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  • Fantastic!  Thnk you so much :-)
  • [quote author=ForeverYours link=topic=12866.msg151630#msg151630 date=1328826191] [quote author=Timothym link=topic=12866.msg151604#msg151604 date=1328729931] If you find that you are a social person (which most people are to some degree), try to do …
  • To everyone who answered, thank you- I'm sorry I haven't been back. It was a general request, I don't remember anything specific and I think it was just wanting to strengthen my relationship with Him. God be with you all :-)
  • Why not use listerine spray or mouthwash?
    in Gum Comment by emidesu March 2008
  • Personally, I'm not too fond of wearing shorts anywhere except at home or to the corner store, so I wear pants made of very light fabric like linen.  Long pants made of a breathable fabric keep the sun off you and can be cooler than shorts.
  • I am much older than you and was raised as a secular American.  As such, I did everything my culture told me was okay.  Now I have met the love of my life who is a Copt.  He is not a virgin either, but we both would have preferred to be each other's…
  • I think it's beautiful you guys are talking about praying for Saddam. We should also think about praying for the people who bother us in daily life in small ways...
  • thank you everyone!
  • great site! I'm looking for a bible with both Arabic and English, side by side, so we can compare the translations. And yes, I'm hoping to buy one and don't know where to look.