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  • Here are some references for HGBR…
  • His Grace Bishop Rafael said a meditation in which this hymn symbolizes the pain and agony which St. Mary endured while bearing Christ. I have always been taught that this hymn can be chanted on Annual Days; however, I am certain that Moalem Ibrahim…
  • I was wondering if someone who has access to the Arabic text can take the Arabic text and translate it to "Fee kaneesat el abkar, feeh magma.."
  • There are many resources especially with the ACC on Scripture. But here is some answers to your questions St. John Chrysostom was granted a "cross" if I may say in his life, as he was exiled in the end of his life in harsh conditions. a) what exact…
  • I would like to upload many hymns. However I cannot seem to see the applet box. Running on a Mac.
  • John i miss you very much and hope all is well with you, thank you for the Abouna Anastasi liturgies... I heard Joe in there (weekday lent liturgy)... ill give you a call soon.. heres a direct transfer of the audio from the video...…
  • The only difference as mentioned by H.H. Pope Shenouda between a lay person and a monk- is the continual prayer life. The monks lives to fulfill this duty and should be separated from the world. The monk should not be affected by the environment ar…