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  • wow thanks guys...but i never would have thought it would be pronounced yacou3b all i thnk of is jacob not james.......good question hos erof......WHere DID james come from?
  • then dont go......there is no need to form a little drama club out of not wanting to go to the theaters........this is ridiculus.......if u wanna go then go .......if not then dont ....... like i said b4 ....this isnt a signifigant point.........foc…
  • ok I need to get this out there----- first of all --going to the movies is not a sin! ur intentions however is ur own personal business. i hate how every one is just judging "oh my god! if u go to the movies ur gonna drop dead and go to the land of …
  • well put sleepy
  • y must everything revolve around romantic relationships PS- if you have a trouble with a friend -- confront that friend ---if things dont change then maybe thats not a friend worth having
  • Hey guys! Best of luck to all--but i support bayonne all the way!! enshaala we can get first again this year! :)
  • the information in it is not real thats y its nonsense BUT that doesnt mean the book is bad.....if u look past that its an actual good book---(just saying)... i guess if u really are gonna take this issue that seriously then its better off not to re…
  • Hey guys- i read this book and all though it is absolute blasphamy the book itself is very good. I agree w/wat ServantOfJesus said before. As long as u dont let the book get to you then its fine. we all know its a bunch of non-sense but it kept me …
  • wow ...... i dont think anyone can explain that any better.........i was sort of wondering the same thing
  • death is a sensitive topic....... u shouldt worry about...just leave everything in gods hands. He is the author of our book and he will decide when it is time he takes us in his arms. Jesus loves u and i guess it would be considered a sin to get mad…
  • sometomes it helps to picture these ppl as ur brothers not ur "romantic interests
  • Hey Ron- I dont think you should take that dream to seriously. Its probably no big deal. U were probably thinking about something around that subject before u went to sleep-and ended up getting this dream. God does have his ways of connecting with u…
  • awww........that is the most adorable letter!! i love it........i think i read it once in a chain letter thing!