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we were tlking bout death in sunday school and do u think u all ready to die? i mean ive alwayz expected tht i would die an old lady but hoo noz i mite die 2morrow suddenly. i honestly dont think im ready 2 die, i feel like if i died now id not b able to make it to paradise. and iz it a sin to feel like God robbed u from life if u died? i heard tht at a memorial service. wut do u think?


  • I don't think any of us are ever ready to die. But out of His mercy and love for us, He grants us eternal life and accepts us into paradise.

    I heard of a tape of the life of Anba Macarious (I think it was him) and he died while he was praying the Liturgy, and he was holding the body of Christ. That's such an awesome way to die though. ;D
    (Sorry if I stole some words from my friends ;))

  • death is a sensitive topic.......
    u shouldt worry about...just leave everything in gods hands. He is the author of our book and he will decide when it is time he takes us in his arms.
    Jesus loves u and i guess it would be considered a sin to get mad if god takes ur life away.
    mainly b/c ur going someplace even better from all the pain of the world.
    ..hope that helps :)
  • This is an awsome topic. It makes us think of our eternal life. I was told once that God will take us at our best time. I guess one way of looking at it is to think that this is not your best time in life and you are not ready and you should try harder to be ready.

    One story comes to mind is of Saint Macarius (The one that started organized monasticisim). The story goes like this, he knew his time has come and he will be departing. He bid fairwell to his deciples, prayed for them, etc... Then he saw an angel comming to take his soul. Then he saw the devil and he (the devil) said to him "Blessed are you Macarius for you are saved" The saint answered, " Not yet". So the angel took his soul and is lefting him up to heaven, the devil comes to him again and asks, " are you saved yet?" and the sait answers "not yet" They reach the gate of paradise, same question, same answer. After St. Macarius goes inside, he tells the devil " Only thru God's mercy that I am saved now."
  • i am positive im not ready, yes ur right, we shud think about it you know becoz its just like wut u said, u cud die in 5 minutes

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  • sorry this maybe off topic but i recently when to a roman catholic funeral...rite...and the priest stated that death was a cruel practical joke...yea....and i was so insulted because death is really your chance to meet God...i noe im not ready for that....but to think there were saints on this earth that looked forward to death...and honestly its scary to think that so many saints were just lyk us....humans....because then there really is no excuse for not being close to God and to look forward to death as they did...
  • thats wierd, only an athiest would say that
    but a person with the belief in an afterlife of any sort would not feel robbed.

    death is scary only to those who are me
    but its not unnormal
    we cant see where these people go when they die so we get scared, theres no photos just faith
  • I've learned to always thank God for giving you another chance every morning you get up because who knows? God forbid you may leave unprepared.. What is life that God has robbed us of it anyway? What the Lord has given he has the power to also take. That is just alone is a gift..our lives are not can't say God robbed his own belonging. God bless.
  • I agree. Life is over-rated
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