love and marriage?



  • yeah you made sense, and you made a good point. i think that stuff happens because the people are so far from God, not because they're not egyptian. Idk what the ethnicity of my future husband (if there is one) will be but for now i'm not ruling anything out, i mean if they're good christians, why not? Idk, but i do know that A LOT of factors are involved and i'll never marry someone just because hes egyptian and we get along ok.
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    Good point, it makes sense to say, think before you do LOL

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  • its a scary thought that if you marry some1 and you end up really not knowing them......but yea think before you do anything....
  • Here is a question guys, do you think God makes us responsible for finding a partner and then we can consult Him to see if He agrees or do you think He pre-plans who He wants us to marry?

    There is a big difference between these two ideas. The church has always endorsed the latter...

    God bless,

  • But doesn't that lean a little on predestination? Personally, I think that God preplans every part of our life, yet since we have free will, we can change anything that He's planned for us, for the better or the worst.
  • yup yup urs soooo right LHM.. i totaly agree. omg again sumone takes the words outa my head.. wussup w/ that? :D
    no but seriously ur extreamly right.. ;D
  • but either way i think even if we change our minds a 100 times...he still noes who we will end up with and if we will ever get married.... so yea i agree with u guys 2
  • lol, oops :D and thanx :D :D yup, i agree with u aruba
  • Hello,

    Well I think we need to remember a few things...

    The first is why do we marry in the first place?

    The second is why are we actually here?

    It is undeniable that God has a plan for us but marriage was created by God so that we could be saved. We might put procreation before salvation but I think its more important to be spiritually full so that one can be fit to procreate so salvation should rightfully come first.

    God's plan is always one that allows us free choice but I don't think we can ever excel past God's plan, I think God's plan is one that meets our absolute potetntial and that has to be the case in marriage.

    I mean when we say things like seeking God's guidance, how far does that extend? To just finding a compatable person? To finding the best person? To finding just an okay person?

    God bless,

  • one of my biggest fears is that a lot of us will rush into marriage...since have a boyfriend/girlfriend is frowned upon....and i have nothing against that....i think a lot of us as soon as we see the first sign of "someone whos into you" .... you get married... because you really cant date that person ... and the only right thing to do in egptian societies is to get married...
  • o guys i just remembered that song from married with kids...luv and marriage luv and marriage.....go together as a horse and carriage....sorry that just popped into my :) :) :) :) :)
  • lol.... yeah, u totally have a point there, but i was thinking, and if u look at it, americans are allowed to go out (most of them) but if u look at their marraiges, its very rare that ull find a couple that's been together, married i mean for a long time as the first marraige. but i completely get what you mean....
  • o ya u guys have a bigg point.. i wonder wut the secert in EGY marraiges??? i find this a mistery.. i'll find the answer sooner or but i'll find it sooner if sumone solves the mistery.. :D
  • lol, ooo, i love this! lets be undercover spies and see why it lasts!!!! lol, probably cuz it'll be frowned upon if it doesnt last. oh no, i just ruined the mystery!!!!! or did i???? *has that weird look with that one eye that detectives have*
  • I mgiht be wrong in this but i think it's because we are not allowed to divorce or wutever...then the couples just solve their problems within themselves before it get into something bigger
  • LOL... o wow i'm like craking up.. laughing.. no u didn't ruin the mistery.. or did u? hahahahahaha.. thats my laugh.. no.. yes.. no.. yes.. shut up.. yes.. enough.. ok.. sorry these were the opposite sides of my brain .. i'm soo retarded.. :-[ ;D
  • LOL, sry, but i found that hilarious!!! lol, yes, no, yes, shut up!! lol....
  • it was kinda stupid.. but ok hilarious it is.. ;D
  • yea most of them stay together because divorce is wrong. Otherwise it would've been divorce mania. Dating at an early age is wrong and marrying the first person you're interested in is also wrong. So why can't we innocently date when we're at an age where we may be interested in marriage?
  • hey ur right.. but well its hard u kno.. when u like sumone sooooo much its just really hard to not date them or go out w/ them u kno???????? ???
  • we could... and the church says we could... just date that at 21 or older, or just when you are ready to get married.
  • well wut if sumone is not 21 yet but ready to get married.. my aunt was married when she was 18 so she dated be4 that.. explain?? ???
  • young marriages are proven not to be successful, that is why I advice all to marry, beyond the age of 21, but the better advice is beyond the age of 25....
  • young marries are a bad idea because its like marrying the first person you come across...the first one you see...guys you think marrying your highschool sweet heart really works out???? just wondering :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
  • HOPEFULLY IT IS!!!! ;) ;) ;)
  • Hello,
    First I know that maybe many of the memebers have mentioned this already but i will just tell you what i think is is also so simple, your issue is actually very important so the right answer to your question would be that marriage should be accompained with love to be a successful marriage and to have a good relationship with GOD but that doesn't happen everytime. so if you marry a person that you didn't love before should be okay because nothing happens to you without GOD's permission so GOD allowed this marriage to take place because he knows it is going to be great later on and you have to do your part. be nice and kind to your life partner, because both of you are one by the time of your marriage...and love will grow gradually by knowing the other person and it will be a much more mature love than the one before marriage. it's all about GOD, if you ask for his help and let him be in your life before and after marriage you will have a very successfull life until the end.
    May GOD be with you and support you and lead you in the right way.
  • to be honest....and guys i'm so nervous in asnwering this cuz marriage just scares the living daylights out of me....but neways, I think age has nothing but something to do with it at the same time. You cannot judge whether a marriage is going to be happy and enduring or frightening and short according to age. My aunt was brought up here, swore she'd never marry and egyptian, swore she'd never get married b4 21 atleast, swore she'd have no kids....look @ this------> she got married when she was 19, she married an egyptian, and she's 25 with THREE KIDS!

    Everytime i look @ her and her husband it's like the hugest comfort in the world for me because this is someone who 6yrs ago would have never married let alone married an egy. But God does have a plan for u. He knows what we're like. If you know ur never gonna last with a person u hardly kno or love then God won't let u go through with it. He will show u what's right and what's wrong, he'll always talk to u, u always have to listen tho because he will never tell u YES or NO when it comes to making a decision, he gave us that free will a long time ago.

    You can get married 10yrs from now to a person right under ur nose or to a person u hate right now, or to a person u still havent met...but no matter what u just have to train urself to shut off all the noise in ur head and let God take care of the rest. Unless ur choosing who to marry tomorrow, there's no reason to plan ahead. Its so much easier said than done, but thats y i train myself to just let go. I mean u spend ur whole life worrying about what might happen to find out that the exact opposite took place. If u love with a pure heart, I'm sure God will provide u with a pure heart to love ;)

    GOD BLESS ALL! :-*
  • That's actually never know so just leave it for GOD all you need to do about it is to pray and He will do the rest for you.
    GOD be with you!
  • awwww that was nice :) and very true but one point i'd like to make is that who your parents want you to marry may not be the same person that God wants you to marry. and thats what i was saying before, people get married sometimes just because the parents are pushing them, and that is WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG, i've seen many failed engagements and failed marriages because of that. and: ahhh getting married at 19? i hope that doesn't happen to me, then i wouldn't be able to make it big on wallstreet :(
  • well I guess is what your parents chose for you to marry is the same one that GOD planned for you to marry..that's what I believe...because GOD does what is good for you always but we are the ones who choose to make this marriage fail or this relationship fails.
    God be with you and lead you in the right way.
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