St. Evronia


I was wondering if you guys might know anything about St. Evronia...



  • yes i know everything about St Evronia because my name is Evronia..
    her feast is on the first of epip
    and she lived in the old Iraq with her aunt in a monastery, and she was around 20 when the attacked the monastery and took her aunt, she was pretty , and she told them to kill her instead of her aunt, so they took them both, and she became a martyr on the 1st of epip (8th of july)

    let me know if this helped, you can read her story in the Synaxariom
    and I have her picture too but not scanned, i can scan it and email it to you if you want too

    have a nice time

    best wishes

    Evronia Azer
  • I thought her name was Fibronia??
    Can you please show me where I can find the story under the name of Evronia. I am asking because this is not the first time I hear that... I just want to see a source behind it ..if any please
    That is what it says in the synixarium from a synixar book I had seen and from here:

    Besides the story written in the synixar of St. Fibronia I have also heard a different story about her which is:

    she was a christian virgin during the era of persecution and the king desired her beauty and wanted to marry her..she refused. At this time she had holy oil with her and used it to her advantage and as an open opportunity to recieve salvation and depart as an undefiled virgin. She told the king that if the war soldiers took this oil and painted it on their necks before going to war that when the sword comes in contact with their neck that it will NOT be cut off..the king said sure great!..let us try it on you...they did and she was martyred and left this sinful world as the pure bride of Christ

    please pray for me
    -your sister in Christ
  • Thats interesting, why do you think there is a discrepancy in the story and name? Is it simply because Evronia maybe the same as fibronia but a different language? I've seen this in the case with St. Moris, I've seen his name also spelled as St. Moritz but thats due to difference in languages. But story discrepancies seems odd
  • ΙΙδιακον, I dont know if there is a discrepancy in the story. I am asking for that reason I am not sure if they are two different saints or the same ones.  I know for a fact that the different story I posted is from a synixar, not sure where though( I am guessing in an arabic one somewhere)..haven't found it yet.
    - About whether the name evronia and fibronia are in different languages..I do not know either its a possibility I suppose.  The only things I have been able to find is the story on the online synixar and a couple icons/pictures for the saint. I havent seen the name Evronia in text anywhere. I would like to learn more information about this saint and all such details aswell. If anybody has any PLEASE SHARE!!  :) 

    Please keep me in your prayers
    -your sister in Christ
  • yes evronia is the same as febronia

    compare these two links:
    Also check this:


  • Thanks alot for those links bsbtoto,
    Anybody want to summarize the arabic links for the illiterate? please?? :)
    I found this aswell, but have been forgetting to post it.
    -Its a thread on coptichymns, one of the members there provided several good links. ENJOY!

    Please keep me and my many weaknesses in your prayers
    -sister in Christ
  • you're most welcome "perfectsinner", btw my real name is Evronia as i mentioned in the above post :)))
    I want to summarize the posts for you but I don't have time now coz i have exams, anyhow.. the english one of them says the most important of all :)))
    wishing u all the best!

  • here's a coptic icon from egypt
    for st evronia

    if u want to give me your address, i can mail you one, and on the back there is a hymn for her but in arabic..
    send me ur address if ur interested on [email protected]

    i hope i can help u :)

  • Thanks Evronia!
    Take your time..
  • Evronia,
    I dont need the summary anymore, I had my mom read it for me!
    Thanks alot for your help.

    please keep my weakness in your prayers
    -sister in Christ
  • hi everyone!
    After all this time, I thought I had to write about St Evronia

    Check this post

    hope it'll benefit you all and gives you the information you need to know!

    thanks and have a nice time!
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