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The Peace of our dear Heavenly Father be with you all,

Our Lord arose Himself from the dead...

I was wondering what is your view of "study pills" (Adderall and/or etc...)?!

I've been lately told to take it by friends, since I'm always typing or reading, and sometimes I cant keep up, so would it be wrong to take that "extra push" if it will help?!

I have not yet taken it... I'm researching the drug!

your answers are much appreciated in advance

Truly The Christ Arose Himself!

nakhod el baraka... neshkor Allah!


  • i think it goes without saying that "study pills" are completely out of the question. besides being completely against ones own faith in Him, these drugs can be addictive and extremely dangerous. you should simply try to the best of your abilities, and leave the rest to Him, to let His will be your way and I speak to myself before I speak to you.

    Hope this helps you make ur ultimate decision.

    pray for my weaknesses
  • Personally, I usually feel pressed with time because of lack of proper time management. You know wasting time on youtube, surfing the web, on the phone etc. So, first look if there are activates you can cut on in order to save time.
    Also I will consider coffee instead of these drugs. Oh, I love coffee!!! LOL
    In Christ
  • Adderol or pills of the like, are meant for people with ADD and ADHD. If you take them without having ADD or ADHD you can disturb the chemistry in your brain and like others have said they will become addictive and you won't be able to function without them. I'm sure people with backgrounds in medicine can confirm or correct met but i feel It would be best if you didn't take these pills. Just my two cents

    God Bless and Pray for me and my weakness
  • don't take any pills unless your doctor prescribes them!
    u tryin to kill yrself?
    the ones we used to have when i was a student were just caffeine but are bad because they (and too much coffee or coke) overstimulates your system and can make u ill in the long term.
    the others sound even worse.
    God made us the way we are for a reason, not so we can mess it up with pills.
    if u have an ulcer, headaches, fainting, bellyaches, poor concentration and poor memory, u are probably already overstimulating yourself with caffeine (in coffee and coke), too much work, too much partying or too much worry.
    so work, study, rest and all in moderation.
    yeah and improve yr time management like theophilus1 says  :)
  • These so called "study pills" are actually harmful DRUGS that have a very high potential for abuse and dependence.  Not to mention the numerous side effects that include heart problems and sudden death.  Why risk it.... stay away from them and study the "old fashioned" way drug free.
  • I guess I forgot to mention...I am in the medical field. So the simple answer is NO, for all of the reasons already stated, and many more. PRAYER works MORE than you imagine.

    Pray for me
  • Instead of study pills, you can try rather simple study skills that have proven to be very effective and useful. Studying for 25 minutes, then taking a 5 minute break, and then repeating works very well, especially for me. Some of my friends study for 45 then take a 15 minute break. Try to find a combination that works, and never study without a break, for your brain learns better when you give it some time to relax and process all its taken. If you really need to take something to keep you alert, I'd recommend black or green tea, as the drinks can make you relaxed but also quite alert due to the small amounts of caffeine and other chemicals they contain, and even better, they also give you long term health benefits. And as Weakone has said, prayer does indeed work well, so....couple prayer with these suggestions and hey you'll be good to go.
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