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  • hi everyone! After all this time, I thought I had to write about St Evronia Check this post hope it'll benefit you all and gives you the information you need to know! thanks and have a nice …
    in St. Evronia Comment by bsbtoto June 2009
  • here's a coptic icon from egypt for st evronia if u want to give me your address, i can mail you one, and on the back there is a hymn for her but in arabic.. send me ur address if ur interested on [email protected] i hope i can help u :) http://…
    in St. Evronia Comment by bsbtoto May 2009
  • you're most welcome "perfectsinner", btw my real name is Evronia as i mentioned in the above post :))) I want to summarize the posts for you but I don't have time now coz i have exams, anyhow.. the english one of them says the most important of all …
    in St. Evronia Comment by bsbtoto May 2009
  • yes evronia is the same as febronia compare these two links: --------------------------------------------------------…
    in St. Evronia Comment by bsbtoto May 2009
  • yes i know everything about St Evronia because my name is Evronia.. her feast is on the first of epip and she lived in the old Iraq with her aunt in a monastery, and she was around 20 when the attacked the monastery and took her aunt, she was pretty…