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  • cult/kəlt/ A relatively small group of people having religious beliefs or practices regarded by others as strange or sinister. Abouna Zakaria goes as far as saying that Islam is a cult. And its so true. “You have heard that it was said, ‘Love your n…
  • geomike im sorry if i offended you , you too peter you seem pretty hostile to me too. You guys know i had a friend who used to use this site lots, got up to like i don't know like a thousand posts or half a thousand and was a full member then I foun…
  • according to the definition of a religion which is : re·li·gion/riˈlijən/ Noun: The belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, esp. a personal God or gods. Islam is a religion... if what ur asking is is it legit... comment cause…
  • GUYS! i wold like to point out this is a discussion called " You should be proud to be orthodox".... and its under the NON ORTHODOX INQUIRIES... LOOOOOOL....way to go guys ;D
  • seriously :o did you really not know that! I was bombarded with it all my childhood so ya, and really its nice and simple follow it and you will b fine, the hard part is following it :)
  • guys..... [move][glow=red,2,300]WWJD    WWJD    WWJD      WWJD    WWJD    WWJD    WWJD    WWJD    WWJD[/glow] [/move] ...simple ;D
  • if u cant say it to you father of confession try writing it down on a paper before confession and taking it with you, try reading what`s on the paper word for word if ur still struggling or you can`t give it to your F.O.C. and being ashamed or scar…
  • peter i feel you man.... it makes me so sad when i see servants coming after the gospel reading. but remeber peter you do not know a persons heart or whats going on in their lives. The could be studying really hard, you just dont know. but with that…
  • wow this is very interesting...well the reason i chose the name that i have now is because i long for monastic life  (and as we know , no one in a monestary is called by there name because that name no longer exisits) ,...but ofcorse i am too young.…
  • 1. Operating System Windows Vista 2. Browser you are using and version Google Chrome (11.0.696.60 beta) 3. The exact error message you get if any. "Please log in or register first"(BUT I DO LOG IN!) 4. What file you were trying to download. Mid…
    in Downloading Comment by God November 2011