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  • The part Hos Erof linked you to is the part that's sung in all the different tones etc etc...the rest is simply the rest of the morning doxology found in any psalmody. If you can't get hold of one then put up a new post and ill put it up i guess Dany
  • ZIZOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ...ok but i love the italian soccer team for some weird....and the brazilians...and the spanish..(just figo lol) and and the is the best sport ever!!!
  • OK WELL, i tried making a link to a specific song, but it's impossible on that page. Therefore, the most I can tell you is to type up "Ante El-Shafee3 " under FIND of your internet explorer, and you'll find 2 hits. It's not the first one you find, c…
  • Thanks CopticServent! You rock :) For those interested, it is on the page CopticServent linked.
  • ...there's also an arabic version about st mary that sounds something like "anti el shafi3a el akramo"....sorry for beating up the arabic so badly
  • Well umm I learned a lot of basic hymns, all thanks to my dad...but like i feel like i didnt have to learn those to BECOME a deacon...its just something you need to know when you're a deacon...and thats why till this day i thrive to learn more and m…
  • One thing for sure, is that sometimes I feel like we take it for granted...or at least I do.. I was ordained before I turned 6....meaning I've been a deacon as long as I can remember...and sometimes I really do take it for granted. Reading ur post a…
  • There's also the lahn "Tin Anastasin" that can be sung, which can be found in the media library of this website..check it out
    in question... Comment by dany June 2005
  • no no im sorry for making it sound terrible guys im sorry i take it back!!! Ive never been so I wouldn't know. it was only stuff i HEARD from ppl that went, so im sorry!!!
    in The ECCYC Comment by dany June 2005
  • I heard baaaaaad things happen at that convention!!! tisk tisk tisk
    in The ECCYC Comment by dany May 2005
  • Then why did you chose to major in bio if you hate it?!?!? oh and im also a really poopy deacon and i enjoy soccer (coolest sport on the planet)
  • Hi :) my name is Dany!!! yaay lol, I'm 19, turning 20 this year, and I live in Montreal, canada...yea its sad i know lol. umm i belong to the st. george & st. joseph church up here, and thats about all i have to say. hmm, tasbeha rocks as many h…
  • I think that's what he means.... at least that's the closest hymn I know that sounds remotely close to what he said....
    in LYRICS Comment by dany May 2005
  • ....I know what u mean....I'm sorry if it came out that way...I didn't mean it to be...
    in SATAN? Comment by dany May 2005
  • Awesome stuff Joyisgod, God bless you and thanks for the great insight! Dany
    in SATAN? Comment by dany May 2005
  • Since everyone said about anything and everything I could have possibly thought of and more, I'm gonna bring up something a little different, something not everyone might know even though it's totally irrelevant. Ever since I was a kid my parents al…
  • Thanks Jfranklin! I'd knew you'd come to the rescue! Yea I've heard about the Lion, the witch and the wardrobe coming out december 9th, and it looks REALLY good! But yea, thanks! I was just asking cause I usually don't catch on very quickly, so hope…
  • ....except in the quote 2 posts before you, i thought anba youssef said ur allowed........umm....i think he wouldnt be making stuff up!!!!!!
    in Birth Control Comment by dany May 2005
  • The Resurrection of Christ
    in Tattoo? Comment by dany May 2005
  • Alright be tattooed or not to be tattoed? that is the question. Dany is a loser...haha....I just wanted to bring something up: by the way, for those ppl who said that its a sin depending on what u do with ur tattoo, i completely agree wit…
    in Tattoo? Comment by dany May 2005
  • and most of all im hoping im gonna learn something from you! nice to meet u.
    in Hey Im new Comment by dany April 2005
  • Well, my name is Dany, short might have guessed it...Daniel. You guys all prolly know the story of Daniel, and it's truly an awesome one, especially if you read it a second time..or a So yea, my name is Hebrew, meaning God is m…
  • If you listen to most of the gregorian liturgies, the fraction said accordingly is that one, only on annual days...cause if the recording's of a feast..then obviously it will be the fraction of the feast...get the drift?
  • Hossannah to the son of David!
    in Palm Sunday Comment by dany April 2005
  • ONCE AGAIN! crazy copt with a right-on answer! By the way dude...Science DOESN'T prove that there is no's actually the exact really does prove that there is a God. I've been reading this book called "The Case for a Creator…
  • Very good point crazycopt! I think that makes the most sense, I mean..not taking away from any of the other answers' values...but I'm just saying that's the one that's most logical to me.
  • [quote author=Coptic boy link=board=1;threadid=1442;start=0#msg23565 date=1113269221] During communion, we don't say Psalm 150 (I forgot why) [/quote] Well, I know that it is correct that we don't sing Psalm 150, and instead, we sing "Panoti Panot…
  • I know this might start sounding repetitive, but thanks Joyisgod, you really are sweet. Just the thought of someone having spent time to write something like that is truly heartwarming. God bless you and Happy Easter to you too!!! Dany
    in YAAAY!!!!! Comment by dany April 2005
  • Iqbal, I love you. YOU ALWAYS have the right answer. geez...are u ever wrong?!? lol