What Hymns would you like to see on our site?



  • You can find Airpsaleen in virtually every subfolder within the Praises section of media:

    English versions (O Sing unto Him) are also available via St.Mark Jersey City, and St.Anthony's Monastary Calafornia subfolders.
  • es patir, some more coptis ellhan. something to help out the deacons, more lessons...
  • well. all of the hymns are good, but i would like every hymn for the Moalem Ibrahim Ayad because you will feel as if you are in another state of mind.
  • If possible, would someone mind uploading a Liturgy by Abouna Ekladios Khalil, that'd be great. And, if possible, more Abouna Youssef Assad Liturgies (besides ones on saintmina-holmdel site).
  • i was wondering if any mo`allim recorded hymns for thomas sunday.
  • I would really appreciate it if u put hazaat for hymns

    thanks. mina

  • Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus!
    Would you please consider putting all the hymns of Majda Al Rumi and Fayrouz, Wadea Al Safi? Alf Shukr. I would like to also share this good site with you http://www.rannem.com/voicechat.php
    Many blessings!

  • Hi ,
    I would like to see, the hyms for kiahk, great lent, weddings, and funerals. Thanks, Copticpeter
  • do you happen to have any of the psali's (specifically the sunday psali lol) and the doxologies online? that would be great!
    SMS :D
  • How about mllm Gad's lessons for Kiahk, (psalm 150)...does anyone know where I can find them on tasbeha.org?

    George Mekhaiel
  • Hi,
    I would like to see text for church hymns, tasbeha and if possible other church occasions like lakan prayers, kneeling prayer .... etc.
    God bless all your work :)
  • the hymn text is not yet back online, but it will be back on soon hopefully. the sunday psali isn't online yet, but i'll make sure it gets online as soon as the text library is back. George, the hymn lesson for mlm Gad for kiahk psalm 150 is right here


    remember me in your prayers..
  • MORE THINGS FOR THE APOSTLES FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I REALLY NEED IT RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I HAVE TO MAKE A CD FOR A MOALEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Does anybody know where i could find a copy for the Verses of the Cymbals by any moualim, but hopefully its a clear recording. thanks
  • I couldn't find one on tasbeha.org, but if you check this site out:


    They have different verses of the cymbals for most of our Church's occasions; most are performed by Ibrahim Ayad and they are all clear as you requested.

    Let me know if this isn't what you were looking for.

    Rejoice and be glad, O Egypt: and all her borders: for unto you came the Lover of Mankind: Who was before all ages.

    - Chris
  • wow that site is amazing....i just put it on my favorites list...but no...it doesn't have the hymn i'm looking for. I was trying to find just the annual Verses of the Cymbals because I have to put them on CD for some of the younger kids in my church so they can practice for the alhan competition this year since it's one of the hymns they have to sing. got anymore sites under your sleeve? ;)
  • lol. Glad you enjoyed that site. Sorry I couldn't get you the one you wanted. Gimme a few days (or hours lol) to roll down my sleeves and check what's there for ya. lol I'll keep looking. I might actually have it on a hymn competition CD too, I'll check and get back to ya.

    - Chris
  • lol..thanks..good lookin out
  • Paul,
    I am very sad to report to you that I officially cannot find a single site existing on the internet with the annual verses of the cymbals. It's crazy, you'd think such a regular hymn that we say every Saturday during vespers would be all over the internet. Nope. I had no luck in finding such a site. Truly and very sorry :-[

    - Chris
  • +[coptic]Yriny nem `Hmot[/coptic]+
    Its all good. i was shocked i couldn't find anything either. i'll keep looking tho, and if u by any chance stumble upon it ay anytime just let me know.

    [coptic]Aripameu`i qen nek`eslyil[/coptic]
  • Paul,
    Yea, I'll keep an eye out.
    Sorry again.

    - Chris
  • when is this site going to have new liturgies...they have had the same ones for along time now.
  • Dear adminstrator,
    This site is really great but i would like to see more liturgies on the site, some more gregorian liturgies would be great
  • um...just wanted to tell you guys that the hymn text library is back online and ready to go.
  • i found the sunday psali on coptichymns.net
    it was under aikoti though... not the one by abouna dawood though
    just in case anybody cared ;D

    anybody happen to know where i can find tenoosht said in the feastal way?
    im looking for the SI competition, but cant find the morning doxology said in the feastal way...
    i have all the other songs... but its that one >:( ??? :-\
  • Hey Admins.

    I would love it if you put Saint Cyril Liturgy and SAint Gregory's Liturgy as well, both in all three languages...!!!

    I am a hymns fanatic. Also, the weekday tasbeha for Mlm. Ibrahim Ayad and Mlm. Tawfeek and Mlm. Farag and Mlm. Faheem and Sadek.

    How about a whole folder for Mlm. Reda Barsoum, his voice is awesome, plus, the section for Ibrahim Ayad for annual services (i.e the liturgy is somewhat uncomplete..!!, the Keryalison, je nay nan and Erhamna in the tune of Saint BASIL not for saint cyril)

    And can i ask you a favour, i am very demanding, i am sorry, forgive me. May you consider minimizing some of the files on the download section. Some of the files are like 20 or 30 MB to downloads and unfortunately i can't download them, like the Liturgy Saint MAry Ard el Golf. it around 32 MB and i was from this church before i went to Australia and i want to hear it.

    Please consider the above, and if i was so demanding, please forgive as i am also answering the question given.

    PRay for me. Fady
  • hi i was just wondering if u could possibly get any funneral hymns, ive had to go to a cupple of funnerals lately and i just want to be more prepared, u have weddings which is great but can u see if u can get any thin on that...
  • hey any luck on the funneral stuff admins..........
  • Funeral stuff is like the funeral service with passion week, take a look at that first ;)
  • hey admins.

    I am so sorry, i am soooo demanding when it comes to alhan so please forgive me. Is anything of what i mentioned before going to appear on the site or not? It has been quite a while since my post was there and i doubt anyone has read it.

    yalla, peace and love. GBU
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