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  • I think to be completely clear of any wrongdoing, you should discuss this with you FOC, and take his advise. Pray for me, WO
  • God be with her, cure her, and strengthen you and your family. May the intercessions of the entire choir of saints be with her. WO
  • I cannot agree more with all that was said above. You MUST believe in HIM FIRST, and everything second. I had the same dilemma during my studying, and although Im not a good example, I always noticed that He never left my side. In the beginning I to…
  • its of the dishes get replaced (NOT AN ADDITIONAL ONE ADDED)..we just had it done...enjoy pray for me
    in Aghapy TV Comment by prayforme May 2009
  • I guess I forgot to mention...I am in the medical field. So the simple answer is NO, for all of the reasons already stated, and many more. PRAYER works MORE than you imagine. Pray for me
  • i think it goes without saying that "study pills" are completely out of the question. besides being completely against ones own faith in Him, these drugs can be addictive and extremely dangerous. you should simply try to the best of your abilities, …
  • Just an FYI: My parents recently called DISH and they said it was 4.99 per month (as stated) and that one of our dishes would have to be replaced ( I dont think added, but im not positive) Keep me in you prayers
    in Aghapy TV Comment by prayforme May 2009
  • I ask that you guys/gals also keep me in your prayers as I have continuously over the past few months strayed to the way side, and I am in great need of His mercy and compassion in this time of struggle with many different things, including but not …
  • hey everyone..i know im just adding to the prayer requests, but I also ask that you remember me in my time of hardship in school...i mean really HARD, for me anyway...I ask that He be with all in need, and I ask that you dont forget me, because pray…
  • and dont forget that satan always tries to do this to us, as I too always feel this, even now.  I know in my mind that its something satan is fighting me with, but yet I cannot get my heart to go against it because I do feel completely empty inside.…
    in empty Comment by prayforme June 2008
  • thank you bentBABAyasooa`..i appreciate your kind words and ask you continue to pray for me...and May God help those in need in Myanmar as elsi70x7 said. pray for me, weakone
  • thanks guys..i really appreciate it...May God be with you as well
  • i ask that you guys also keep me in your prayers. im really struggling and need Him by my side. thnks and remember me in your prayers