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Marina Botros


Marina Botros
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  • i am sorry but this just looks so fake i mean the people in the background r like sayin is the PICTURE MOVING well its a statue so yea also it looks so comp anamited
  • is this bout u bein fat or diein?
  • paino for like a half a month flute for like a week clarnet for a month and now i am playin with my voice
  • ok just stick up for her and stuff like wat every one else said... dont be like "ok can u please stop teasing my friend?" that is not gonna get u newhere u say to then "alrite guys u messed with my friend long enough now STEP OFF or ill pop ur face …
  • i am sayin girlfriends as in my friends that r girls and i meet people that i tell to come there understand?
  • ok well i am not allowed to go to the movies if i am with guys cept if they r my bros friends and i bring my friends and junk usually i just go wif one of my girlfriends and meet whoeva i want there
  • [quote author=bigmak link=board=13;threadid=2453;start=0#msg38317 date=1126420560] well go kiss ur doll or watever lol :P [/quote] u kno wat thats kinda sick... um u can make out with all the dolls u want , ill just b in my room watching sad romanc…
  • [quote author=Johannes(John) link=board=1;threadid=2405;start=0#msg38232 date=1126376196] if ur sad Im sad if ur happy im happy if u jump off a cliff ill miss u!!! [/quote] that was odd... but coptic servant i agree with every word u said!
  • lol sorry! i think i have a.d.d. or somethin but WELCOME
  • [quote author=EpNomos EnTaio link=board=6;threadid=2381;start=0#msg36571 date=1125465450] hey sandra who i am glad to hear enjoys this site as much as i'm hoping to, marina whos 104 and likes my name heehee, and hahahaha (nice name btw) and i'm actu…
  • u r so cool.... o wat sorry i was talkin to myself hey i am Marina i Love Music i am 103 years old or 104 or somthin OOooOooOo Angelo thats a sweet name lOl sorry i am kinda hyper but ok hope to c alot of posts from u GBU and everybody *reens*
  • sorry i guess i laf at stuff u dont
  • [quote author=CopticlilPimp link=board=13;threadid=1885;start=45#msg35888 date=1125147944] hahahahahaha lol that is the funniest thing i have ever heard. i also think i mighta saw it on da simpsons. hahahaha wat a sloution huh. actually a priest in …
  • [quote author=Monica101 link=board=13;threadid=2231;start=75#msg35555 date=1124756432] Peace to my homies!! [/quote] YEAH! SHIZZLE THE NIZZLE YO! lOl i love ghetto people!
  • [quote author=Johannes(John) mind ur own ****** was this a swear?
  • PSALM 1 BABY!!!!!! LOL yea i like psalm 1 is pretty cool
  • NEW AND COOL.... i sure hope u r... lOl jp ;) ttyl Marina
  • [quote author=fr.yassa link=board=13;threadid=2280;start=0#msg35175 date=1124339248] sorry for this but john is suprising me every time. i mean im not saying anything but i think he is dumber by the mintue and is acting like stupid. im not saying he…
  • [quote author=Johannes(John) link=board=13;threadid=2231;start=60#msg35282 date=1124474884] of course i wanna die, duh [/quote] Then u wouldnt mind if i u die early? yea Copic irene that was a threat
  • [quote author=Johannes(John) link=board=13;threadid=2213;start=15#msg34674 date=1123811048] may god forgive u for cusses at me ( F-WORD ) [/quote] I dont blame Big mac for cusssin at u
  • [quote author=Johannes(John) link=board=13;threadid=2231;start=45#msg35158 date=1124334349] thanks guys ( not including GF-the idiot)+++ [/quote] Do u wanna Die?
  • [quote author=u_stole_my_name link=board=13;threadid=2203;start=0#msg33708 date=1122610522] [quote author=cremedelescremes link=board=13;threadid=2203;start=0#msg33702 date=1122601117] i don't really like talking on the phone with guys, they're awfu…
    in T Comment by Marina Botros August 2005
  • if we reply then we didnt really ditch u did we?