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why is it that our easter and the "American" easter is such a big gap. why is it that they belive this sunday is easter and we belive that May 1st is easterm, i know its about the coptic calendar. it would be great to give your advice, thank you and MAY GOD BLESS YOU


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    thats a gr8 question but honestly i got no idea lol sorry :-\
  • i got an answer lol
    at church we discussed the same thing. its because we follow the traditional calender of the jewish passover- the week that jesus died for us. but a few centuries after the council on nicea had a long discussion and when the eastern and western churches split (east & west schism) the calenders were changed and they followed a new one while we stuck with the first one. but it like we stil are celebrating it so it doesnt really matter what day it happens
    wel hope i helped if i didnt make any sense plz tel me
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  • I heard that when we calculate the date for our Easter we celebrate it one week after Jewish passover so that we don't celebrate with them (since they gave Jesus to crucifixion) and that's why we have a gap (usually one week) between orthodox and all the rest easters (with exception of this year and some of the years that we celebrate it together).

  • i heard the same things as u guys, that biblicly jesus died after the passover. But sometime around i think th 15th century, one of the catholic popes changed the date for some reason, but orthodoxy kept the original.
    hope it helps!

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    i heard the same things as u guys, that biblicly jesus died after the passover. But sometime around i think th 15th century, one of the catholic popes changed the date for some reason, but orthodoxy kept the original.
    hope it helps!


    Pope Gregory XIII of the Roman Catholic church issued a decree on Thursday, October 4, 1582, and stated that Friday, October 5, 1582 (which is the next day) would become Friday, October 15, 1582. Hence, under his Papal power, he moved the entire Julian calendar 10 days forward; from October 5 to October 15 and called it the Gregorian calendar.

    I'm not so sure that it has to do with the Easter dating though..it's moreover the Christmas dating it affects. God bless.
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    but frog didnt abouna say dat at youth meetin on friday??
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  • Hey guys,

    According to my limited information, Easter in the Coptic Church is celebrated one week after the Jewish Passover so that we wouldn't celebrate it at the same time. This date is the most accurate, even more accurate than the Gregorian one.

    The Coptic Church and Catholic have a 5 year cycle of dates, one year with 5 weeks apart, 3 years with 3 weeks apart and finally one year when we celebrate on the same day....(Remember last year?)

  • It was difficult to determine the Glorious Resurrection Feast every year as the feast is linked to and should come after the Jewish Passover. However, the Jewish Passover is dependent upon the harvest season and the Jewish calender is lunar not solar for this reason the Jewish Passover is always between April and MAY. St. Demetrius " the Vinedresser ", The 12th successor of St. Mark invented a special calender, comprised of both lunar and solar years, to adjust the time of the Glorious Resurrection Feast so the feast doesn't come bebore the 1st week of April and not after the 1st week of May. St. Demetrius calende is composed of 19 solar-lunar years and is knowen as THE APOKTY CALENDER.
    The Fathers of the Council of Nicea decided to use this calender to determine the Glorious Resurrection feasst within the realm of the entire Catholic Church and it remained in use until 1582 AD when the Roman Bishop Gregory the 13th decided to celebrate the feast the first Sunday following the completeness of the full moon after spring temperance ( march 21st ) regrrdless of the Jewish Passover and so Catholics sometimes celebrate the Glorious Resurrection Feast at the end of March, as it occurrd this year.

    THis information is adopted from an article wretten in Mighty Arrow Magazine, December 2003.
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    i just have a comment, We do not celebrate "easter," we celebrate the resurrection of Chirst. eASTER IS A PAGAN celebration that has creeped into Christian traditions, check it out 4 urself, go to google.com and research it, u'd be shocked!

    Lol..they always remind us of that :)

    Does anyone know how the Catholics arrive at their Resurrection date?
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    but frog didnt abouna say dat at youth meetin on friday??

    yup yup

    also marmar is correct i was in SC and i was answering a q. and i forgot the word so i just sed easter and we got a 1/2 lecture on how we shouldnt say easter but ressurection

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  • Yea u guys are right.
    But its not just easter, its christmas too. We only celebrate the nativity, advent, and birth of Christ. The rest of the stuff with the christmas tree was taken by catholics from a pagan holiday.
    They're supposed to be celebrated in the christian meaning, yet catholics changed theirs around to attract converts from pagans.
    However, these changes do have some significance, such as the easter egg is supposed to represent rebirth with christ.

    Hope this helps.

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    im not sure about Christmas, the word itself means Christ and mas (as we dicovered yesterday in Alhan) comes from the (I don't think its coptic, i think its Greek) the Greek word mici which means birth... so at least Christ is in the word....the holiday, i thought it was supposed to be about St. Nicholas?? O well.... I dunno, we buy gifts outta love, and the tree and the lights look good.... at least its not as ridiculous as a bunny and eggs.... i NEVER LIKED "eASTER" THAT MUCH ANYWAY, JUST THE actual celebration....u know, The resurrection, oooo, and I LOVE Pascha week and Bright saturday and Palm SUnday, omg, those are my favorites!!! But its so not fair, cuz I go to a catholic skool and I get this week off, but some public schools get pasvha week off as spring break instead....its so not fair!!!

    I don't get it now or on pascha week..inn between..but tell me about it ::)
  • TELL ME ABOUT IT last yr i had the honors lol even though i am a gal to go up and reed thats strange but were not allowed but still it was reely good afterall the church wasnt that full coz i went reely early but yer they always stuff up i wanna go sing
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