Arabic/English bible

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Does anyone know where to get a good Arabic/English bible? My fiance and I wish to study together in both languages.


  • did u want to get the bible with both Arabic and English or a arabic bible and an english bible...did u want a site for a bible on the net ?? umm did u want a place to get it from ...can u elaborate please....but to help you get started, this might help

    n if any1 needs refrences...this is a good site for it...
  • great site! I'm looking for a bible with both Arabic and English, side by side, so we can compare the translations. And yes, I'm hoping to buy one and don't know where to look.
  • umm my first resort is always the church library...i will ask about the english/arabic bible..i know there are ones like that because the deaconesses here in Australia have one...i will ask them the next time i see hem...aiight?
  • emidesu, I found a website that may help, it has both english and arabic Bible -

    Coptic Servent
  • English Version + Deuterocanonical Books in English

    Arabic Version + Deuterocanonical Books in Arabic

  • thank you everyone!
  • anyday!!
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