God, please get that right

    What are they teaching you at your Church habibi? Jesus is God because He is the Son of God...

    "We believe in one Lord Jesus Christ, the only-begotten Son of God, begotten from the Father before all the ages, light from light, true God from true God, begotten not made, of One esssence with the Father, through whom all things came to be" - Constantinople-Nicaean Creed

  • thanks for that Iqbaal....

    I'll remind people of Jesus with the Sameria...did he pelt her with harsh words? Although HE is THE GOD....think about it...

    All I know is this....our way of life is based on LOVE....not our, but giving love in the way OTHER PEOPLE understand it....I mean, this person says he loves muslims but actually infuriated them...

    I'm not saying he's wrong.....his way is just not correct and just not Orthodox enough...even though he's a great man...except in that point....

    People...let me tell you a small story about Anba Makarios and his disicple (is it called like that in English ???)...both were travelling in the desert, when an idol's priest happened to come by....the disiciple, who had overtaken his father, cussed him (not that badly...but called him Satan's aide or something) the priest beat him up....

    Anba Makarios passed the same priest, and said to him, "Greetings, oh active one!" WOOOOW....our saint actually took the good side of him and praised the idol worshipper...that struck such a cord with the guy that we also became a monk! A christian one too...(like duuuuh)

    Look.....1Cor 13:8..."Love never fails" as PEOPLE understand it....not our own translation....without losing our ideals or our doctorinal or "church" correctness

    In HIS Name,

  • from what i heard he was asked either to stay and serve his church or to stop serving as priest of his church and continue his online preaching... he had teh choice and chose to keep preaching ... this way the pope is not at fault with the muslims since he cannot make him do anything... i think the pope is extremely happy with him... and until now i have never heard of thise whole excommunication business, i doubt it happened...
  • What would be your idea of loving a Muslim "as they understand it"?

    Fr. Zakaria has put his life in danger for the sake of bringing Christ to Muslims (what more love do you want?) Also, what is unorthodox about what he is saying or doing? Our orthodox fathers were very bold in proclaiming their faith and telling the truth, even when it caused them to suffer. The Lord Christ preached the truth, and it infuriated the Jews. Did He not love them, because he said things that offended them? Most will be infuriated by the truth of the Gospel, but some will respond positively and accept Christ... The proof of his love, is that many Muslims, in fact, have accepted Christ because of his preaching... Nobody would listen to someone who hated them or was perceived as hating them.

    I liked the story about St. Macarious. But the Holy Spirit worked in him to say the appropriate words that would touch the heart of that priest. He is also working in Fr. Zakaria to touch many Muslim hearts. He is proclaiming the truth about their faith. He is not attacking individuals.
  • Mazza: F. Zakaria speaks in the name of Christianity, so it's either his actions and words attain to that, or they don't...and I'm not spreading rumors and would not dare talk about an abouna that the rest of this post and look at his website...

    gbibawy: MORE muslims are infuriated from him than believe him, and that's not the way of our fathers, who tried to bring out the good side in everybody and to show the beautifullness of our way of St. Athanasios, who tried to truly and lovingly bring back the heretics of his age...not harshly...he couldn't, but that wasn't his fault...

    u know why they're mad...'cuz he slandering their prophet, even if in truth...he's challenging them too harshly, as if daring them...u can't just come and bring down their main pillar and say come to, where are people's pride? U have to take that into account...even our Lord Jesus did!! (The Sameria, remember?)

    In HIS Name,

    Rami Fouad Zachari
  • you do have a point but not fully...

    look at st Athanasius and st Cyril and st Dioscorus...they were considerate but the truth was the truth and when others tried to go around it they were striaght up... why else do you think st Diosocorus was hated. he wouldnt budge at all...sometimes you have to be firm and straight up in how you deal with them... the truth is the truth... its just the way you present it... if someone asked something about the prophet you basically have to let him know he is wrong... the muslims get pissed off very easily at any attack of their faith... so its not really about him preaching in a wrong way
  • True...but should we talk to them so as to see who's right and who's wrong? Are we in a philosophical debate?

    The afort-mentioned saints were strictly adhered to the truth, whatever pain it caused them. They, however, did not intentionally try to hurt somebody personally because of their heretic know what I mean? These saints were battling the idea, not the people....

    F. Zakaria does not do that...simple...look, when there's any dialogue between us and them, it's supposed to be based on "Try to uproot the essence of their way of life...but do not slander any of their "revered" (so as to speak) figures!"

    What will we get when we slander their prophet? Do you think satan will let the people think straight? I REALLY don't think so...

    Let me tell you something...Pope Shenouda was once asked "Where is Sheikh Sharawy right now?" (This guy was a famous imam here) What do u think Pope Shenouda replied with? Did he say "In Hell, with all the other Muslims?" Hey that's right isn't it?

    No, he said "I do not know where he is, but I know he is in the arms of his prophet...." You get my point...we need to speak of these matters in a wise maner, no in an inflammatory manner...our fathers used this way...

    You say the Muslims are infuriated from anything we say...I say true, but our goal is TO GET THESE PEOPLE TO CHRIST IN HIS CHURCH...not to prove who's right and who's wrong! If these people are inflamed from the slightest attack...ok, we don't use this way, and pray to God to find a way to make these people love HIM.....

    In HIS Name,

  • Does anyone have the OFFICIAL story of what happened to Fr. Zakaria? Is he still a priest in the Coptic Orthodox Church? Does he still live in Egypt? What is Pope Shenouda's opinion on this? If you know the official story, please verify a source.
  • Fr. zacharia was not excommunicated. as always pope shenouda is carefull in doing something like that and is giving him a lot of time. he is an old man (around 70 i believe). Fr. zacharia however does not pray in our churches. he lives in the U.S.A.

    my opinion:

    Fr. zacharia is not risking his life, (why do u think hes staying in america?) but the life of others. muslims become furious at his ways and take revenge on christians. even though it's the truth, it's not the way it should be said. he is very harsh and you could even say he's making fun of them.

    Even if he neglets this, i consider him protestant. the manner in which he "preaches" and prays is like those who are protestant (if you listened to him you'll know what i mean). He even teaches at their churches when he travels, but never comes to one of ours.
  • Thank you that helped a lot. So he cannot pray in any of our churches?
  • Any other stories or opinions about Fr. Zakaria? Also, did the Pope deport him out of the country or did he go of his own free will?
  • HH Pope Shenouda III warned us many times against both Fr Zakaria and also Fr Makary Younan. In this partial audio file HG Bishop Bishoy frankly answers questions about this subject (in arabic):

    More about it in this site (see FAQ pages):
    same FAQ subject with text in arabic:

    Unfortunately, besides the unethical attacking style of Fr Zakaria, it is proven that they both made some Protestant teachings on many occasions; also Fr Zakaria made an alliance with the people providing the channel he is using right now.
  • what is wrong with Fr. Makary Younan?
  • I wrote in this subject many months ago, and I will try to post again what I had said about that subject, I hope it would be the last time for all of us to deal with this issue.

    1- The priest, you mentioned, was suspended by the Holy Synod of the Coptic Church under HH. Pope Shenouda III, for about eight and a half year from 1978 - 1987.

    2- He left Egypt because he can not work as a priest, not because of political pressure as you incorrectly mentioned.

    3- He was also suspended under the reposed HH. Pope Kyrolos V1 for a year.

    4- He converted St. Mark Church in Misr Al-Gadeda to a Pentecostal institution to teach speaking in tongues and receiving the Holy Spirit by praying etc......

    5- He is a protestant disguising as a Coptic priest.
    His teaching is about instant salvation, without the need of Holy Mysteries, Baptism, Holy Communion,...or the need of work with faith for salvation.

    6- He works with the protestant organization to undermine the role of the Coptic Church, which was the reason he was invited by protestant churches abroad. He lived through the support of the Protestant TV show.

    7- As of why he is wearing Coptic priest uniform? I can tell you the fact that the Coptic Church can not enforce, outside of Egypt, on whom can or can not wear the Priestly uniform.

    8- Bishop Souriel in Melbourne, Australia suspended him and the Coptic Church there has many problem with his followers.

    9- He was suspended from Brighton, south England too.

    10- The Dioceses of Los Angeles and New Jersey have lot of problems with this man.

    11- He is not allowed to practise the Eucharist as a priest or tacking confession from people or any thing related to the Coptic Church.

    12- Every Copt who respect and obey the Coptic Church, her teaching, her Holy Synod and HH. should not go to such meeting or listen to his followers.

    As HH. says the blessing will abide on the son of obedience.
    It is not recommended for the Copts to follow his teaching or his broadcast on T.V.
    The Lord Jesus Christ never used a harsh or abusive style in criticizing other religions.

    I may ask the moderator, if he kindly please can lock this thread, it is more than enough what said about that subject.

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