The Spiritual Meaning

Can anyone provide the Spiritual Meaning of
Psalm 44 (45)


  • I would say that 45 is talking about how God helped Israel out of Egypt(moses), how he delivered all their enemies into their hands, that thay love God, and then it is asking God why has He forgoten them and why they are slughtered everyday for His sake but He is not ansering them...

    I would say the spiritual meaning for this is like the times we leave God (on purpose), then we go and blame Him for all the bad things that we did and why did He let us be delivered in to the hands of out enemies......

    Plz Correct me if I am wrong

    God Bless

    Coptic Pharaoh
  • Wait, Do you mean Ps 45 (NKJV), which starts like this:

    My heart is overflowing with a good theme...
  • ya thats the one,
    so sorry i should have been less vague
  • Hi, sorry for the delay..

    That's interesting, because I've been wondering about Ps 45 too.
    Check out these two sites for some information:

    My understanding is this:  Verses 2-9 refer to Christ The King, and this part of verse 9:
    "At Your right hand stands the queen in gold from Ophir" refers to St. Mary.

    I think it's a very deep & rich psalm, and maybe someone else can give more info; maybe someone has a commentary from our church fathers.

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