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  • He is absolutely one of my favorite bishops-I know him personally, and he is amazing. I'm pretty sure he has cancer, but unfortunately it has spread throughout his whole body.
  • Thanks, let me know when you have sent it Remember me in your prayers, Bishoy
  • They are so strict because it is useless for your spiritual life to "hang out" or "date" Peace Bib
    in Heyy Comment by biboy October 2005
  • Calm down everyone. Everyone has his or her own opinion and if what hier opinion is based uon is wrong, then we should tell them, otherwise it's their own free will. Don't bother Iqbal everytime anyone diagrees with something…
  • That is the truth Biboy
  • I wish i could play the tabla, but instead i play the doule bass!!
  • i heard they're makin a movie about the book....
    in please read Comment by biboy August 2005
  • that was amazing!
  • when is this coptic festival??
    in help Comment by biboy July 2005
  • WELCME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm from buffalo, small church St.Mary and St.Moses Peace Biboy
  • AMEN to that last post cause that was never entered my mind Peace Biboy
    in Lost Comment by biboy July 2005
  • How do u no that basketball wrote that post to increase the number of posts she has???? It is her opinion and therefore has the right to say anything that's on basketball's mind....also, u wasted 13 posts by arguing about useless things.....and if u…
    in bouring life! Comment by biboy July 2005
  • there are three heavens?? ???...right?? ??? Peace
    in The Heavens Comment by biboy July 2005
  • Exactly basketball and by the way... thanks for the compliment andrahanna (although it was very short Peace
    in should we?? Comment by biboy July 2005
  • That was a terrific explaination Boricua_Orthodox Good job and keep it up.... Peace
    in Why Barabaus? Comment by biboy July 2005
  • hi... Basketball never said it was funny, all basketballl said was that she doesn't understand it untill it was explained by Deano Peace
    in Lost Comment by biboy July 2005
  • ok.....Thx for the replies Peace
  • Is there a difference between long and short Tov hina cause i have the text for the short but i dunno about the long..... Thx Biboy
    in tov hina long Comment by biboy July 2005
  • there are the way...welcome
    in hey everyone Comment by biboy July 2005
  • How about we stick to the topic or else i will have to talk to the Administrators/ Global Moderator about u guys hurting other people's feelings..... god be with u all Peace
  • OMG .........GIVE IT UP...everyone makes writing all i say is STOP BEING SO PICKY.... Peace Biboy
  • to sum Christ was not seperasted from God at anytime.. Peace
  • in my6 old school....just because my skin is dark colored they thought i knew bin laden..although my name is
  • I think that everything what was said in the previous 4 pages have to do with the topic ..and because that is the case..there is no need to take it to msn..because it has to do with Coptic Orothodox Cristianity..and therefore is fine...anyone who ke…
  • i'm not sure which testament but he was the one in the room where one night samuel the prophet thought that he was caling him (samuel the prophet), but actually it was God.... He is an old man.... Peace Bishoy
  • arranged marriages by parentrs in Egypt, the man and woman , have to agree to marryeach other.. Right?...(not sure about how they work) Peace Bishoy
  • How about we stay on topic and stoparguing about the way thanks everyone for ur answers
    in Bored??? Comment by biboy July 2005
  • whya re u in colllege Marianne87 ????