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  O Church, Purified - Ya Pay'a Motahhara
يا بيعة مطهرة
  Not owner
  Ya Lehaza elfada2a el 3azeem يا لهذا الفداء العظيم     Not owner
  Ya Man Labast    Not owner
  Ya Mariam el bekr    Not owner
  Ya Pay
يا بيعة مطهرة
    Not owner
  Ya Sayedee El Habeeb/يا سيدي الحبيب   Not owner
  Ya sayedy kam kana kasyan/ O Master how hard it was   Not owner
  You Are My All in All    Not owner
  You are my hiding place    Not owner
  You are the rock    Not owner
  You crowned the year (كللت السنة بجودك)   Not owner
  you laid Aside your majesty    Not owner
  You Raise Me Up    Not owner
  Your Peace    Not owner

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Memorial for HH Pope Shenouda

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