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  • naweret el site. ya welcome ya welcome
  • [quote author=bentBABAyasooa` link=board=2;threadid=4802;start=0#msg65399 date=1167105644] I had it, then I had a recovery on my P.C., and It was gone, but i know where i can find it for you! [/quote] I think we need recovery for our minds too :P
  • oh this is amazing::: ok so my dad was going into the car and the song GLORIA played and he said this was the first song he learned in sunday school (in arabic ofcourse)...........isn't cool he remembred a song he learned 45 years ago........for me:…
  • [quote author=Marianne87 link=board=2;threadid=4802;start=0#msg65401 date=1167107142] ohh the good old times... [/quote] yes...............i wish i could go back to them............erga3 ya zaman :P
  • Thanks hardyakka!
  • HI ALL... ;D I'm sorry for my ignorance, but who is St. Barbara? ??? Egyptiankrkr
  • WELCOME JANE ;D In His Name, Egyptiankrkr :)
  • so....... how does that justify anything??? whats your point?? sex ed. is done during high school too in australia and im certain everywhere else around the world, its part of education, egyptian parents dont give their kids 'THE TALK', they learn …
    in TV Comment by egyptiankrkr December 2006
  • "she'd be in heaven, but she won't see anything" ok..........where in the bible does it say that if you are not babtized and u r good you will go to heaven but no see anything ??? i'm just wondering
  • [quote author=bentBABAyasooa` link=board=11;threadid=4537;start=0#msg64307 date=1165172061] [quote author=kerestina link=board=11;threadid=4537;start=0#msg64301 date=1165155843] im more concerned about the content that young people and children are …
    in TV Comment by egyptiankrkr December 2006
  • [quote author=one of the many Mina's when he or she has no clue what is going on and there is no hope for that person to live Saying no hope to me, is like saying there is not God. Also by saying no hope (and I fall into this sin a lot) that means t…
  • Think about it..........leaving science and logic for now......What if your dad/mom/most spcial person to you was on that machine (ba3ed le shar ya3ni)....but really would u agree about pulling the plug? ONE THING I KNOW INSIDE MY HEART IS THAT I WI…
  • This song is beatiful. It really touched my heart. I will pray that everyone takes the time to hear it. God bless you all, egyptiankrkr
  • thank you sooooooooooooo much PrincessMary and shnoda ;D God bless you, egyptiankrkr
  • Hey borne_to_shine, Don't tell god how big ur problems are. BUT TELL UR PROBLEMS HOW BIG GOD IS. I HOPE THAT HELPED!
  • but didn't jesus dye on the cross to take away the wall between us and god (lama enshak el 7agab) ??? ??? ???
  • i can't download it. it says "This file has expired due to inactivity." can someone send it to me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ???
  • el minya, EGYPT (wish i was there now :'( :'( now i'm in richmond, viriginia :( ya ba7'et kol el fee maser 8)now
  • [quote author=one of the many Mina's link=board=13;threadid=4135;start=0#msg58392 date=1154319497] the only person that will make it easy on you and tell u what to do is abouna.. just go to him .. he is like God [/quote] WHAT DO YOU MEAN HE IS LIK…
  • MARY, God loves u soooooooo much. For god so love the world he gave his onley begotten son YOU are very important to god. he cares about you and he will always care for you. so just pray to him and ask him to come into your heart and…
  • why don't u pray that god opens ur heart to her. don't u think we do the same thing to god BUT god doesn't do the same thing in return. he loves us. GOD IS LOVE. so if we don't "like" anyone that means we are lying when we say i love god.!!!!!! also…
  • how does she know that god made those soldiers die because they sined!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! also if she is really christian then why does she hate. God is love.......IF YOU DON'T LOVE UR NEIGHBOR THEN YOU DON'T LOVE GOD. also chritians are know for peace…
  • [quote author=mnc_hnn link=board=2;threadid=3758;start=0#msg54210 date=1147023183] can som1 send me this song cos the link is not working anymore plz? [/quote] mee too plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  • let me tell you just one thing the THE DA VINCI CODE is just ficiton.......................... i did not say this but my teacher who is non-religous.......people who don't believe in the prescense of god. so even people like that know it's ficiton. …
  • on easter that's today ;D ;D i think you should go with your father.....i don't think easter would be as good with out your family...........
  • i agree with copticchica21
  • no i think it means that you know wht is right frin wrong,,,,,,,,,,,,,and you know more than child does you'r grown in mind too you understand the bible more (i think)