Pray for me, a sinner...

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Please pray for my relationship with Jesus Christ.


  • May the prayers of the Saints and Angels be with you and also my prayers

    Do you want to tell us whats wrong or you don't want to discuss it?

  • +++
    God bless you emidesu, may He strengthen your faith and show you His Way and save you.
    With the blessed intercessions of The Virgin St Mary The Theotokos and the prayers of the Saints, Martyrs and the Saint Angels and Archangels. Amen.

    Pray for me too+
  • Im sorry to jump on your post, but im also in great need of prayers because of my struggle in my spirtual life
  • u not the only one whos in need of prayers, were all struggling. Anyway, May the interssicion of St.Mary, the heavenly host and the prayers of Abou sefien and abouna sam3an el akhmimy be wif u. I need prayers too.

    rabena ma3ak,

    Coptic Youth.
  • the blessings of the virgin Mary is with you. and as coptic youth said, we are all struggling, and we all need God's love, which we all have and we are not sure of.
  • My prayers are with you!!!
  • To everyone who answered, thank you- I'm sorry I haven't been back. It was a general request, I don't remember anything specific and I think it was just wanting to strengthen my relationship with Him.

    God be with you all :-)
  • welcome back!
  • I am glad that you are back :D
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