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  • Thank you all for the feedback. I will revise the reply so that it sounds more Christian like the way we were taught and brought up and makes her feel that what she has written was just whack. and secondly when i read this letter i feel the anger t…
  • I have finished the reply, tell me what you think and if anything should be added/subtracted from it and if it is good then I ask that we all flood this lady's inbox with this email starting with my email. Regarding your email about St. Mark's Copti…
  • Of course the article is wrong and baseless its written by a guy from the American Coptic Union since he's written as the contact at the top its most likely he's the author.
  • I suggest formulating a stern reply and passing it around to all of us so that we flood her email with it... Yes I agree, I'm currently writing a response to her so far it looks like this: Regarding your email about St. Mark's Coptic Orthodox Churc…
  • Sorry everyone who was intending to come... but unfortunately the liturgy was cancelled. Stuff happened (zeroof) and we will not be having liturgy on Aug. 6 2005 Pete
  • Thanx PrincessMary for your help I never knew about that site. GB Pete
  • We don't believe in Karma as already established. Karma is what you do will come back to you. This is all I can say: Judge not and ye shall not be judged; condemn not and ye shall not be condemned; forgive and ye shall be forgiven. Give, and it shal…
  • Coptic came from Greek yes but didn't Greek come from like Hieratic or Demotic because if you look at the letters from greek and demotic you see some similiarities.
  • I hope some of you come. :D Pete
  • God, give me the strength to change what I can, the serenity to accept what I can't change, and the wisdom to tell the difference.... I've seen dat quote b4 ... I think I have it on a bookmark... Really nice quote and I think of it as a mini-prayer.
  • I read something in the newspapers about the Jewish civilization in ancient Iraq and that they found ancient manuscripts written in both Hebrew and Arabic. And I think it was 500 BC or more and that was the time the Talmud was made. Check this site…
  • Check This one out:
    in picture Comment by PeteEbeid July 2005
  • Actually, I never lived in Egypt ... 100% Amrikani ;D
  • I heard that when we calculate the date for our Easter we celebrate it one week after Jewish passover so that we don't celebrate with them (since they gave Jesus to crucifixion) and that's why we have a gap (usually one week) between orthodox and al…
    in Easter Comment by PeteEbeid March 2005
  • St. Mark (The Makkar) Fr. Moises Boghdady Pete
  • Passions was an amazing movie cuz of the indepth details (straight from the bible) and the gorey scenes like the lashing and the crucifixion give it power since it makes you see what Jesus Christ went through when he came to save us Pete
  • :) Thanks so much guys all what you said answers my question and more (you guys went really in depth) Thank You So Much Pete :) :) :)
  • [quote author=CrazyCopt link=board=1;threadid=1164;start=0#msg19657 date=1107290104] im not sure about this, but in reference to ur last question, i heard that the priest wears black because he wants to be 'dead' to the world [/quote] I thought mon…
  • [quote author=CLawrence link=board=1;threadid=1154;start=45#msg19641 date=1107277629] I am about as Protestant as it gets, so felt compelled to answer some of the questions raised in this discussion. 1) We do celebrate communion, and it is often fr…
  • OK so Protestants have communion ... but how is it administered without the person in the priesthood (like the Priest, Bishop, etc) .. who administers it and what is the Eucharist like (a wafer, bread, obviously the wine is wine.)