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my parents don't allow me to go to sleep overs. even if they were my neighbors, i still can't go. and even if they were coptic like us they say no. so i was wondering how it could be bad, and good and stuff.

irini pasi


  • actually lots of egyptian parents don't allow there children to go to sleepovers it's not like there over protective, but they don't want anybody to go to there other peoples houses it's just how there raised and sometimes there are other rules like going to other peoples houses!
  • yea, I totally agree with that because often you think you know your friend and her/his family but you never know what actually goes on in there..not to mention people's privacy..they don't want to have to hold their breath the entire duration of your stay.
  • I agree i live across the hall from an orthodox christian and my mom doesnt let me sleep there an i never even dared askin cuz i no the answer my mom also doesnt like me goin to ppls houses much either
  • my parents allowed me to go to one and it was someone who i've known for 5 years, and it was also mostly because i cried for like five hours lol. Nothing bad happened but i definitely see the point now and if i had kids i wouldn't let them sleep over just anyone's house. I'd tell them that the sleep over can be at our own house or it would have to be someone who I personally knew very very very very well. I used to feel really left out but... it isn't safe so I agree with my parents on this one.
  • my parents allow me to go to coptic orthodox people's houses 4 sleepovers and let them come to our house. But they are really concerned about going to american's houses.. i'm not surprised though bcuz they're afraid and this world is so bad now so yeah parents may seem overprotective but its for a good reason bcuz they care soo much.. lol 8)

    god bless you!!

  • Another point to mention is : Why would you sleep in someone's house, when you have your own? You can visit, call, e-mail. I personally don't find how sleeping at someone's house is "fun"...
    just my opinion...
  • I used to go, but then a problem happened and now i cant go
  • ok, if, ever, i were to sleep over some1's house, the only person my mom would let me go over is my best friend who i've known for 9 years, almost a lifetime. my mom knows the girl, and is even best friends with her mom. so i guess you have to know the family and trust them really REALLY well...
  • lol i wouldn even dare 2 ask my mum cus i know the answer
    even if their copts- no way, i think its jus a gypo thing lol so im over it jus go out have fun- it doesnt bother me that much animore :D
  • Another point to mention is : Why would you sleep in someone's house, when you have your own? You can visit, call, e-mail. I personally don't find how sleeping at someone's house is "fun"...
    just my opinion...

    you know in my opinion sleeping over someones house is fun!you can sit down and hang out together talk pray(which isn't true no one does that)there is alot of things to do if you slept over in someones house!!!
  • well i gues when u r little u question alot but as u grow up u dont really want to anyway if u do go to a friends etc and ur in ur teens u may get pressured to do stuff... who knows what it is... one of the girls from our church may the Lord repose her soul went to her auzzie friends house a couple of days ago and note she was a heavy smoker and she was 18 yrs old and in the morning they went to wake her up and she was dead... she died from a heart attack and ppl that r 18 cant get heart attacks or very rare well the surgeouns cut her open to c wat could have caused it... in the end wat was it? an overdose of drugs... really guys... u need to b careful especially in a world and generation like this.

  • I am not allowed to sleep over but people are allowed to sleep over at my house. I only slept over once in my life cause i had a trip the next mornig and my parents werent going.

    But i am j=kinda happy my parents set these boundries cause i totally agree with FROG

  • my parents dont mind me goin to sleep overs :D
    but r they wrong? ???
  • [quote author=josephgabriel link=board=13;threadid=2281;start=0#msg57308 date=1152107932]

    my parents dont mind me goin to sleep overs :D
    but r they wrong? ???

    It depends entirely on who you're going to for a sleep over. If it is someone you know well, you know that they're not into anything bad (drugs, drink, etc) then I see no problem with staying over at their house if your parents allow it.
  • well my parents let me go to sleep over when the church is hosting a sleep over like all of our sundayschool friends adn servents we would go over to one of their houses and spend all night and then in the morning we all do something fun like last year we went to our servent house and we went swimming so thats the only tim my parents let me go to sleep over
    i think nothing is wrong with that
  • well i dont really like sleeping over people houses mum says that if i had wanted to..she would make me stay all say until night time and take me home and if i wanted go over the next day..the hadaf/ reason for this is for my mum to make sure nothing happend that night..i dont blame her..

    i dont think i am allowed generally and i dont really care but i have done it...several times about 7 days with 3 different homes...but they were under extreame circumstances...
  • Put yourself in your parents situation, even if you knew the parents, would you want your children to sleep over at someone else's house?

    I know I'd never let my children.
  • neither would i except i really knew the parents AND if it was my dauhter..THEir HOUSE HAs to NOT HAVE OLDER BROTHERS!!!!!!!!!
  • im not alowed to go to sleep overs, i have been to like 2 sleepovers, and i dont blame my parents, there was a story on news this one time ,there was a sleep over with 5 kids ,there was a fire, all died :'( !!!!!!! sleep overs r fun but they r not safe, any thing could happen!
  • well as i mentioned i only go sleep over forr church not for anything not just for fun

    and ya i wont just sleep at any one house
  • [quote author=nene107 link=board=13;threadid=2281;start=0#msg56953 date=1151480847]
    girl sleepovers = talking about guys, prank calling sometimes, gossiping, and rumors...

    all cause trouble

    maybe thats why they arent looked greatly upon

    Ouch, talk about stereotyping. I'm a little offended by that. Every year my school friends come over to my house after Christmas for our annual Christmas sleepover. There is a lot of charades, silliness, drinking of peach juice, and for some odd reason, at about 2 in the morning, we feel like discussing theology. There is no gossiping, prank calling, or any of that nonsense.

    But anyway, there is no real "right" or "wrong" in regards to sleepovers. Don't worry buddy, I'm not allowed to go to any sleepovers because my older sister wasn't allowed to go sleepover at anybody's house, as my parents were new to Canada during her childhood years, so they distrusted Canadians. Instead of rectifying the situation, they just don't let me or my little sister go to sleepovers, so they can say they raised all 3 kids equally. Yeah, sometimes it sucks, because you feel like you're missing out, but sleepovers really aren't that big of a deal. Just respect your parents wishes in this issue, and remember Eph 6:1

    "Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right."
  • hahaha u make me laugh... wow prank calling the awesome memories... memba that why wow that was so funny... lol umm also jut on ur post why no older bros if u new the family obviously the child or wateva wood look up to that bro as a bro? ye u get wat i mean? o man... 2hrs

  • im sooooo not allowed to go to a sleep over :o :'( lol jk
  • ummmm... I didnt read any of the responses, but if you want the RIGHT answer, its do as your parents told you, at least for right now!

    peace and love
  • [quote author=Johannes(John) link=board=13;threadid=2281;start=0#msg34672 date=1123810905]
    I used to go, but then a problem happened and now i cant go

    i used to go over my friends houses for sport meetings and projects but now they're all you cant go over others houses they can come but you cant any more. I dont care really because i know they're just protecting me. :P
  • For me my mom need to know my friends to sleep over with them. The 1st time was hard but then she got use to it, but American friends i never tries to ask 'cause i am sure of the answer. ;D
  • well
    2 tell u the truth
    my parents r just like urs
    ther probablii much more over protective
    and im not saying itsa bad thing
    don take me the rong way but evrytime i don listen 2 my parents they alwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaays turn out 2 be right
    even if they make up lame excuses
    just listen 2 them
    hope i helped
  • dont wry mi parents are kind of the same thing. lke school frends not rely unless if i beg becuz there nice frends. sometimes i gess i can go to copts house. not so sure. mi parents also say that if i go over somebodys house in school u never wat happens at there house.

    to answer ur question i dont think its wrong as long u dont do anything rong and dont forget god. a lot of ppls forget him becux there not in there house so they dont pray cuz theres no time. u no wat i meen. hoped i helped.
  • i cant either
    sumtimes i feel my parents r 2 strict
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