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  • as far as i know, theres supposed to be some missing link, like, some half ape half human type thing. what puzzles me scientifically is, if we evolved from apes, why are there still apes??! and His Grace Anba Shenouda's response about the use of han…
  • thats wot i've been saying. evolution was a process controlled by God, perhaps without the ape bit coz it specifically says 'God created man in his image' so that was just a different species created later on. it explains very logically dinosaurs' e…
  • all im sayin is that they MAY be right to a certain extent, it is not against our faith (apart from the apes bit) many of us now understand the idea that the 'day' wasnt a 24 hour period simply because there was no sun until the 4th 'day' which coul…
  • ok, this needs a new thread, but i dnt think big bang theory is wrong. from my understanding it does not contradict our belief apart from the claim that we evolved from apes. otherwise the big bang is perfectly acceptable, with a slight modification…
  • i know its silly but i had to let it out, the same thing was asked on the simpsons! 'Can God heat a burrito so much that he himself cant eat it?' i have nothing to add to wots been said, u cannot tempt God's ability, and it is simply beyong our huma…
  • this is a shortcut to search results on altavista audio, i like the 3rd one down, its an acapella.
  • gonna agree with cremedelescremes here, I think you can apply just about anything to your spiritual life. I mean I heard Lord of the Rings was christian, and when watching the matrix the other day I could see some Christian influence, I mean watchin…
    in Star Wars Comment by warrior May 2005
  • theres a monastery and a church in the Milan Diocese and there are 4 churches in the torino diocese.
  • one way to think about it is would you watch that movie with christ, or would you listen to that song with christ? if you would then it's ok!
  • Yes, we accept it if it is not a way of abortion. This means if it is used to avoid, rather than terminate, a pregnancy. However, once a pregnancy has occurred, than it is a sin to abort the baby, even if its age is only one hour. So, it is acceptab…
  • yea they came and prayed with us in our church once, and Anba Angaelos went to pray a their church aswell. We even had a sports day with them! Which reminds me, theres also Ethiopian Orthodox
  • i know theres the above plus armenian, indian, and not sure abou the exact standing of the Eritrean and Antiochian churches, but we pray for their leaders (but i think they recognise our pope....not sure!)
  • yea we always eat! then we have a good game of football (soccer), quality fellowship time!
  • yea i agree with that, if you end up seeing something you shouldn't, that's not the problem, the problem is the 2nd glance, because that is usually the one made by choice.
  • thats the one! brilliant, i already had it, i just wanted the rest of the colletion from that tape and now i got it. thanks man, God bless
  • where are the brits??! I'm from Archangel Michael and St Anthony's Coptic Centre, and soon St Georges in Stevenage, England.
  • i misspelt that, it should be 'your yoke', 'yoke' being the wooden thingie they put on cattle to get them to move in a circle.Basically its restrictive.
    in QUOTES! Comment by warrior May 2005
  • well courtesy of i have to say the line 'your yolk is sweet and your burden is light' in Aikoti...really touching!
    in QUOTES! Comment by warrior May 2005
  • well this one just does it for me Phil 4:6,7 its amazing!
    in QUOTES! Comment by warrior May 2005
  • isnt the term 'arab' originatin from saudi arabia, in the bible it talks about arabs before islam, but since the muslim movement started there muslims are generall called arabs...i think....
  • as far as i understand, a monk or a nun are married to the church, but i might be mistaken with a priest...either way, both are sacred relationships! remember marriage is one of the 7 church sacraments!
  • we were talking about this recently in our youth meeting, it is also likely that the place was named after the Bible as muslims also believed in the story of Adam and Eve and Abraham, so it is possible they simply named that river after the scriptur…