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    “ Most Assuredly I Say to you, he who hears My Word and Believe in HIM who sent ME has everlasting life…AMEN” (Youhanna,Jn:5: 24) “ Keep me O LORD from the hands of the wicked..AMEN” (Mazameer, Ps ;140:4) “ I even I Am the LORD and besides ME there Is no SAVIOR..AMEN” (Ashia,As: 26:43 11).

    Dear Sisters and Brothers in CHRIST

    51) The DELIVERER: The DELIVERER is a NAME or a TITLE of Our LORD that is similar to a previously stated NAME “The SAVIOR” “The REDEEMER” (NAME Number 5 Part I). JESUS Delivers HIS Chosen Flock. “The DELIVERER Will Come Out of Zion, and HE Will Turn Away ungodliness….AM EN” (Romia,Ro:11:26-27) (Ashia,Is:59:20-21) . “I Will Deliver you from the hand of the wicked”(Armia,Jr:15:21), (Mazameer, Ps;18:17;140:1), (Ashia, Is:46:4) “I Will Deliver you from the Jewish people as well as from the Gentiles..AMEN”(Amaal,Ac:26:17).”Deliver me , O LORD from my enemies” “. Arise O LORD..Deliver my life from the wicked..AMEN” “That YOUR beloved may be Delivered..AMEN” “Deliver me O LORD from my enemies. AMEN” “O Sovereign LORD my strong deliverer..AMEN” “The LORD is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer..AMEN” “He is my loving God and my fortress, my stronghold and my deliverer, my shield..AMEN” ( Please refer to: 2 Samuel : 2:22; Mazameer,Ps : 17:13-14;18:2;43:1; 60:5 ,91:3-15 ; 140:1, 144:2 & 143:9 ). St (Boulos) Paul wrote “Also I was delivered out of the mouth of the lion,and the LORD Will Deliver me from every evil work…AMEN” “..And Preserve me for HIS Heavenly Kingdom…AMEN”(2Thimothaos,2Ti:4:17-18). But if anyone does not trust fully in GOD , he will start to drown as St Peter did when he saw the wind boisterous, he was afraid; and began to sink, he cried, saying: Lord, save me. Immediately JESUS Stretched out HIS Helping HAND, Caught him, and Said to him, O you of little faith, why did you doubt?” (Matta,Mt:14:30-31). This also teaches us that our LORD is always there with HIS Helping Hand Stretched out to Deliver us out of any trouble as soon as we call HIM. “Many are the afflictions of the righteous,; but out of them all The LORD Will Deliver them…AMEN” ( Mazameer,Ps : 34:19 see also (Mazameer,Ps54:6-7;:56:13;70:5&86:13, 142:6; Amthaal,Pv:11:6).-See also (Ashia,Is:38:6;59:1) –(Daniel,Dn:6:16)(Amaal.Ac:9:15&27)

    An Opposite NAME is:

    52) the REVENGER: In the Old Testament GOD Ordered the Jews not to revenge from their own people. " 'Do not seek revenge or bear a grudge against one of your people, but love your neighbor as yourself. I Am the LORD..AMEN”.(Laweien,Lev:19:17-19). JESUS Told us that the neighbour denotes any one. Our Christian Behavior prevents us from revenging for ourselves even from our enemies . Our LORD Tells us to “But I Say to you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you ….AMEN” “Repay no one evil for evil..AMEN”(Matta,Mt:5:44). The LORD Revenge for us “Vengeance Is Mine…now see that I even I AM HE** …I Kill and Make Alive, I Wound and I Heal……..And Render Vengeance to His adversaries …AMEN” (Tathneya,Dt:32:35,39&43)“Since It Is a Righteous Thing with GOD to Repay with Tribulation those who trouble you ….AMEN” (2Teskalini,2Th:1:6).”The LORD Will Fight for you and you shall hold your peace…AMEN” (Koroog,Ex:13:14).

    ** I AM HE ( Please refer to NAME stated under number 26 ( Part VI) and to Luka,Lk:24:39).

    Prayer in the NAME of JESUS: O JESUS… OUR DELIVERER ”Yet I am poor and needy; come quickly to me, O God. You are my help and my deliverer; O LORD, do not delay…AMEN” (Mazameer, Ps:40:17& 70:5). O JESUS…The POWER of GOD “But those who wait on the LORD shall renew their strength …AMEN”(AShia,Is:40:31). GBU All. By GOD’S WILL the Remaining Names (Titles) of Our LORD will follow.
  • 22- The NAMES of Our LORD JESUS CHRIST (Cont-Part XXII)“My Brethren take the Prophets who spoke in the NAME of the LORD as an example of suffering and patience…AMEN” (Yacoub,Jas:5:10).

    Dear Sisters and Brothers in CHRIST

    53) THE HOLY TRINITY: True Believers start their prayers “ In the Name of the FATHER, SON and HOLY SPIRIT ONE GOD AMEN”.The majority if not all pray to Our Only One LORD repeating HIS ALMIGHTY NAME either in public or secretly before starting or planning to start any work. The 1st chapter of the Holy Bible states a prophecy about the HOLY TRINITY“In the Beginning GOD Created {( By The WORD), the CREATOR, the MASTER MAKER) {PLz refer to NAMES 6&8 Part II, and NAME 42 Part XV}…And the SPIRIT of GOD…AMEN”(Takween,Gen:1:2).Our LORD after HIS HOLY RESURRECTION Came and Spoke to His Disciples“GO therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the NAME of the FATHER and of the SON and of the HOLY SPIRIT..AMEN”(Matta,Mt:28:19). In the feast of Epiphany(El Getaas) “JESUS Came up…..the SPIRIT OF GOD Descending Like a Dove…A Voice Came from heaven “This is My Beloved SON..AMEN”(Matta,Mt:3:16-17).”For there Are THREE that BEAR Witness in heaven:the FATHER,the WORD,and the HOLY SPIRIT..AMEN”(1Youhanna,1Jn:5:7)

    54)The PRESERVER: This NAME Is Similar to the NAME number 50 ( The Protector). Our LORD Preserve the Faithful of HIS Flock and HIS Church.“To those who are called, and sanctified by GOD the FATHER, and Preserved in JESUS CHRIST…AMEN”(Yahotha,Jd:1:1). “That YOUR EYES MAY BE OPEN toward this temple night and day…AMEN” (1Mollok,1K:7:29) “Let not your heart be troubled; you believe in GOD, believe also in ME..AMEN” “Therefore I Say to you don’t worry about your life…AMEN”( Youhanna,Jn:14:1) (Matta,Mt:6:25) The Faithful Believers must always be close to the LORD.”Draw near to GOD and HE Will Draw near you..AMEN”(Yacoub,Jas:4:8) “And the LORD Commanded us to observe all HIS Stautes, to fear the LORD Our GOD, for our good always, that HE Might Preserve us alive ..AMEN” (Tathnia,Dt:6:24) Our LORD Told us to always remember Lot’s wife “Whoever seeks to save his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life will preserve it …AMEN” (Luka,Lk17:33) “And in the day of Salvation…I Will Preserve you…AMEN…” (Ashia,Is:49:8). “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything, by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to GOD. And the PEACE of GOD, which Surpasses all understanding, will Guard your hearts and your minds though CHRIST JESUS (Philippi,Phil: 4:6-7).Our LORD Is the Preserver of the Fatherless and the widows “Leave your fatherless children, I Will Preserve them alive, and let your widows Trust in ME…AMEN”( Armia,Jr:49:11)“.And Preserve me for HIS Heavenly Kingdom…AMEN”(2Thimothaos,2Ti:4:18) .”For the LORD Our GOD Is HE Who….and Preserved us in all the way..AMEN” “The LORD Preserved David wherever he went…AMEN” “ HE Guards the paths of Justice and Preserve the way of HIS Saints..AMEN” (Yashoo,Js:24:17) (2Samuel,2S:8:6; 1 Akbaar Auyaam Awaal,1Ch:18:6&13) (Amthaal,Pv:2:8)“ So Will the LORD of hosts defend Jerusalem…, HE Will Preserve it…AMEN” “When you walk though the fire , you shall not be burned…AMEN” (Ashia,Is:31:5;43:2) “ Have I sinned?…. O PRESERVER of men…AMEN”(Ayoub,Job:7:20;10:12;29:2)( “The LORD Shall Preserve you from every evil…Preserve your soul…Preserve your going out and your coming in ….AMEN” (Mazameer, Ps:121:7-8), “HE Guards The LORD Will Keep their bones , not one of them shall be broken…AMEN” ( Mazameer,Ps : 34:20). PLZ refer to Mazammers,Ps:31:23;32:7;36:6;37:28; 61:7;67:10;116:6;121:7&8;140:1&4 and 145:20)

    Prayer in the NAME of JESUS: O JESUS..Our LORD “LORD of LORDS..AMEN” ( Roaya Youhanna, Rev:19:16), OUR PRESERVER ..Preserve Your Elect in Your Faith. O JESUS…. Our HELPER… Support the Leaders of Your Church and all who are Called in Your NAME that we all …”Stand fast in One Spirit, with One Mind Striving Together for the FAITH of the GOSPEL…AMEN” (Philippi, Phil:1:27).

    H.H.Pope Shenouda 3rd in his book (Contemplations in the LORD”S Prayer, Page 56) wrote that Our LORD Has Uncountable NAMES. By GOD’S Will some of the NAMES of Our LORD will follow (up to NAME number 82 or more ).
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    wow oh wow bentelkenesia! great great work, i know this is a little late of a response, but i just read this and i had to say that you did a wonderful job, thanks for sharing something so nice with us....keep up the good work, and i know this is late but this is a belated welcome to tasbeha.org! god bless

  • 23-The NAMES of Our LORD JESUS CHRIST (Cont-Part XXIII)
    “Blessed the NAME of GOD forever and ever for WISDOM and MIGHT ARE HIS..AMEN”( Daniel,Dan:2:20) “And those who know YOUR NAME will put their trust in YOU…AMEN” “Give unto the LORD the GLORY due to HIS NAME…AMEN (Mazameer,Ps:9:10;29:2)
    Matta,Mt:18:20) In the LORD’S Prayer we pray “OUR FATHER in Heaven, Hallowed Be Your NAME…AMEN” “For where two or three are gathered together in MY NAME, I am there in the midst of them..AMEN” (Matta, Mt:6:9-13;18:20). “Even all the Gentiles who Are Called by MY NAME Say the LORD Who Does all these things ..AMEN” (Amaal,Ac:15:17)

    55) The DEFENDER: Our LORD Fights our spiritual and physical enemies and defend all the people of HIS Flock who depend completely on HIM and who feel that they are weak without HIS indispensable Support. “the LORD Will Give Strength to HIS people ..AMEN” (Mazameer,Ps:29:2) St Paul guided by the HOLY SPIRIT wrote: “ And HE Said to me ‘ MY GRACE IS Sufficient for you, for MY STRENGTH IS Made Prefect in weakness….that the POWER of CHRIST May Rest upon me…AMEN” (2Cornothius,2Cor:12:9) “Let the weak say: I am strong .AMEN” (Yoeel,Jl:3:10)Father Armia Boulos in one of his sermons said that we must be negative in front of the LORD so that the LORD the POSDITIVE ONE WILL DEFEND us. “A FATHER of the fatherless, A DEFENDER of widows…AMEN" “If it had not been the LORD who was on our side, when men rose up again” us: Then they had swallowed us up quick, when their wrath was kindled against us…AMEN” (Mazameer,Ps:68:5; 124:2-3). Our LORD Support those who trust and wait for HIM “The Angel of the LORD went out and killed in the camp of the Assyrians one hundred and eighty five thousand.AMEN” “But those who wait on the LORD shall renew their strength; They shall mount up wings like eagles.AMEN” (Ashia,Is: 37:36; 40:31) O LORD Help us in our daily fight against evil “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of that age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places..AMEN”(Ephesis,Eph:6:12) In The LORD Prayer we pray “But Deliver us from the evil one..AMEN” (Matta,Mt:6:13). Our LORD emphasized that HE IS with us HIS CHILDREN and “ Do not fear little flock”(Luka,Lk:12:32). Again as previously said the word (little) may denote those who feel that they are weak. Sometimes the humans are not so patient. Prophet David prayed . “O GOD, how long will the adversary reproach.AMEN “(Mazameer, Ps:74:10). In the book of (El Roaya, Rev:6:10), the Saints cried out with a loud voice “How long, O LORD Holy and True , Until YOUR JUDGE and Avenge ourblood on those who dwell on the earth..AMEN”. Prophet Ayoub guided by the Holy Spirit assured that “The triumphing of the wicked is short. AMEN” (Ayoub, Job:20:5) Our LORD never leaves us for long to the wickedness of our enemies “ For the scepter of wickedness shall not rst On the land akkotted to the righteous..AMEN” (Mazameer, Ps:125:3). “ ..But the wicked shall be silent in darkness..AMEN” (1Samuel,1Sam:2:9). “For in YAH, the LORD Is everlasting STRENGTH..AMEN”(Ashia,Is:26:4) “..No man shall be able to stand against you…AMEN” (Tanthnia, Dt: 11:25) “For I Will Defend this city to Save it…AMEN” (Ashia,Is:37:35) “To Grant us that we, Being Delivered from the hand of our enemies, Might serve HIM without fear.AMEN”“But not a hair of your head shall be lost.AMEN” (Luka,Lk:1:74; 21:18). “that HE Would Grant you, according to the Riches of HIS GLORY, to be Strengthened with Might though HIS Spirit in the inner man.AMEN” “Finally my children be strong in the LORD and in the Power of HIS MIGHT.AMEN” “and take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the WORD of GOD.AMEN”(Epheses,Eph:3:16;6:10&17) “For GOD has not given us the a spirit of fear, but of POWER and of LOVE.AMEN” (2Timothawes,2Ti:1:7) “Since it is righteous thing with GOD to repay with tribulation those who trouble you.AMEN” (2Toskalini,2Th:1:4-6) “I can do all things in CHRIST who Strengthens me.AMEN” (philippi,Phil:4:13). The LORD DO NOT Defend those who do not obey HIM “..Because you have turned away from the LORD, the LORD Will not Be with you…AMEN”(Adaad,Nu:14;43)
    O JESUS …Our DEFENDER, Our REVENGER… “ I Tell you HE Will Avenge them speedily ..AMEN” (Luka,Lk:8:18) . O LORD…Our DELIVERER “ JESUS Who Delivers us from the wrath to come..AMEN”(1 Tesskaloni, 1 Thess:1:10)..Deliver us all from the evil one AMEN.

    24- The NAMES of Our LORD JESUS CHRIST (Cont-Part XXIV)
    “That the NAME of Our LORD JESUS CHRIST May Be GLORIFIED in you, and you in HIM.AMEN”(2Teskaloni, 2Tess:1:12). “My NAME Shall Be GREAT AMONG the Gentiles. In every place incense shall be offered in MY NAME.AMEN”(Malachi,Mi:1:11).
    “”For I am ready not only to be bound, but also to die at Jerusalem for the NAME of the LORD JESUS.AMEN”(Amaal,Ac:21:13).

    56) The PROPHET: JESUS Spoke about HIMSELF as Being The PROPHET “ Then Assuredly I SAY to you no Prophet is accepted in His Own Country. AMEN” “…for it cannot be that a Prophet Should Perish outside Jerusalem.AMEN”( Luka, Lk:4:24; 13:33) . Also in a Prophecy about HIS HOLY INCARNATION it was stated “The LORD Your GOD Will Raise up for you a PROPHET LIKE ME from your midst from your Brethren… AMEN” (Tathnia, Dt:18:15-19), (Amaal,Ac:7:37) Please note the word : (the) {“THE” PROPHET not just a Prophet and what the LORD Said: “LIKE ME”}. When the Jews asked (Youhanna El Memdaan) JOHN the Baptist “Who are you..Are you THE PROPHET ?”…He replied. “NO I Am not THE PROPHET.AMEN” (Jouhanna,Jn:1:19-25) . The Jews clearly understood the above stated prophecy (Tathnia, Dt:18:15-19) that it denotes the First Coming of Our LORD JESUS. This prophecy was also repeated by St (Stephanos) Stephan, the First Martyr in the NAME of the CHRIST (Amaal,Ac:7:37). “ Though it may appear that JESUS during HIS HOLY INCARNAION Took the job of a Prophet , or a Messenger. (Please refer to Name number 45 Part XVI); Our Christian Faith Is Built on Our Belief that JESUS CHRIST IS Our GOD, Our LORD, the SON of GOD, the LOGOS, the WORD, and Is not just an ordinary Prophet or an ordinary Messenger (Please refer to the NAMES number 1,2 & 6 Parts I and II).). Please see also all the verses about the Prophecy stated above (Tathnia, Dt:18:15-19) “HIM you shall hear… and whoever will not hear MY Words, Which HE Speaks in MY NAME…AMEN” (Tathnia, Dt:18:15-19), “This Is My BELOVED SON, in Whom I AM Well PLEASED. HEAR HIM.AMEN”. “No one has ascended to Heaven, but HE WHO CAME down from Heaven, That IS the SON of MAN WHO IS in Heaven.AMEN” “No one can come to me unless the FATHER WHO SENT ME Draws him; and I WILL Raise him up at the last day.AMEN” “I Have not Come from Myself, but HE SENT ME IS TRUE   …for I AM from HIM, and HE SENT ME.AMEN” “..and the WORD which you hear IS not MINE, but the FATHER WHO SENT ME.AMEN”(Matta,Mt:17:5, Youhanna,Jn:1:18; 3:13; 6:44; 8:28 . The prophecy mentioned above (Tathnia, Dt:18:15-19) was fulfilled during the HOLY INCARNATION of Our LORD, and the LORD’S Voice was heard by HIS Disciples “and suddenly a Voice Came out of the cloud, Saying, “This Is MY BELOVED SON, In WHOM I AM Well Pleased. HEAR HIM..AMEN” (Youhanna,Jn:3:13), Please see also “ GOD, WHO in various times and in various ways spoke in time past to the fathers by the prophets, HAS in these last days Spoken to us by HIS SON.AMEN” (Abraanien, He:1:1)
    Prayer in the NAME of JESUS: O JESUS…Our GOD..O..JESUS Our LORD..(The PROPHET…The MESSENGER) “ …As YOU HAVE GIVEN HIM Authority over all flesh that HE SHOULD GIVE Eternal Life to as many as YOU HAVE GIVEN HIM.AMEN” “And this is Eternal life, that they may know YOU, the only TRUE GOD, and JESUS CHRIST WHOM YOU HAVE SENT.AMEN” “Holy FATHER Keep through YOUR NAME those whom YOU HAVE GIVEN ME.AMEN” (Youhanna,Jn:17:2,3& 11).
  • 25B-The NAMES of Our LORD JESUS CHRIST (Part XXV-B- Second Section -Continuation of part XXVA)

    "In WHOM we have redemption though HIS BLOOD, the Forgiveness of sins.AMEN"(

    Colossi,Col:1:14) "For this is good and acceptable in the sight of GOD Our SAVIOR Who Desires all men to be Saved.AMEN( 1Thimothous,1Ti:2:4). "For Your NAME’S SAKE, O LORD Pardon my iniquity, for it is great.AMEN" (Mazameer, Ps: 25:11).

    57) continued THE FORGIVER of SINS- 2st Section

    In HIS Second Coming Our LORD JESUS CHRIST Is the JUDGE.(Please refer to the NAME number 36 Part XII) "For the FATHER Judges no one, but Has Committed all Judgement to the SON…AMEN" (Youhanna, Jn:5:22). "Do not Remember the sins of my youth nor my transgressions… AMEN". "Blessed is he whose transgression Is Forgiven.AMEN" "Blot out my transgressions.AMEN"."You have Forgiven the iniquity of Your People.AMEN" "Nor Punished us according to our iniquities.AMEN" (Mazameer, Ps: 25:7; 32:1; 51:1; 85:2; 103:10;) " HE Who Was Ordained by GOD to Be JUDGE…through HIS NAME, Who ever believes in HIM Will Receive Remission of sins…AMEN" (Amaal,Ac:10:42) In the (Mazameer) Psalms it is written that if GOD counts our sins no one can be saved. "Revive me O LORD for Your NAME"S SAKE.AMEN" "(Mazameer,Ps:143:11) .

    In the parable of he lost son Our LORD teach us that as soon as we repent and confess of our sins HE Accepts us on the spot, and Allow all of us to share HIS HOLY BODY(The Holy Eucharist). The lost son (us) first had (have) the intention to confess of his sins and fulfilled that by confessing to his father "….and go to my(Our) Father and will say to HIM "FATHER, I have sinned against heaven and before YOU…His (Our) FATHER saw (see) him (us) and Ran and Fell on his neck …bring the fatted calf and kill it ( May denote the Holy Shed Blood of Our LORD, the Lamb of GOD ),… Let us eat and Be merry (May denote an Invitation to all to share the Blessing of the Holy Eucharist) …AMEN" (Luka, Lk:15:18-24 ). It should be noted that any sin anyone does is a sin Towards the LORD, even if it was directed towards other human beings. Every sin is like adding an extra nail or extra thorn to the crown of thorns of the Crucified JESUS. When Prophet did adultery , he prayed in the repentance Psalm (Mazameer,Ps:51: ) "To YOU …." As stated above in the first section to be Forgiven we have to repent(Matta,Mt:3:8&Luka:13:3). ,Confess (1Youhanna,Jn:1:9) and share together the HOLY EUCHARIST. If any one believes that he is just , he Will not Be Forgiven.J In the parable of the Pharisee and the tax collector, JESUS Taught us to do as the tax collector and pray " GOD be merciful to me a sinner.AMEN" (Luka, Lk: 18:9-14).

    Prayer in the NAME of JESUS: Let us all pray crying with Demias the right hand crucified

    thief "O JESUS Our GOD Our LORD…The FORGIVER of sins, we confess our sins with him , Beliving and declaring Your Divinity and crying with him " O LORD Remember us when YOU COME into YOUR KINGDOM.AMEN" (Youhanna,Jn:23:42& the conclusion of the 9th hour Agpya prayers).


    26- The NAMES (TITLES) of Our LORD JESUS CHRIST (Cont-Part XXVI)

    "With my whole heart I have sought YOU; Oh, Let me not wander from YOUR Commandments.AMEN" "YOU, LORD are GOOD … and Abundant in MERCY to all those who call upon YOU.AMEN" (Mazameer,Ps: 119:10& 86:5). {Please note that the plural, ARE, not Is; is one of the many prophecies referring to the HOLY TRINITY as Jews did not use plural for the Greatness. }"..as received HIM,To them HE GAVE the Right to become Children of GOD.AMEN"(Youhanna,Jn:1:12). "Now all things are of GOD Who Reconciled us to HIMSELF Though JESUS CHRIST.AMEN" (2Cornothius,2Co:5:18)

    Dear Sisters and Brothers in CHRIST

    58)-The MERCIFUL : " For the LORD YOUR GOD Is a MERCIFUL GOD.AMEN" (Tathneya,Dt:4:30). In introduction of every hour’s prayers (The Agpya) we pray the Mazmour,Ps. 51 that we call the Repentance Mazmour,Ps.repeating with Prophet David asking for Our LORD Mercy.(1st verse) " Have Mercy Upon me ( us), O LORD According to YOUR Great Tender Mercy.AMEN. "The LORD, LORD GOD MERCIFUL…Keeping Mercy for thousands.AMEN" (Koroog,Ex 34 : 6-7) . Our LORD Want us to be Merciful. "Therefore be merciful as YOUR FATHER Is Also MECIFUL.AMEN" (Luka,Lk:6:36). "And be kind to one another, tender hearted.AMEN" (Ephesis,Eph:4:32) "For I Desire mercy not sacrifices.AMEN"( Hoosheh,Ho:6:6), We get GOD’S Mercy though the Holy Eucahrist. St John the golden mouth wrote ‘ By drinking the Precious Blood of the LORD we can get GOD,S Mercy as long as we are on the earth provided that this is accompanied by our true repent and confession’. "YOU Are The LORD The Mighty Forgiver, Patient, Full of Mercy and Just …AMEN"( Prayer of King Mansi- Readings of the Luminous Saturday of the Holy Week ). "And HIS Mercy Is on those Who Fear HIM…AMEN" (Luka,Lk:1:50). "Though the LORD"S Mercy we are not consumed.AMEN"( Marathi Armia,Lam:3:22-23). Prophet David spent all the remainder of his earthly life after falling in sin asking for GOD’S Mercy ( Please refer to verses numbers ;for example not for mentioning al the verses; Mazameer,Ps: 18:25; 31:21; 32:1; 38:1; 41:10; 48:9; 51:1; 53:3; 57:10; 59:10; 69:9; 103:8&10; 106:1; 107:1-2; ; 109:21; 111:1; 115:5; 118:1; 119:56; 130:3-4; 16:1;138 & 145:8) The MERCY and LOVE of Our LORD JESUS CHRIST Is Clear in HIS HOLY INCARNATION , PASSION and SUFFERING for Our Salvation. "TRUTH& MERCY Has Met together.AMEN" (Mazameer,Ps:85:10). IN HIS HOLY BODY HE Cancelled our Sins and Granted HIS true believers HIS Tender Mercy " Greater love has no one than this, than to Lay down ONE"S LIFE for HIS friends.AMEN" (Youhanna,Jn:15:13), "But GOD, Who Is Rich in Mercy, because of His Great Love with Which HE Loved us.AMEN" (Ephesis,Eph:2:4).. "Though the Tender Mercy of Our GOD With which the DAYSPRING from on High Has Visited us to Give LIGHT AMEN" "For GOD Has Committed all to disobedience that HE Might Have Mercy on all.AMEN" "But when we are Judged, we are Chastened by the LORD, that we may not be Condemned with the world.AMEN " "Keep yourself in the Love of GOD, looking for the Mercy of Our LORD JESUS CHRIST into Eternal LIFE .AMEN" "(Luka,Lk:1:78), (Romia,Ro:11:32), (1Cornothius,1Co:11:32)and (Yahotha,Jd:1:21) It should be noted that when Our LORD JESUS CHRIST Declared HIS Mercy on the sinful woman, HE DID so on HIS OWN without asking any thing from GOD. This is quite different from the cases of the Prophets and our Church fathers. Prophet Nathan told Prophet David that GOD Granted him life and had Mercy on him after he sinned (2Samuel,2S:12:13). In Confession when the confessor asks for Forgiveness and Mercy of Our LORD, the father of the Church(Abouna ) replies: ‘O GOD Forgive and Have Mercy on the confessor’.

    Prayer in the Name of JESUS:O JESUS Our MERCIFUL LORD …According to YOUR MERCY Have Mercy on us ( Conclusion of the Agpya Prayers) " Praise the LORD All you people for HIS MERCY Is Confirmed Upon us AMEN" ( The Holy Liturgy). O JESUS…Son of David have Mercy on me (us) AMEN"(Marcos,Mk:10:47& Luka,Lk:18:38)- (Mazameer,Ps : 33:22; 89:1)..
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