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  • Hey thanks a lot guys. Unfortunately I don't know how to read arabic but I will make use of the English resources that were posted. Moreover, I know my topic is a little broad. I was thinking about focusing on the rites of the liturgy, but then aga…
  • So to answer my question, I'm supposing that we proceed with the 41 Lord Have Mercies as usual and then following we would sing Al El Korban? A few people have said opposing things. Just want to clarify. Thanks
  • Honestly the answer to your question is quite simple. Instead of being there Sunday school teacher, be there freind. Instead of always yelling at them, have fun with them. Try hanging out with them outside of the class so that you can have a persona…
  • This argument/situation comes up alot in my church, so the best thing to do is to ask your head deacon what source he learned this specific hymn from, that way you can sing with him without any confusion and in unision. However, if you are the head …
  • Do we by any chance say any hymns from the Coptic New year? And Does anyone have the lyrics in english arabic for "kalalta al sana tabe goodie ka". Thanks Again.
  • Couldn't have said it better. However i was also told that they put a blank paper without a name in the drawing so that if God didn't want any of these three ppl to be the pope then the blank paper would be pulled by the child.
  • Thnx alot  :)
  • if u put it in the microwave for like 15 to 20 seconds it will be really soft. Hope that helped :)
    in Orban Comment by hbjameen February 2007
  • 1- HCOC (coptic heritage) 2- Antoun Ibrahim ( Ibrahim Ayad's son) No one beats Coptic heritage they have all the hymns and they have LESSONS Plus Antoun Ibrahim has by far the best voice ever (when he was young that is) :)
  • when i clicked on the link it says Acount suspended
  • when do you say Ainahos khen oo-gom
  • just scroll down and there will be alot some in english and some in arabic when i find …
  • That is the Best webite ever because it has alhan lesson and all the alhan ever Plus there voices are good
  • Im not sure what ur asking
  • I wear them at Ahsheya but not to the liturgy. also you shouldn't wear ripped jeans to CHURCH!! ( you really shouldn't wear them at all because they are not appropriate but especially to church)
    in jeans Comment by hbjameen September 2006
  • link does not work
  • Hi I know it perfectly in english and coptic but my church has a coptic side and a arabic. The arabic side is needing some help so that is why i am trying to learn it in arabic to help them.
  • Yes , thanks for correcting me MG. That is what i meant
  • woops thanks for correcting me :) :)
  • You spelled it wrong its actually :)
    in need help Comment by hbjameen June 2006
  • Hope this is what you are looking for Last one Hiten
  • Here are two links one of them is hopefully bound to work make sSURE YOU ARE LOGGED IN then click on hiten
  • hi i dont think the coptic is displayed correctly but i will post the link in a couple of seconds Hiten ni`precbi`a `nte ];e`otokoc =e=;=u Mari`a P=o=c ari`hmot nan `mpi,w `ebol `nte nennobi. Hiten ni`precbi`a `nte `piar,yaggeloc =e=;=u Mi,ayl `…
  • Thanks i couldnt find any hymns i look in alot of folders but found none
  • Thank you soo much seaker of the truth. Anymore Please
  • I sent it using Thank you so much
  • Thank you sooo sooo much i sent you my email address using tasbeha .org
  • I use to allways say that to my friend and he would always GET SOOO MAD. So after that i stopped saying it to him.. Yeah i dont think saying it is appropriate cause it makes people try to avoid you and not want to talk to you. WWJD (what would Jes…
    in Told Ya So Comment by hbjameen June 2006
  • I am not allowed to sleep over but people are allowed to sleep over at my house. I only slept over once in my life cause i had a trip the next mornig and my parents werent going. But i am j=kinda happy my parents set these boundries cause i totally…
  • helps. I think really the only good way to learn coptic is to ask someone at yor church to teach. Thats what i did and learned it very fast.