love and marriage?



  • Oh wow, great point Hos Erof!!
  • thnx, actually i have no clue what i'm talking about here
    love and marriage and stuff, still far far away,

    this is what i learned from the experience of others who went trough all that stuff ;)
  • i c wut u guys r saying, but i have a question, it might sound a little of topic but.........if ur looking 2 get married, is it wrong to date others, just to get to know them?
  • in my opinion, no.
  • in groups, why not, but alone, why???????

    why cant people just talk to eachother and hang out in groups, and if they like eachother a lot they can engage? that's how it worked with most people i know who are married 2day.

    For a lot people it's just too tempting to go out on dates alone

    anyone else?
  • ya i agree w/ u hos erof.. but at the age of getting married i think ur mature enough to go on dates... am i right??... i mean if ur like 20 sumthing.. i think its not wrong to an extent.. i mean not toooo much i mean once in a while yes that is okay.. but more than that.. its tooo much.. u kno?? and if u guys get engaged then u can on dates whenever u want.. but also to an extent.. u kno wut i mean??... hope i made sense... :-\.. but ya i think thats all i ave to say 4 now.. :-* :-* :-*

    Rina ;)
  • whats wrong with just having dinner with someone alone? There will be other people in the restaurant so its not like you're just gonna start making out on the table lol. Or just to like go ice skating with someone without having to go with 10 other people. So you're saying its ok for them to be alone when they're engaged? That all of the temptation will just poof dissapear because of a stupid ring and an announcement? No i think what you're worried about more is what people will say when they start gossiping. By alone i don't mean ALOOOONE in someone's room or something. Just to do an activity without having all of the church's youth invovled. Besides, if you're in a group, you'll probably only be attracted to someone for their looks because not everyone will have a proper chance to carry a decent conversation when there are FIFTEEN OTHER PEOPLE WITH YOU. mais, c'est juste moi. :P
  • hey ur sooo right Rita... but still i mean.. i dunno.. i'm kinda lst ina way.. but i totally agree w/ u.. :D ;D
  • ya, good point there cremedelescremes

    it's not that all temptations will disapear, but when ur engaged, at least u know ur committed and can start being serious about it.
    The gossipping thing is also a good argument, i didn't know i meant that ( i guess i did :))
    it's not the best thing in our culture, but its a factor for protection, have to admit that :P

    anywayz, i kinda had enough of these, can i date, can i have a boyfriend/girlfriend, when will i get married questions lol, on every single meeting 90% of the time is about that stuff
    if people were more serious with their spiritual lives, all these things would come from God in the right time, but then again, c'est juste moi (can i take that line creme?, cause i live close to France ;D)
  • I'm also sick of the meetings being about this stuff all the time and its true that we should make God the center of our lives and everything else will come at the right time and fall into place. You can take the line, i have more. All it takes is a certain je ne sais quoi. :P
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