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  • Well all those things u said and like favorite verse, feast, holiday, church phrase etc...
  • Definitely [move] St.Paul[/move]
  •             One of my teachers in church told me that once a bishop was giving a sermon on how to stop sinning. They said that he said there are 4 steps: 1.Try to stop the sin. 2.Remind yourself u don't like that sin. 3.Don't even think about the …
  • [move]guys the only reason its a sin if ur eating when u r not hungry is beacause u r hurting ur body which is a sin :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D[/move]
  •             It's very nice, it touches and u have great talent and keep writting more poems !! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
  • Hi my instrement is actually mentioned in the bible Psalm 150 "Praise him.. mine is the one  Praise him with sound of the Trupmet"
  • hi Silentone,                   I nkow u like this website and u will forever but if u have been reading posts and u have some thoughts about them why not take time to write them down other ppl will learn from them! 8)
    in Hello Comment by peter8866 December 2007
  • Hi there,               [quote author=Αριψαλιν link=topic=5983.msg79915#msg79915 date=1196636425] hey there....just a question... did u ever felt like u are confused... thinking bout islam and christianity...u are interested in both...u want to kno…
  • My favorite sain is Saint Paul. The reson is that he changed from killing christians to preeching about and that is 1 tremndous change in one;'s life.
  • My favorite hymn would have to be Ten-O-Eh-Ensok (long way of course)  ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D  :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D [move][/move]
  • St.Paul,beacause he was a siner but he changed his life and became one of the greatest apostles
  • [move] :o!!!This Story is Great !!! :o[/move] U relly are a great  person u changed a peson's whole life not onlythat  put a smile on his face his parents faces and mostly ur face u made him so happy this story really touched my heart that was a res…
  • [move][center]boys takling to girls in church is not a problem [/center] [/move] jus  b/c they talk dosent mean there is somehting going on but if there is somthing personal thats against the church it would be wrong butmainly it not a sin if  a bo…
  • my FOC says that ur priest wont say u r a bad person or go tell any1 when u tell him and  when u r done confessing ur FOC forgets about what ever sin said so u shouldn't be that ashamed of telling u FOC
  • but when u do that what hapens? if u forget???