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  • i have an amazing one, pm me....
  • haha they are not lies my friend but simply what he must say according to the biology book he is using, if you were ask him to prove that macro-evolution is true he could not, not one scientist could, but since this is the most popular scientific th…
    in evolution Comment by cop August 2010
  • accepting evolutionary theory does not necessarily mean you cannot be a Christian at the same time haha, i'm assuming you are referring specifically to macro-evolution, which does present many faults, in fact any scientific theory cannot be ever pro…
    in evolution Comment by cop August 2010
  • ohhh in that case follow everyone else's suggestions on the forum, and he will get his.
    in My Uncle Comment by cop July 2010
  • the kid is ten, just some hormones flaring he doesn't know what he is doing, and i am guessing by your reaction that you did not make it clear to him that what he did is wrong and wont be tolerated so how should he know? next time he does it make i…
    in My Uncle Comment by cop July 2010
  • doesent this defeat the purpose of repentance? i thought that after we repent that our slate is wiped clean and God does not remember our sins?
  • The Bible is estimated to have been written between 1450 B.C. and 95 A.D. This chart shows scientific facts and principles referred to in the Bible, but not actually discovered by humankind until later centuries. Since people had no official knowled…
  • yea i know i just mean nice recording to listen to lol but thanks for the info
  • yea i havent found any online but i have a bunch of recordings of him doing liturgies and other stuff but iono how to put online
    in Owoh Nai Nem Comment by cop March 2007
  •, i recomend my abounas recording its tight (abouna ibrahim)
    in Owoh Nai Nem Comment by cop March 2007
  • im prety sure i go to a coptic churhc and we use electrical candles even for the deacons, to prevent fires kindy corny but prevents fires
  • personaly i hate gays i think they are a crime against nature buttt the right thign would be hate the act not the person
  • by far stupidest thign ive ever heard , good job whoever started this topic real waster of space......
  • philosiphy is from the devil ha
  • prety sure the one by aboun matias is acurate ...he does alot of the hic recordings and also u can hear the muhalem in the backround fo the recording singin along if he hear carefully lol
  • anyoneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    in mising popes Comment by cop October 2006
  • this is one of my favorit e recordings of it by Fr. Mattias Nasr Mankorious its on this link towards the botm enjoy! its titled in coptic tohugh but it says the aobuans name ont he botomn
  • the hcocc recorded it on their tasbeha cd's but it is only im guisin adam but i have never seen it all like in a book except for in arabic
  • its straight mumbo jumbo its greek writen in coptic that doesent make anysense wen translated
    in O Kirios Comment by cop July 2006
  • ull get a anwser forshure if u post this on
  • u probably didnt understand it beacuse it makes no sense ahahaha
    in O Kirios Comment by cop July 2006
  • because of womens menstral cycle..bleeding...somethign like that
  • frog ur childish...imature...u shouldnt have even replied to this topic, as for the others good luck with your church and may christ guide you guys , o ya and my friend just moved to England his names Mina if u knwo him tell him i said hi lol
  • ahah those are simple things, boy do i have stories lol
    in Convention? Comment by cop May 2006
  • we have chruhc prom its prety nice
    in Prom? Comment by cop May 2006
  • noppe i live in california ahah our every generation has a story about how a convention went horibly wrong lol
    in Convention? Comment by cop May 2006
  • hahahaa they dont alow us to have conventions anymore we get kicked out of everwhere we go
    in Convention? Comment by cop May 2006
  • madiha is arabic in arabic its cale (ana aftah fai)
  • i got this from on of the post on so its not mines but i tohught id share I just wanted to bring to everyone's attention that the fast that we are celebrating these 3 days, is really called Jonah's fast, not Nineveh (The name Nineve…