Uploading Problems

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Tasbeha.org team,
I am having difficulty uploading files to this website. I followed all the steps instructed and the page that contains the upload applet does not fully load (i.e. the applet just stops at "Loading Upload Applet" and does not finish loading the upload applet). I am running Windows XP, IE 6.0.2, and have the required Java Applet. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

In Gratitude for this ministry,
- Chris


  • Tasbeha.org,
    The upload applet must have just been temporarily offline perhaps. It is working now, thank you anyway.

    - Chris
  • Um, sorry to be a pain in the rear, but I keep getting an error every time I try to upload. "Error while sending data--Connection Reset By Peer: socket write error". Is it just my computer? Or a server thing?

    - Chris
  • What was the extension of the file you were trying to upload?

    Try zipping up all the files then uploading 1 file.
  • Mike and Team,
    Yes I tried that. It was a zip file I was trying to upload. And it was less than the 100 MB limit. Yet, I still got the same message.
  • I would like to upload many hymns. However I cannot seem to see the applet box.

    Running on a Mac.
  • I have a question about uploading music on YOUTUBE...

    I'm thinking of making a channel and uploading a bunch of hymns from this site (as well as others)...

    Is that legal and what should the channel name be? Also, what's another youtube channel dedicated to Coptic hymns?
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