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Downloads @

We now have a set limit on total daily downloads (maximum of 15 downloads a day).

The purpose of these limitations is to ensure that we can serve as many users as possible without exhausting all of our resources. It is important that we can all equally benefit from the service.

While we are planning for growth in the long-term to accommodate more downloads, in the meantime we will be instituting a reward system that increases total daily downloads based on forum participation. We hope to expand the reward system to include other aspects such as user uploads in the near future. Details of the reward system will be posted soon.

The growth of our user base has been a humbling blessing. We look forward to continuing to serve the community.


  • If you have any technical difficulties, please read the following post and follow directions on that page:;action=display;threadid=102
  • I also wanted to point out that if you press cancel to a download, it counts it as one of the 10 downloads per day.
  • Mike,
    When will you be able to set up that system you were talking about using forum participation to set a download limit?
  • Dear bkaras,

    We serve thousands of people everyday and limiting the downloads is the only cost-effective way to keep the media downloads.

    There is a download limit since our bandwidth is limited as you mentioned. does not make any profit and is supported by its members. Any support we receive, goes towards expanding our media resources and our infrastructure in areas such as downloads.
  • like egyptianprince sed: if u cancel a download, it counts on ur download limit. :(
  • My friend told me to stream the hymns before downloading them, since a stream doesnt count as a download. Stream them just to be sure and not "waste" your downloads.

    pray for me,
  • Dear Mathitis,

    You're friend is right in saying that a stream or listen to the Hymn(s), Tasbeha, Song(s), etc online does not count as a download, because its not.

  • Maged, thx for the reply :)
    He showed me this site, and I am very happy that I was exposed to it, since I can now work on my hymns and praises :) I always stream the hymns before downloading them, to make sure that I don't download something I already know.

    Personnally, I want to download alot of them, or maybe all of them, and arange them in psecifically and make a mp3 cd which i can listen to in the bus.

    Pray for me,
  • Hey

    Yup, the mp3 cd is a very good idea, I've been working on one so that I can listen to it on the bus too.

    Egyptian Knight

  • what happened to the download button? I don't' see it anymore. Is there another way to download now?
  • Hi,
    Yes, you are right how do you download now....

  • Downloads are disabled for now as we're experiencing technical difficulties. They'll be back soon. Thanks for your patience.
  • Downloads back online.
  • hey when will the coptic text be back up and running? ???
  • i heard their just doing sum editing with it and it'll it back up as soon as they're done. shouldn't take to long as far as i know (hoepfully).
  • Hey Moderators,

    Is there a possibility you can delete the first two sticky notes coz they're REALLY annoying since they stay in the first two places...Thanks

  • That is the whole idea of a sticky note. It stays at the top regardless of the activity of the other threads so that it can be easily located and is “out in the open” for new members who aren’t familiar with downloading guidelines and such. Deleting it would void any purpose of it; they are meant to be informative.
  • I exceeded my 10 d/l like a week ago, but today i havent downloaded anything and yet it still tells me i have exceeded my daily d/l please tell me how to fix it
  • will u be putting up/getting more any more downloadable saint videos (besides the 6 already there)?
  • woe we have videos!!!!!!!!!
    just wondering why cant we download the videos.........
  • i just downloaded all the saint ones they have last week..but it worked fine G.J.I but I tried again now....and it wont work..maybe there is some problem....or technical difficulties going on now???
  • wait im cofused
    so u are allowed 10 downloads per day or per week or per what
    i dont gget it sry
  • You are allowed 10 downloads every day...

  • How come i can't download anymore?... even when i am logged in.

  • Downloads are disabled for now as we're experiencing technical difficulties.
  • When well it be back up?

  • Hi can i ask the biggest favour from you guyz

    when you get the site up and running again can you try and get a copy of pioik by Moalem Ibrahim Ayad plz

    God Bless Youz all
  • i still didnt get my wish
    dont we get 3 wishes?? like Aladdin
    more saint videos please :) (pretty pretty pretty please)

    God bless all of u
  • hey guys
    how come i cant listen to the hymns
    i tried everything ??? ??? ???
  • [glow=green,2,300]In The Name Of The Father And The Son And The Holy Spirit. Amen[/glow]

    i can downlaod and everything but i cant get more than 2 at a time
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