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  • [quote author=benjaminjoshua23 link=topic=12489.msg146364#msg146364 date=1319254669] i just bought a brand new mac book pro and every time i log in and go to the media page it logs me out and downloads don't work I'm so confused but i really want hy…
  • No, dont think you need to burn it as its not holy communion.  My suggestion and personal favorite is to soak it in black tea to soften and then ingest. Very therapeutic.
  • [quote author=kaziokzn link=topic=12370.msg146174#msg146174 date=1318753011] The problem I am experiencing is that as soon as I choose to download something it says "Please login or register" I have already registered and logged in. Then I see it ha…
  • [quote author=Unworthy1 link=topic=12370.msg145519#msg145519 date=1317590287] Message the admins (Maged or mikesl). [/quote] Do they check this forum considering it's the technical help one. If not can you please tell me their user names so I can t…
  • I am having a similar problem. Each time i try to download a pop up appears that tells me i need to log on even though i have.  When i try to log on again i get directed back to the forum page and so on....Can anyone please tell me where i am going …