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  • thanks mina, i understand its part of dish network :) the question is if i'm going to need a third dish, dish network customer service over the phone was iffy about that. 
    in Aghapy TV Comment by raymondw May 2009
  • can you confirm if they are just replacing one of the dishes with another perhaps with multiple LNB's?  I currently have Dish networks, two dishes on my roof (i'm getting 61.5, and 119, I forget the third), and would like to avoid a third dish mount…
    in Aghapy TV Comment by raymondw May 2009
  • does anyone know what satellite you need to be able to access, i currently have access to 61.5 and 119, but not 118.7 which I believe is what Aghapy requires now on Dish.  This would mean i'd have to have a 3rd dish on my roof, can anyone confirm?
    in Aghapy TV Comment by raymondw April 2009
  • Baladoos, You can find the site's collection of Midnight Praises  Most of the material has the option to be played accompanied by the text so that you can follow along, rewind/pause at your own …
  • PDF:
    in 7&4 Comment by raymondw December 2005
  • That is by design, if we did not control the number of simultaneous downloads, our service may benefit one user while degrading the service for the rest. As bandwidth is a limited resource, we have to have these types of limits. Thank you for your…
  • Coptic Defender, you can't have it both ways. If there is a topic of 0 spirtual benefit, or is obviously misguided, we will lock it. How else can you ask for a moderated site if you don't allow us to filter out these types of posts?
  • Downloads are disabled for now as we're experiencing technical difficulties.
  • The forums @ are meant for spiritual discussion, it is best to communicate personal issues via private methods. The forums have grown to be a tremendous blessing for everyone, however there is a need to focus on the content. There was …
  • We are all God's children, and if we wish to be a part of His kingdom, we must humble ourselves before God like small children. We can enter only by the grace of God. We must come on God's terms, leaving our pride, arrogance, and self-centered desi…
  • We grouped all our media into catagories by occasion, Moalem Farag's material remains, just distributed throughout the appropriate catagories. example:…
  • You can find Airpsaleen in virtually every subfolder within the Praises section of media: English versions (O Sing unto Him) are also available via St.Mark Jersey City, and St.Anthony's Monastary Calafor…
  • The following article by Bishop Serapion (found @ / captures the church's views pretty well: Euthanasia “Euthanasia” is a Greek word that means “happy or easy” death. It is used to signify medical intervention used to end …
  • DEACONESS: * A maid that had devoted her life to serve God, and to prayers as well. * St. Paul mentioned Phoebe as a deaconess (Rom. 16: 1). * She is officially in charg of certain duties in the church. She helps the priest in serving women, parti…
  • John, I can't commit to a real date, but hopefully within the next two weeks or so, MP3's will be available. This is not precise. As for your RM question, we will try to make RM's downloadable. Thank you all for your patience. Peace
  • George you can stream hymns here as well....
  • Shady/i, you can find some here:,+JC,+NJ/Kiahk+Hymns.html and here:
  • This also covers the topic pretty well: THE HOLY TRINITY AND HUMAN MIND Our Trinitarian faith does not oppose the human mind as someone may think, for if it is called a "Mystery" this is because of our need for a divine revelation to accept it. E…
    in Trinity Comment by raymondw October 2003