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  • [center]im gonna make ot nice and simple NO[/center]
  • i dont think anyone would go to churvh with a tank top---jus syaing qalso shorts are not that bad but like if a person can c ur thighs then thast bad, y would would want to walk around half naked--leg wise ALso, egyprians ahte those clothes so y …
  • im watrchintg this right now, i love the part where he grabs the man by the tie and tells him to repent...thzt was amazing!! i hope i am good as him when i grow up {but idont think im going to be : ( } pp4m EgY
    in the silent monk Comment by egy June 2007
  • she sounds suspicious........ wait let me get this straight, she wants to donate money to the church or what? pp4m EgY
  • all that i know is that his book {say hello to courtship} is really good i think it is avbaible in the library
    in joshua harris Comment by egy June 2007
  • thanks everyone once again for ur repplies mahareel i never really thought about it that way, also if u meet someone very famous would u slouch. i am proud of my country and i tried standing up by i only did it for two days, i am going to try h…
  • Get a bat and beat the living crap out of him. You gotta use force sometimes like Jesus did in the temple. lol but seriously why do not do that itt wil get u suspened------im not sure if u told ur family about this boy, and if you did not then tell…
  • i used to go to St. George brooklyn church, then i switched to St. George Astoria, but i go to both
  • just remember that everytijme u sin, u are hurting God which is your father i know its REALLY HARD but just pray and tell God to help you stop and eventually you will [coptic] God Bless You[/coptic] pp4m EgY
  • I CANT STAND EGYPTIANS!!!!!! ESPECIALLY THOSE LIVING IN FRANCE!!! egyptians in france are always going to be different that egyptians living in egypt---and everyone knows that {atleast i do} my parents lived here {USA} for 15 years and they sometim…
  • ok, thanks  for the reply ;D
  • thats such a nice stoery, i think it is St George and Saint Abou Sefin, because they were soliders and they protect people. That girl is so lucky that nothing happened to her. :) pp4m EgY
    in Nice Story Comment by egy May 2007
  • thanks everyone, but did I commit a sin becuaee i stopped standing up around from 2 years ago. pp4m EgY
  • Κηφᾶς i did not mean disrecpeftul, but she was not trying to waste your time i watched this video and it made me feel proud to br Christian and to believein God. sry if my words were wrong GBU EgY
  • yea thats what i meant, thanks ChristforLife7 may God Bless you All EgY
    in monk Comment by egy May 2007
  • i agree with KrazyLion---this man really needs help i commented on the video and the other ppl's comments were the same that man is sick EgY
  • 1) the child will have the same "great-grandfather" on both sides....which is too close 2) cousins are closer to being brother and sister, than being just friends 3)Most cousins bascially grow up in the same household "by this i mean grow up in the …
  • what i do know is thatthey never died, they were rose up to heaven i {think} the onlything that i am sure about is that the 12 disciplies saw them with God good question--i never really thouht about itpp4m EgY
    in Elijah and Anok Comment by egy May 2007
  • Κηφᾶς i dont think marmar327 did this to be direspctful i think she did this to show us a point--there are so many idio** out there sorry for that EgY
  • thanks for the reply guys im NOT interested in islam but sometimes i just wonder why did it start? i guess u r right---it was Gods choice and we r never going to find out
  • i think the whole point of teste, is to see how much u memorized... i mean i think it is better to learn it then u know it for the rest of ur life but....i think only 50% of us do this so, is not wrong to memoruize somthing and pitit on a t…
  • i dont care how old my children will be i would never allow them to enjoy the  sinfuil things in life also, i think if u try something once they r going to be addicted to they r going to want more and more from it hope i helped EgY
  • yea i also lovbe my friends i think it is better to have a variety of friends-- preeps smart girly girls tomboys etc... but i dont think that i would actually die for them.....actualli i am not sure yet...ill think about that EgY
  • basketbell...u r really lucky ;D i think dreams are whatr u r thinking but sometimes its just weird........i one time had a dream that my dad had an evil twin, and he tried to kidnap me....yea i know its weird then i had a dream that i failed  a t…
  • oops, by accident i went on my sioters account the reply on top was from me egy
  • Before confession one should attempt to recall all the sins which one has committed voluntarily or involuntarily. One must attentively reexamine one's life in order to recall not only those sins committed since the last confession, but also those wh…
  • thats so sad! may the intersections of Saint Mary be with this boy EgY
  • agree with vassillos, Job never comitted  a sin i saw the movie and it says that God wanted to test him by letting the devil tempt him, first i beleive his sheep and cattle died. Then the Devil told him that that was not enough. God gave permissi…
    in Job Comment by egy May 2007
  • i agree with cremedelescremes and angelofGOD. Thaskns for satrting this topic :)
  • welcome to thiss site...u personally love it and i hope u do to..
    in Hello Comment by egy May 2007