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  • thanks tasgeel! I appreciate it
  • thanks guys ;)
  • yes mina, I have only found it online and in one of the EXTREMELY old Deacon Service books.  I'll show it to you sometime.
  • Actually, I think he was looking for the text for the hymn, not the audio. Either way, the text is here I know that you were looking for the coptic that is written in english or arabic bu…
  • ehh talk is cheap...y dun everybody go study..n we'll hit up dis forum next saturday night..n den we'll see who got sumthin 2 say ;-) [oooo those r fightin words lol]
  • 2004 Easter Liturgy by H.H Pope Shenuda and i think is the only other site that has wedding Hymns. go to the coptic hymns website, and sign in with ur username and password (if you don't have one then just sign up for one, it…
    in Wedding Hymns Comment by Paulh July 2005
  • Actually, not at the moment, but I promise to find a few as soon as possible. Sorry
  • Actually Mina, he was asking for Tai Shori, that's Ti Shori. Here's the link for Tai Shori. Tai Shori chanted by the Higher Institute of Coptic Studies
    in hymn search Comment by Paulh May 2005
  • By no means was I implying that the book wasn't correct. All I meants was that satan knows it very well and when satan comes to you he doesn't say "i'm satan, BOO!" He's sly and gets on your good side first. When your put into a temptation it doe…
  • As Michael said, the devil fell because he could not bow down to Christ. When we are tempted we are tempted because the devil tempts us, so we kind of have an excuse. But when satan was still in heaven, there was nobody tempting him. The evil cam…
  • [quote author=nadertossoun link=board=1;threadid=1525;start=0#msg24453 date=1115449631] This is something i read in "The Life of Antony" by Fr. Athanasious. U noe the angel is from heaven if it makes u feel peace and if u feel any sign of discomfo…
  • actually...the reason man people look at is as a bad thing is because these Cantors make a living through alhan, and by selling these tapes. And when you burn your own cd's they aren't getting the money they earned. of course it shouldn't be held …
    in Burning Cds Comment by Paulh March 2005
  • thats the book that Mina Gergis was talking about. Click there and you can look at the front/back cover and even some of the pages inside. Hope this helps anybody
    in Pascha Book Comment by Paulh March 2005
  • Are you looking more into Hymns of Great Lent, or more into the spirituality of the Holy Fast? A real good website that sells a lot of books is check it might find what you need.
  • If i'm not too far this the same Gospel that is referred to as The Gospel of Saint Thomas?
  • yea guys...what happened to our good old belief that God will bring us to that person. If you believe in that...why do you need a website. Since the Orthodox Church believes in that, why would they have a site for this? These sites are not run BY…
  • Which khidmit shammas do you have? the one that has the picture of Cantor Farag Abdelmassih in the first few pages? just wondering.
  • "el tokos" means "the rites"
  • There are a few tunes that are set as Watos Tunes and a few that are Adam, not just one of each. For example, in the Psalies. When saying the Saturday Psali for versers praise (Afti emep onof), you use a different tune then when you say the Sunday…
  • one little comment... What is the difference between people in the Old Testement and everybody in the New? In the OT, there was no way that anybody could enter heaven. Everybody was sent straight down to hades. Wether they were good or bad. Aft…
  • Hey guys, I'm wondering if anybody got the list of alhan for the 2005 competition. I know that they are out already. You don't have to post the text for me...i'm just wondering what hymns they are, if anybody has them. Thanks..
  • One is the tune for the Watos days and the other is the tune for the Adam days. The way Abe records it here:,_Coptic_Midnight_Praises/Part_5/track6.mp3 is the Adam Tune. […
  • lolllllllllllllllllllllllll where did you hear about lahn el shamma3a?
  • yea, i competed last saturday...the competition is continueing unto this weekend.
    in Apeckran Comment by Paulh September 2004
  • its not that the older people are lazy, but they just have a lot of responsibilities, and don't have as much time to learn the alhan as a lot of other people do.
  • yea it is...sounds great when its sung in the 5th group.
    in Apeckran Comment by Paulh September 2004
  • Here's the morning doxology as an attachment.
  • Here is Aikoti Ensok As an Attachment
  • I thought the same thing today, because it said on tv "The plane that carried the Orthodox Pope crashed." It turns out that it was the Roman Orthodox Pope, not ours.
  • [quote author=G.J.I link=board=1;threadid=224;start=0#msg1373 date=1083675368] ...but do ya have to like him and his personality or u could love ur enemy and treat them with love, but could u dislike their actions, behavior, personality or evil doin…