The golden censer (Tee-shory) :: }soury :: المجمرة الذهب (تي شوري)

Rite of Coptic Weddings

Higher Institute of Coptic Studies


The golden censer is the Virgin, her aroma is our Savior. She gave birth to Him; He saved us, and forgave us our sins.

}soury `nnoub te }par;[email protected] pec`arwmata pe Pencwtyr. Acmici `[email protected] afcw] `[email protected] ouoh af,a nennobi nan `ebol.

المجمرة الذهب هي العذراء، وعنبرها هو مخلصنا. قد ولدته وخلصنا وغفر لنا خطايانا.

Tee-shory ennob te ti-Parthenos, pes-aro-mata pe pen-Soteer, asmisi emmof, afsoti emmon, owoh ka nen-novi nan e-vol.

Said on all fasting days including the weekends of the Lent, and weddings. Not said on the weekdays on Lent but instead, Entho te ti-shori is said.