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  • Hi Drumaboy, Holy Communion originated from the Last Supper where the Lord took bread and broke it and also gave the discipled the wine and said 'this is my body and blood etc.' we say it all the tym durin the mass if u havnt noticed. and to your ot…
    in traditions Comment by nardin March 2007
  • Wow great to hear.. and welcome to our beloved Church John.. we r more than glad that you like it :D +FROG+
  • Congratulations to her and may the Lord repose her soul. Hope you and your family are feeling alright :) +FROG+
  • hay believer in God.. hows she doing now? hope shes recovering
  • well i say go talk to her/his FOC about it.. make him aware of what is happening and maybe in confession he can bring it up n sort it out
    in help Comment by nardin February 2007
  • Well here is a lesson we had on peer pressure.. i dunno.. might come in handy i gess.. Definition of peer: some one you look up to, equal in age or ability. What is peer pressure? Influence on you for something you wouldn’t do or stop you from do…
  • :o wow excellent stuff kris123.. i tottally agree with u!.. fantastic :D
  • Hay Marmara327.. plz update us on how ur friends health is going.. thanks sis.. Rabena ma3akom :) +FROG+
  • heres an ad
  • hay, yeah the cruise really will b awesome.. gr8 performances n SANTA yey!! nah but really should be an enjoyable night so any1 here in sydney as kris sed buy ur tickets at the door.. also the priests say you can pay half from your tithes as it is d…
  • thanks heaps but i just need the lyrics for the english version. does anyone have that? Sorry PrincessMary i should have been more clear
  • thank you so much John_S200.. in our synaxarium it ses he spent 19 years of his life as a widower.. from searches on the net.. i know they arent accurate but they really confuse me. one says that he was married to salome n from there got 4 kids and …
  • [quote author=FULLY RELY ON GOD link=board=1;threadid=2892;start=0#msg44660 date=1135075774] my goodness i forgot the name the 1 we do on joyous saturday ummmm arn forgot the name ne1 help me i think it starts with 's' [/quote] lol Susanna, thats…
  • [quote author=samuel.m link=board=4;threadid=4743;start=0#msg64686 date=1165761353] How can a Christian express his happiness or joy without sinning. [/quote] well how can a Christian express happiness or joy? i can tell u that the greatest joy co…
  • LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL ok stop it guys.. personally anbabola craks me up sooo hard.. anyway can we plz get bk to the topic! not really respectful thnks
    in DJ Comment by nardin December 2006
  • sry to interrupt ur fun guys but use went waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay off the topic.. now.. back to dj'ing.. thanks +FROG+
    in DJ Comment by nardin December 2006
  • Hay Baladoos, Personally, i wouldnt do it.. if she is 18 and still studying then the issue of marriage shouldnt be something thats continually on her mind as she is young to marry.. what happens if u go tell her that u want to maryy her in a few yrs…
  • yeh Abouna Boula Melek has a gr8 voice so does Fr Marcos George.. duno where he is from just heard a tape.. Fr Paula Balamon from sydney! :P gr888 voice!! as copt4eva sed tho.. when he does the long tune not the fast boring 1 ;) God Bless
  • [quote author=bentBABAyasooa` link=board=10;threadid=4681;start=45#msg64492 date=1165417032] [quote author=FULLY RELY ON GOD link=board=10;threadid=4681;start=45#msg64455 date=1165379427] [quote author=AnbaBola link=board=10;threadid=4681;start=30#m…
  • lol thats ok.. hek yer we r partners.. lol if u still wanna stay bros i dont mind :P im a guy at heart for those tht know me :P
  • hahaha im a girl :-[ its k i pass as a boy any day so lol i dun mind if we stick with the brothers :P
  • [quote author=AnbaBola link=board=10;threadid=4681;start=30#msg64401 date=1165327131] Againe, You are making it sound like I am apart of an evil organization wait, your not??? ONLY KIDDING!!!!! [/quote] hahahahahahha o my goodness AnbaBola all ur…
  • hi, i am.. which part of Australia are you going to? well heaps of us from here r from Sydney.. God Bless +FROG+
  • this is a forum not an msn chat conversation.. please make use of ur replies [quote author=bentBABAyasooa` link=board=13;threadid=4485;start=0#msg62064 date=1160702350] yell back is not that much of love, if u wanna real love don't spend the ngt at…
  • [quote author=bentBABAyasooa` link=board=10;threadid=4710;start=0#msg64266 date=1165087094] They get a free ticket to heave, because they didn't spend one good day on earth, all the days in their lives were full of pain! [/quote] no thts not true..…
  • lol got no idea.. but only reason i posted is coz im from sydney too :P
  • its funny how u posted b4 me n never noticed it until i sed it.. :-\ how ironic
  • [quote author=To7a-fo7a link=board=6;threadid=4695;start=0#msg64048 date=1164819691] most of the topics i have read there is arrguments [/quote] :-\ most? ??? not true... anyways.. welcome ppl
  • im from sydney too.. is it too l8 to welcome? talk bout gypo timing..
  • you can also say all the ppl u remember then after that as CMIUC sed generalise by also sayin 'and plz bless or watever all those who asked me to remember them in my prayers each 1 in his/her name'.. we may forget but God wont.. so thats wat i say a…