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  • Happy birthday, and wish u the best luck.
  • Thank u guys for the replies, i know that i have to finish college first, i wont ignore it. But the only problem is that i keep thinking about it, i keep asking myself why did i have that dream, and why exactly right after i was deciding which major…
  • If i am right, i think the first commandment says" love ur god from all ur heart..." and also the verse that says that whoever loves his parents more than god, then he doesnt deserce god.
  • I read all the above replies, i think the best thing to do is not just be a friend, u should be her sister that she never had. make her feel that what harms her will harm u. One important thing to keep in mind is that helping ur friend is a great bl…
  • I think that God is the only one who has a decision in that, because being a priest is not something that we choose. God picks the people who serve his name, so i think prayer is the best thing to do. You should have like a prayer meeting before the…