Adam Aspasmos :: `A P=,=c Pennou] :: الأسبسمس الأدام

The Feast of the Resurrection & the Holy Fifties

Higher Institute of Coptic Studies (HICS)


Christ our God, has risen from the dead, He is the first-fruit, of those who departed.

`A P=,=c Pennou]@ twnf `ebol qen nye;[email protected] `n;of pe `t`apar,[email protected] `nte ny`etauenkot.

المسيح إلهنا، قام من الأموات، وهو باكورة، الراقدين.

Therefore we glorify Him, proclaiming and saying, “You are blessed O my Lord Jesus, for You have risen and saved us.”

E;be vai ten]`wou [email protected] enws `ebol enjw `[email protected] je `k`cmarwout `w Pa[oic [email protected] je aktwnk akcw] `mmon.

فلهذا نمجده، صارخين قائلين، "مبارك أنت يا ربي يسوع، لأنك قُمت وخلصتنا."

That we may praise…

Hina `ntenhwc...

لكي نُسبِّحك...