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hey guys ..........
im starting to think about guy too much..tried church and prayer....wat do i do? i want to leave these thoughts and go back to normal....why cant i?


  • sometomes it helps to picture these ppl as ur brothers not ur "romantic interests
  • you are normal... and this is the age, about... something you could do is be active, dont spend too much time doing one thing... dont hang out too much with guys... if you wanna talk PM me, we could go in further details... we could take a few Psychology lessons ;D
  • This question might be off topic a bit....but wut if it's not in ur ability to stop thinking about tht certain matter wut goes wrong between u and tht person...u just can't stop abt him...then wut can u do...and I mean after u tried everything prayer and church, and even after u tried to spend time in other stuff...but he is still there in ur mind...then wut can u do??? ???
  • well your mind is filled with that person... so empty it, and fill it with another person, and that person should be, and must be JESUS.
  • Bishoy ur giving tips now.. lol.. hahaha.. funny.. ooohhh AND trying to use ur psycology tooo.. lol ;D
    WOW girl u gotta..........(thinking).......... do wut he :D

    Rina ;)
  • thanks guys! *i guess i wont need pychology lessons LOL.
    but if i ever do i'll give u guys a call!
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