• Egprincess,
    I was just thinking about asking that.

    Personally, I don't see anything wrong with flirting, but I know I'm kidding myself. I'm probably just saying it's ok so I can do it and not feel bad, but I guess I know deep down its wrong.

    I know the arguments all of you guys are going to make. They should be pretty good. So let's hear it guys! (by the way, please don't attack me for what I said before, it's just my I said, I guess I think deep down its wrong somehow)

    - Chris
  • i think im the same way Banoub. maybe the arguement will help us to really be convinced its wrong, if it is.
  • dating isnt wrong aslong as you dont get bad thoughts.

    to me dating is a chance for you to get to meet/know someone new.
  • That's very nice, Mina. Now if you please, go read the FLIPPIN 5 THREADS WITH 30 PAGES AND THEN COME SAY THAT AGAIN...

    I'm just messin with ya man...WELCOM TO THE MOST ADDICITNG WEBSITE!

    I obviously like avoiding dating because of bad lusts...

  • [quote author=Epsaltos Michael link=board=1;threadid=344;start=90#msg4931 date=1088228703]

    I obviously like avoiding dating because of bad lusts...

    Then don't lust, lol.

    God bless!
  • Lol, I'll try dude!

  • hold on a second here we were talking about flirting not about our most [glow=green,2,300] favorite [/glow] topic dating
  • lol...guys Wasim is correct....I myself am too eager to hear this discussion on flirting....let's try to stay on topic please!! thanks guys!! :)

    Jesus wept (John 11:35).

    - Chris

  • Did Adam and Eve ever get married?
  • Well since Eve was from Adam then I guess they were married..

  • Well, I'm from my mom but I don't think that we're married.

    God bless!
  • lololol. hahaha. Thank God you're not married to her NC. lol.

    How in the world do you come up with these types of things? lol.

    - Chris
  • i hate to distrub the conversation going on on who married who but a few people here asked about flirting and we never got around to answer that. ;)
    i know it is in our nature to go of on tanjents :D
  • Ah. Sorry, my fault. Ok....back to the topic of flirting now.....

    - Chris
  • oh boy....this topic...we'll never end. However, I am VERY interested to hear the replies before I contribute any.

  • crushes r natural if ur human, but u gotta b careful u dun act upon it, such as flirting, dating, or otttther thingz like that.

    -hope that helpz :D
  • Yea, but you also have to know when to calm it down so as not to lead the other person on because although you may not fall into sin, the other person might.

  • [quote author=_sinner_ link=board=1;threadid=344;start=105#msg5230 date=1088390139]
    crushes r natural if ur human, but u gotta b careful u dun act upon it, such as flirting, dating, or otttther thingz like that.

    -hope that helpz :D

    okay i understand what you saying but as you said we are human and i think when we say no flirting, dating or other things period we saying un-realistic stuff because you know you will do it
    ok i know all of you want to attack me so lets hear it :D
  • Well, saying that "you know you will do it..." is kind of harsh. Not everyone allows thenselves to be carried by the crowd. Some people actually respect themselves as to not let it get further than that.

  • ok so you are telling me you are never never going to flirt with a person in your entire life?
    and i didn't mean to follow the crowd when i said what i said i am totally against just following the crowd
    and i am not just asking you sleepy i am asking everyone and answer honestly don't answer a modest answer i want reality because we live in reality not in heaven (at least for now)
    i hope i didn't sound harsh to you sleepy or to any member :)
  • When I said that not everyone follows after the crowd, I wasn't referring to you, I was speaking in general. Second of all, I wasn't giving a "modest answer". I was speaking my mind. I am a person known for saying what she thinks regardless. I honestly feel that if flirting gets out of hand that you need to control it. I was brought up in a house with parents who taught me that it's improper to flirt, I'm sorry not everyone can be that lucky, and when I say this I'm speaking in general, so please, don't misinterpret my words. And if I know this forum correctly, everyone puts up their comments for everyone else to answer them.....anyone......

  • ya sleepy is right come on people talk i feel i am talking to just sleepy here

    and by the way sleepy i am not saying go flirt with every guy walking down the street, i guess we need to first of all define what flirting is and with whom you should or shouldn't flirt
    Sleepy i totally respect that you say what is on your mind and not something else
    :) :D
  • I know. I didn't mean to sound rude, but that really offeneded me. I wasn't giving a "modest answer". I'm just saying, in the case that you flirt with someone, if you know that it's going somewhere bad, take it easy. That's all.

  • any more thoughts about the topic of flirting?? :)
  • yea, im still waiting for answers/point of views
  • flirting is like telling that person that you like him/her....and we must calm ourselves down and act normal in front of that you don't temp yourself or the person ur talking to....flirting is like the 1st step to controlling yourself and acting normal......u will get used to it and find urself acting normal to ppl u even have crushes on....

    just remember that God is always there in our lives and according to his will, everything will happen when he wants it to happen...just act normal and carry the fruits of the spirit.

    "do not worry for what you shall say or speak for in that very hour the Holy Spirit will come upon you....."

    Hope this helped :)
  • but wat if flirting is only out of fun and both sides take it that way?
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