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  • [glow=red,2,300]In the Name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. The True God. Amen.[/glow]

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  • IMPRESSIVE!!! I love the way we say "Christ the Pantocrator"! it's just so...(i don't know the word for it!)

  • In the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, One God Amen

    Dear Sisters and Brothers in CHRIST

    The Names of OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST (Part V)

    "JESUS CHRIST Is the Same yesterday, today and tomorrow …AMEN"(Ebranien, He:13:6)" "…and that MY NAME May Be Declared in all the earth..AMEN"(Romia,Ro:9:17; Koroog,Ex:9:16) "Let them praise the NAME of the LORD, for HIS NAME ALONE Is Exalted…AMEN" ( Mazameer,Ps:148:13).

    Dear Sisters and Brothers in CHRIST

    B) The Names of OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST(continued):

    21) IMAGE OF GOD:" During our passing lives on earth our material eyes can not see the MAJESTY the DIVINE GOD.." I am a stranger in the earth…AMEN"( Mazameer,Ps :119:19) "JESUS Is the Express Image of HIS PERSON….AMEN" (Ebranien, He:1:3). JESUS Told HIS Disciples" He who have seen ME has seen the FATHER…Do you not believe that I AM in the FATHER, and the FATHER in ME …AMEN" (Youhanna,Jn:14:9-10)."….WHO IS the IMAGE of GOD…AMEN"(2Cornoshius,2Co:4:4).

    22) The TRUE LIGHT: JESUS SAID " I AM the LIGHT of the world …AMEN’JESUS also Said "…A little while longer the LIGHT Is with you….believe in the LIGHT that you may become sons of the LIGHT …AMEN" JESUS Is "That was the TRUE LIGHT WHICH GIVES light to every man…I HAVE COME as a LIGHT into the world that who ever believes in ME should not abide in darkness…AMEN" (Youhanna,Jn:8:12; 12:35-36 & 46& and 1:9) ‘…you. " (Mt5: ). In the Orthodox Creed we declare our faith in ONE LORD JESUS CHRIST "LIGHT from LIGHT AMEN". "A LIGHT to Bring Revelation to the gentiles…AMEN" (Luka,Lk:2:32)."That you may proclaim the praises of HIM Who Called you out of darkness into HIS MARVELOUS LIGHT …AMEN"(1Boutros, 1P:2:9) "The LORD Is my LIGHT and my SALVATION…AMEN" "( Mazameer,Ps :27:1). "As a LIGHT to the Gentiles…AMEN"( Ashia,Is:42:6) "And HE Has Given us LIGHT …AMEN"( Mazameer,Ps :118:27)"The people who sat in darkness have seena great LIGHT…AMEN"( Ashia,Is:9:2)."In YOUR LIGHT we sea light …AMEN" "( Mazameer,Ps :36:9). The word{ Light } also denotes the Light of the live words of the Holy Gospel "Your Word is a Lamp to my feet And a Light to my path….AMEN…(Mazameer,Ps:119:105)

    .23 ) The BRIDEGROOM: JESUS Always Offer HIS Love and Care. HE Sacrificed HIMSELF for HIS Bride, the CHURCH of CHRIST. (Just a brotherly reminder to our dear Brothers in CHRIST who are Husbands. OK Dear Brothers!) (Ephesis,Eph:5:23) . "And at midnight a cry was heard: Behold the Bridegroom is Coming… AMEN " In this parable of the Wise and Foolish Virgins we may note that all the 10 were Virgins. That is to say they were all pure. But some were quite ready for the coming of the BRIDEGROOM and had every thing ready. Their lamps (The virtues) were full. We must learn from that parable to be always ready for the second coming of our LORD "Watch therefore, for you know neither the day nor the hour in which the SON of MAN Is Coming …AMEN" " And those who were ready went in with HIM to the wedding …AMEN"(Matta,Mt:25:1-13)

    24)The TRUE PHYSICIAN: JESUS Is the TRUE PHYSICIAN for our spiritual and bodily diseases. "…and by HIS Stripes we are healed…AMEN"(Ashia,Is:53:5 ). St Augustine said "Without YOUR HEALING RIGHT HAND, YOU The TRUE PHYSICIAN I would have died from my wounds" ( Healed from our sins) "LORD Be merciful to me; Heal my soul" (Mazameer,Ps:41:4)."Those who are well have no need of PHYSICIAN, but those who are sick…AMEN""They brought to HIM al the sick people…and those who were demon- possessd…and HE HEALED THEM….AMEN’(Matta,Mt:9:12; 4:24) 14:36). JESUS NAME healed the lame man "In the NAME OF JESUS CHRIST of Nazareth, rise up and walk"(amaal,Ac:3:6). O LORD HEAL all of us from our iniquities and our spiritual and bodily diseases. O GOD who said " Let there be Light"(Takween,Gn:1:3) Say it again to enlighten our souls AMEN
  • In the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, One God Amen

    The Names of OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST (Part VI)

    Blessed Is HE WHO Came in the NAME of the LORD…AMEN’(Mazameer,Ps:118 :26) MATTA,Mt:21:9)"And HOLY Is HIS NAME…AMEN’ (Luka,Lk:1:49)"I will declare YOUR NAME to MY BRETHEN…AMEN" "From the rising of the sun to its going down the LORD’S NAME Is to Be praised.. AMEN" (Mazameer,Ps: 22:22 & 113:3).".As he preached the things concerning the Kingdom of GOD and the NAME of JESUS CHRIST…AMEN."(Amaal. Ac:8:12)

    Dear Sisters and Brothers in CHRIST

    B) The Names of OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST (continued):

    25)The ANOITED ONE, The MESSIAH:"We have found the MESSIAH, which is translated the CHRIST …AMEN"(Youhanna,Jn:1:41) IN THE Mazameer,Psalms it is written " The kings of the earth counsel together against the LORD and HIS ANOINTED…AMEN"( Mazameer,Ps; 2:2) "I know that MESSIAH Is Coming WHO Is Called CHRIST ..AMEN" (Youhanna,Jn:4:25)."YOUR Throne O GOD, Is forever and ever……Therefore GOD,Your GOD Has Anointed YOU…AMEN’ (Mazameer,Ps 45:6-7).

    26) HE(I AM HE): In Roaya, the LORD Said to St John "I AM the FIRST and the LAST… I AM HE WHO LIVES …AMEN"(Rouya,Rv:1:17-18). "I AM WHO I AM (koroog,Ex:3:13-14)"then they shall know that I AM the LORD …AMEN"(Hazkial,Ez:36:38)."I AM the LORD Your GOD …AMEN"( Yoel,Jl:2:27) "Before Abraham was I AM.. AMEN’(Matta,Mt:14:27) (Marcos.Mk:14:62)( (Youhanna,Jn:8:58,;10:11&14:6). When the LORD Just Pronounced HIS HOLY NAME HIS DIVINE POWERR Caused those who came to arrest HIM to fall back on the ground"Now when HE SAID to them:I AM HE , they drew back and fell to the ground…AMEN"(Youhana,Jn:18:6).

    27)The GOOD SHEPHERD: JESUS Is our GOOD SHEPHERD. HE Cares for HIS Flock every non measurable part of a second "As a sheep that have no shepherd AMEN"; "All we like sheep have gone astray"(Akbar Ayam Thani , 2Ch:18:16)&(Ashia,Is:53:6)."…Surely they may forget, Yet I Will not Forget you…AMEN" (Ashia,Is:49:15) O LORD Strengthen our Faith so that we do not fear from any human or fear anything in this material world . We are HIS FOLK " Do not fear little flock, for it is Your FATHER’S Good Pleasure to Give you the KINGDOM …AMEN’(Luka,Lk:12:32) ; "But the very hairs of your head are all numbered, Do not fear therefore…AMEN"(Luka,Lk:12:7)"….From there is ….the SHEPHERD, …AMEN"( Takween,Gn:49:24) "That the GREAT SHEPHERD of the sheep, through the BLOOD of the Everlasting Covenant MAKE you complete…AMEN" (Ebranien, He:13:20-21). ‘ I AM the GOOD SHEPHERD….and HE calls his own sheep by name…and the sheep hear HIS Voice …AMEN (Youhanna,Jn:10:1-11) In the parable of one lost sheep JESUS taught us that HE REJOICES to Bring the lost back"..…and one of them gone astray …..seek the one that is straying…he Rejoices… AMEN"(Matta,Mt:18:12-13).Of those who YOU GAVE ME I HAVE LOST none …AMEN" (Youhana,Jn:18:9).

    28)The GOOD TEACHER:" Now be hold, one came and said to HIM: GOOD TEACHER …AMEN"(Matta,Mt:19:16; Luka,Lk:18:18) "They said to HIM : RABBI ,which is to say when translated, TEACHER…AMEN" (Youhanna,Jn:1:38)- (Matta,Mt:19:16 ) (Matta,Mt:22:36), (Ps:22:8)(Luka,Lk:20:21) (Youhanna,Jn:3:1) " YOU Taught me the ways of life" (Mazameer,Ps :16:),"…and learn from ME..AMEN"() "TEACHER which is the great commandment of law?"( Matta,Mt:22:36) " O LORD Teach me YOUR paths..AMEN"( Mazameer,Ps 25:4). The scripture teaches that not many of us become teachers"My brethren, let not many of you become teachers…AMEN"(Yacoub,Jas:3:1). O LORD Open our ears so that we can listen to YOUR Words spoken to us AMEN.

    O GOD all of us who "Baptized in the NAME of the FATHER, THE SON and the LOLY SPIRIRT". Matta,Mt:22:2-14 ) cry to YOU " O LORD every day I will bless YOU and I will praise YOUR NAME forever, yes forever and ever AMEN; O My GOD Support us all to please YOUR HOLY WORSHIPED NAME AMEN. (From the Prayers of the prime(Baker) and six hour) O LORD Be always with all of us " and lo, I AM with you always… AMEN"
  • In the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, One God Amen

    The Names of OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST (Part VII)

    "LORD, even the demons are subject to us in YOUR NAME…AMEN"(Luka,Lk:10:17); "I will left up my hands in YOUR NAME… AMEN""Sing to GOD, sing praises to HIS NAME …AMEN"(Mazameer,Ps :63 :4 ; 68:4).

    Dear Sisters and Brothers in CHRIST

    B) The Names of OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST (continued):

    29)The POWER OF GOD: "OUR LORD IS OMNIPOTENT. "WHO Is the HEAD of all principality and power.AMEN"(Colosy,Col:2:10)"The LORD SAID to my LORD: …I MAKE YOUR enemies YOUR Footstool…AMEN""Grid YOUR Sword…O MIGHTY ONE.AMEN""The LORD STRONG and MIGHTY .AMEN "( Mazameer,Ps :110:1; 45:3; 24:8) JESUS CHRIST HAD DEMONSTRATED to all HIS DIVINE POWER ,during HIS HOLY INCARNATION, on:

    1.On the Devils(Demons). The demons cant go and attack even animals without our LORD permission. "So the demons begged HIM: If YOU Cast us out, Permit us to go away into the herd of swine…AMEN" (Matta,, Mt :8:31)

    2.On nature: HE calmed the sea and the wind"…and Rebuked the winds and the sea ad there was a great calm…AMEN" . If our belief in our LORD POWER is hazy we shall drown as St Peter did" ..When he saw that the wind is boisterous, he was afraid and beginning to sink" He cried out to the LORD WHO immediately Caught him Saying :O you of little faith , Why did you doubt? ..AMEN’(Matta,, Mt :14:30-31)

    3.On all kinds of spiritual and bodily diseases " and Healing all kinds of sickness and all kinds of disease among people…AMEN’(Matta,, Mt :4:23)".that were sick with various diseases brought them to HIM ; and HE LAID HIS HANDS on every one of them and HEALED THEM …AMEN"(Luka,Lk:4:40). "So the multitude marveled when they saw the mute speaking, the maimed made whole, the lame walking , and the blind seeing…AMEN"(Matta,Mt:15:31). Again It should be noted that we must have strong Faith in the POWER of our LORD JESUS as many of the man with leprosy and the bleeding woman did "LORD If YOU ARE WILLING , YOU CAN MAKE me clean…AMEN"(Matta,, Mt :8:2)."For she said:If only I may touch HIS Clothes I shall be made well.Immediately the fountain of her blood dried out..AMEN"(Marcos,Mk:5:28-29) O LORD Strengthen our Faith so that we may not be counted with the weak believers "Because of your unbelief; for Assuredly, I Say to you, if you have faith as a mustard seed , you will say to this mountain move from here to there, and it will move…AMEN" (Matta,, Mt :17:20). As you all know the POWER OF GOD moved El Mokateem mountain at the time of Pope Abraam Ebn Zaraa by the Intercessions of Our LADY and the prayers of St Simon as that is what JESUS SAID" The heaven and earth will pass away, but MY WORDS WILL BY NO MEANS PASS AWAY ..AMEN’ "(Matta,, Mt :24:35).

    4.On death :HE ROSE the dead (a) HE restored life to a girl who just died and was still at her home( Marcos,Mk:5:35)(b)He Rose the son of the widow of Nain during the funeral on the way to be buried(Luka,Lk:7:14-15) (c) HE Rose Lazarus after 4 days of his death (Youhana,Jn:11:39-41).

    (d) Death was conquered forever by HIS HOLY RESURRECTION. "I AM the RESURRECTION and LIFE,he who believes in ME,though he may die,he shall live, who ever lives and believes in ME shall never die. Do you believe that..AMEN(Youhna,Jn11:25)

    O LORD count us between "who are kept by the POWER of GOD though faith for salvation ready to be revealed in the last time.AMEN"(1Boutros,1P:1:5),

    "Save me, O GOD by YOUR NAME And vindicate me by YOUR STRENGTH …AMEN"(Mazameer,P:54:1)" "..Graet and Marvelous are YOUR Works LORD GOD ALMIGHTY AMEN"(Rouya,Rev:15:3)

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  • In the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, One God Amen

    "For obedience to the Faith among all nations for HIS NAME. Among whom you also are the called of JESUS CHRIST .. AMEN"(Romia,Ro:1:3) "Most assuredly I SAY to you whatever you ask the FATHER in MY NAME HE WILL GIVE you ..AMEN"(Youhana,Jn:16:23)"Repent and Let every one be Baptized in the NAME of JESUS CHRIST for the remission of sins..AMEN"(Amaal,Ac:2:38)

    Dear Sisters and Brothers in CHRIST

    B) The Names of OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST (continued)(Part VIII):

    30) The LAMB of GOD; "Worthy Is the LAMB WHO Was Slain.." "Salvation belong to Our GOD Who Sits on the Throne , and to the LAMB" "..and the song of the LAMB SAYING..(Roaya, Rev:5:10; 7:10 &15:3) "CHRIST Died for our sins according to Scriptures..AMEN" (1Cornoshius,1Cor:15:3)."HE was led as a SHEEP to the slaughter; And as a LAMB before its sheerer is silent.." AMEN (Ashia,Is:53:7,55:); (Amaal,Ac:8:32). HIS LIFE A RANSOM FOR MANY AMEN" (Marcos,Mk10:45). But with the Precious Blood of CHRIST , as a LAMB without blemish and without spot.. AMEN""WHO Committed no sin. .WHO HIMSELF Bore our sins in HIS OWN BODY …AMEN "(1 Boutros,1P:1:19 & 2:22-24). "Behold !. The LAMB of GOD WHO Takes away the sins of the world. AMEN (Youhanna,Jn:1:29)"For HE DID once for all when HE OFFERED HIMSELF..AMEN (Ebranien,He:7:27).

    "…HE Shall Redeem you from death ..AMEN" (Ayoub,Job:5:20) "And HE Shall Redeem Israel from all his inequities AMEN" (Mazameer,Ps:130:8). Israel (Jacob) is a symbol for all GOD’S Chosen people. "Fear not for I HAVE REDEEMED you …you are MINE ..AMEN"(Ashia,Is:55:1)..

    31)The GLORY OF GOD: "WHO Being the Brightness of HIS GLORY ….AMEN" "You Have Crowned HIM with Glory and Honor AMEN" " Through JESUS CHRIST to WHOM BE GLORY forever and ever..AMEN"(Ebranien, He:1:3; 2:7& 9 and 13:21)" And the WORD Became flesh and dwelt among us and we beheld HIS GLORY, the GLORY as the ONLY BEGOTTEN of the FATHER..AMEN" (Youhanna,Jn:1:14) "This is the ONE WHO Is Glorious in HIS Apparel.. AMEN"(Ashia,Is:63:1)" To HIM BE the GLORY and DOMINION forever and ever ..AMEN’(1Boutros,1P:5:11) . "..for had they known ,they would not have crucified the LORD of GLORY…AMEN"(1Cornothius,1Co:2:8) " I AM the LORD that Is MY NAME and MY GLORY I WILL NOT GIVE to another ..AMEN""And nations who do not know YOU shall run to YOU …for HE Has Glorified YOU ..AMEN" "And the GLORY of the LORD Is Risen upon YOU …AMEN ( Ashia,Is:42:8; 55:5 and 60:1)" "For of HIM and to HIM are all things to WHOM be GLORY forever.. AMEN"(Romia,Ro:11:36)"How excellent Is YOUR NAME in all the earth WHO HAVE SET YOUR GLORY above the heavens..AMEN" "The heavens declare the GLORY of GOD..AMEN’"And be Lifted up you everlasting doors! And the KING of GLORY Shall Come in" "Give to the LORD the GLORY due HIS NAME…AMEN" "HIS GLORY above the heavens….AMEN (Mazameer,Ps : 8:1; 19:1; 24:7 ; 96:8 and 113:4),)

    "The GLORY of the Daughter of the KING is all from INSIDE "(Mazameer.Ps:45:13). This verse (Coptic translation) may refer to Our LADY and the GLORY of the HOLY BABE.

    If we obey Our LORD Commandments we will shar HIS GLORY "And the GLORY of YOUR People Israel AMEN"(Luka,Lk:2:32)"And by WHOM Are ALL things, in bringing many sons to glory to make the Captain of their Salvation AMEN"( Ebranien, He:2:10) " But may the LORD of all GARCE WHO CALLED us to HIS ETERNAL GLORY by JESUS CHRIST..AMEN’ (1Boutros,1P:5:10). The LORD must always be GLORFIED.

    When Herod did not give GLORY to the LORD; "The LORD Stuck him….And he was eaten by worms and died ..AMEN"(Amaal,Ac:12:23).

    O LORD JESUS " CHRIST the POWER of GOD and the WISDOM of GOD" (1Coronshius,Co:1:24) "Teach us to pray (Luka,Lk:11:11). So that we will be "Looking for the Blessed hope and the GLORIUS APPEARANCE of Our Great GOD and SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST..AMEN’(Titus:2:13) Guide us to YOUR WAY because we love YOU and we are so eager to feel the full joy of being near YOU AMEN. "Until now you have asked nothing in MY NAME , ask and you will receive, that your joy may be full.. AMEN" (Youhanna,Jn:16:24).
  • I found this alphabetical list of Christ's names on the net, thought it was pretty cool:

    Advocate (1 John 2:1)
    Almighty (Rev 1:8)
    Alpha and Omega (Rev 1:8)
    Amen (Rev 3:14)
    Angel (Gen 48:16, 23:20, 23:21)
    Angel of His Presence (Isa 63:9)
    Anointed (Ps 2:2)
    Apostle (Heb 3:1)
    Arm of the Lord (Is 51:9, Is 51:10)
    Author and Finisher of Our Faith (Heb 12:2)
    Beginning and End (Rev 23:13)
    Beginning of the Creation of God (Rev 3:14)
    Beloved (Eph 1:6)
    Bishop (1 Pt 2:25)
    Blessed and Only Sovereign (1 Tim 6:15)
    Branch (Jer 23:5, Zec 3:8)
    Bread of Life (John 6:48)
    Bridegroom (Mat 9:15)
    Bright And Morning Star (Rev 22:16)
    Brightness of the Father’s Glory (Heb 1:3)
    Captain of the Lord’s Host (John 5:14)
    Captain of Salvation (Heb 2:10)
    Carpenter (Mark 6:3)
    Carpenter’s Son (Mt 13:55)
    Chief Shepherd (1 Pt 5:4)
    Chief Cornerstone (1 Pt 2:6)
    Chiefest Among Ten Thousand (Song 5:10)
    Child (Isa 9:6, Luke 2:27, Luke 2:43)
    Chosen of God (1 Pt 2:4)
    Christ (Mt 1:16, Luke 9:20)
    Christ, The (Mat 16:20, Mark 14:61)
    Christ, A King (Luke 23:2)
    Christ in you, the Hope of Glory (Col 1:27)
    Christ, Jesus (Acts 19:4, Rom 3:24, 8:1, 1 Cor 1:2, 1:30, Heb 3:1, 1 Pt 5:10, 5:14)
    Christ Jesus Our Lord (Rom 8:39, 1 Tim 1:12)
    Christ of God (Luke 9:20)
    Christ of the Lord (Luke 2:26)
    Christ, the Chosen of God (Luke 23:35)
    Christ the Lord (Luke 2:11)
    Christ, the Son of God (Act 9:20)
    Commander (Is 55:4)
    Consolation of Israel (Luke 2:25)
    Cornerstone (Eph 2:20)
    Counselor (Is 9:6)
    Covenant of the People (Is 42:6)
    David (Jer 30:9)
    Daysman (Job 9:33)
    Dayspring (Luke 1:78)
    Daystar (2 Pt 1:19)
    Deliverer (Rom 11:26)
    Desire of All Nations (Hag 2:7)
    Door (John 10:7)
    Elect (Is 42:1)
    Emmanuel (Is 7:14)
    Ensign (Is 11:10)
    Eternal Life (1 John 5:20)
    Everlasting Light (Is 60:20)
    Faithful and True (Rev 19:11)
    Faithful Witness (Rev 1:5)
    Faithful and True Witness (Rev 3:14)
    Father of the World to Come (Is 9:6)
    Finisher Of Faith (Heb 12:2)
    First And Last (Rev 1:17, 2:8, 22:13)
    Firstbegotten (Heb 1:6)
    Firstbegotten of the Dead (Rev 1:5)
    Firstborn (Ps 89:27)
    Firstborn from the Dead (Col 1:18)
    Firstborn of Every Creature (Col 1:15)
    Foundation (Is 28:16)
    Fountain (Zec 13:1)
    Forerunner (Heb 6:20)
    Friend of Sinners (Mt 11:19)
    Gift of God (John 4:10)
    Glory of Israel (Luke 2:23)
    God (John 1:1)
    God Blessed Forever (Rom 9:5)
    God Manifest in the Flesh (1 Tim 3:16)
    God of Israel, the Savior (Is 45:15)
    God of the Whole Earth (Is 54:5)
    God Our Savior (1 Tim 2:3)
    God’s Dear Son (Col 1:13)
    God With Us (Mt 1:23)
    Good Master (Mt 19:16)
    Good Shepherd (John 10:11)
    Governor (Mt 2:16)
    Great Shepherd of the Sheep (Heb 13:20)
    Head of Every Man (1 Cor 11:3)
    Head of the Church (Eph 5:23)
    Head of the Corner (Mt 21:42)
    Heir of All Things (Heb 1:2)
    High Priest (Heb 4:14)
    High Priest of our Confession (Heb 3:1)
    His Son (Gal 4:6) Holy Child Jesus (Acts 4:30)
    Holy One (Ps 16:10, Acts 3:14)
    Holy One of God (Mark 1:24)
    Holy One of Israel (Isa 41:14, Isa 54:5)
    Holy, The (Luke 1:35)
    Horn Of Salvation (Luke 1:69)
    I Am (John 8:58)
    Image of God (Heb 1:3)
    Image of the Invisible God (Col 1:5)
    Infant (Luke 2:12, 16) Israel (Is 49:3)
    Jesus (Mt 1:21)
    Jesus Christ (Mt 1:1, John 1:17, Acts 2:38, 4:10, etc.)
    Jesus Christ Our Lord (Rom 1:3, 6:11, 6:23, 1 Cor 1:9, 7:25)
    Jesus Christ Our Savior (Titus 3:6)
    Jesus of Nazareth (Mark 1:24, Luke 24:19)
    Jesus of Nazareth, King of The Jews (John 19:19)
    Jesus King of the Jews (Mt 27:37)
    Jesus, Son of God (Heb 4:14)
    Jesus, The Son of Joseph (John 6:42)
    Judge (Acts 10:42)
    Just Man (Mt 27:19)
    Just One (Acts 3:14, 7:52, 22:14)
    Just Person (Mt 27:24)
    King (Mt 21:5)
    King of Israel (John 1:49)
    King of the Jews (Mt 2:2)
    King of Saints (Rev 15:3)
    King of Kings (1 Tim 6:15, Rev 17:14)
    King of Glory (Ps 24:7, 24:8, 24:9, 24:10)
    King of Zion (Mt 21:5)
    King Over All the Earth (Zec 14:9)
    Lamb (Rev 5:6, 5:8, 6:16, 7:9, etc.)
    Lamb of God (John 1:29)
    Lawgiver (Is 33:22)
    Leader (Is 55:4)
    Life (John 14:6)
    Light (John 8:12)
    Light of the World (John 8:12)
    Light to the Gentiles (Is 42:6)
    Living Bread (John 6:51)
    Living Stone (1 Pt 2:4)
    Lion of the Tribe Of Judah (Rev 5:5)
    Lord (Rom 1:3)
    Lord and Savior Jesus Christ (2 Pt 1:11, 3:18)
    Lord Christ (Col 3:24)
    Lord from Heaven (1 Co 15:47)
    Lord God Almighty (Rev 15:3)
    Lord Jesus (Acts 7:59, Col 3:17, 1 Th 4:12)
    Lord Jesus Christ (Acts 11:17, 16:31, 20:21, Rom 5:1, 5:11, 13:14)
    Lord Jesus Christ our Savior (Titus 1:4)
    Lord Mighty In Battle (Ps 24:8)
    Lord of all (Acts 10:36)
    Lord of Glory (James 2:1)
    Lord of Hosts (Is 44:6)
    Lord of Lords (Rev 17:14, 19:16)
    Lord of the Dead And Living (Rom 14:9)
    Lord of the Sabbath (Mark 2:28)
    Lord Our Righteousness (Jer 23:6)
    Lord Over All (Rom 10:12)
    Lord’s Christ (Luke 2:26)
    Lord Strong And Mighty (Ps 24:8)
    Lord, Your Holy One (Is 43:15)
    Lord, Your Redeemer (Is 43:14)
    Man Christ Jesus (1 Tim 2:5)
    Man of Sorrows (Is 53:3)
    Master (Mt 23:8)
    Mediator (1 Tim 2:5)
    Messenger of the Covenant (Mal 3:1)
    Messiah (John 1:41)
    Messiah the Prince (Dan 9:25)
    Mighty God (Is 9:6)
    Mighty One of Israel (Is 30:29)
    Mighty One of Jacob (Is 49:26)
    Mighty to Save (Is 63:1)
    Minister of the Sanctuary (Heb 8:2)
    Most Holy (Dan 9:24)
    Most Mighty (Ps 45:3)
    Nazarene (Mat 2:23)
    New Adam (1 Cor 15:45)
    Offspring of David (Rev 22:16)
    Only Begotten (John 1:14)
    Only Begotten God (John 1:18)
    Only Begotten of The Father (John 1:14)
    Only Wise God, Our Savior (Jude 1:25)
    Our Hope (1 Ti 1:1)
    Our Peace (Eph 2:14)
    Passover (1 Co 5:7)
    Plant of Renown (Ezk 34:29)
    Potentate (1 Ti 6:15)
    Power of God (1 Co 1:24)
    Physician (Mt 9:12)
    Power of God (1 Cor 1:24)
    Precious Cornerstone (Isa 28:16)
    Priest (Heb 7:17)
    Prince (Acts 5:31)
    Prince of Life (Acts 3:15)
    Prince of Peace (Isa 9:6)
    Prince of the Kings of the Earth (Rev 1:5)
    Prophet (Dt 18:15, 18:18, Mt 21:11, Luke 24:19)
    Propitiation (1 John 2:2)
    Rabbi (John 1:49)
    Rabboni (John 20:16)
    Ransom (1 Ti 2:6)
    Redeemer (Is 59:20)
    Resurrection and Life (John 11:25)
    Redemption (1 Co 1:30)
    Righteous Branch (Jer 23:5)
    Righteous Judge (2 Tim 4:8)
    Righteous Servant (Is 53:11)
    Righteousness (1 Co 1:30)
    Rock (1 Co 10:4)
    Rock of Offense (1 Pt 2:8)
    Rod out of the root of Jesse (Is 11:1)
    Root of David (Rev 5:5, 22:16)
    Root of Jesse (Is 11:10)
    Ruler in Israel (Micah 5:2)
    Salvation (Luke 2:30)
    Sanctification (1 Co 1:30)
    Sanctuary (Is 8:14)
    Savior (Luke 2:11)
    Savior, Jesus Christ (2 Tim 1:10, Titus 2:13, 2 Pt 1:1)
    Savior of the Body (Eph 5:23)
    Savior of the World (1 John 4:14)
    Scepter (Num 24:17)
    Second Man (1 Cor 15:47)
    Seed of David (2 Ti 2:8)
    Seed of the Woman (Gn 3:15)
    Servant (Is 42:1)
    Servant of rulers (Is 49:7)
    Shepherd (Mark 14:27)
    Shepherd and Bishop of souls (1 Pt 2:25)
    Shepherd of Israel (Ps 80:1)
    Shiloh (Gen 49:10)
    Son of Abraham (Mt 1:1)
    Son of David (Mt 9:27)
    Son of God (Mt 4:3, 4:6, 8:29, etc.)
    Son of Man (Mt 8:20, 9:6, 10:23, etc.)
    Son of Mary (Mark 6:3)
    Son of the Blessed (Mark 14:61)
    Son of the Father (2 John 1:3)
    Son of the Highest (Luke 1:32)
    Star (Num 24:17)
    Sun of Justice (Mal 4:2)
    Surety (Heb 7:22)
    Stone (Mt 21:42)
    Stone of Stumbling (1 Pt 2:8)
    Sure Foundation (Is 28:16)
    Teacher (John 3:2)
    True God (1 John 5:20)
    True Light (John 1:9)
    True Vine (John 15:1)
    Truth (John 14:6)
    Unspeakable Gift (2 Co 9:15)
    Very Christ (Acts 9:22)
    Vine (John 15:1)
    Way (John 14:6)
    Who Is, Who Was, and Who is to Come (Rev 1:4)
    Wisdom (Prov 8:12)
    Wisdom of God (1 Co 1:24)
    Witness (Is 55:4, Rev 1:5)
    Wonderful (Is 9:6)
    Word (John 1:1)
    Word Of God (Rev 19:13)
    Word Of Life (1 John 1:1)
    Yahweh (Is 40:3)
    Yahweh’s Fellow (Zec 13:7)
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  • In the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, One God Amen

    "They will call MY NAME and I Will Answer them …AMEN"( Zakaria,Zec:13:9) "Let those also who love Your NAME Be joyful in YOU.AMEM " "O LORD Our LORD how Excellent is Your NAME in all the earth…AMEN" "And in the NAME of our GOD we will set up our banners. AMEN""Oh give thanks to the LORD, call upon HIS NAME. AMEN" ( Mazameer, Ps: 8:1; 5:11; 20:5& 105:1).

    Dear Sisters and Brothers in CHRIST

    The Names of OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST (continued)Part ( IX):

    30)_The LOVER of mankind: In the Thanksgiving prayer we pray to Our LORD the LOVER of mankind to grant us to complete this holy day "Therefore we ask and entreat YOUR GOODNESS, O PHILANTHROPIC ONE (LOVER of mankind) grant us ….AMEN". Our LORD Loved us from the start even when we were sinners before saving us from the original sin JESUS Showed clearly HIS Love to mankind "But GOD Demonstrates HIS OWN LOVE towards us in that while we were still sinners CHRIST Died for us..AMEN" (Romia,Ro:5:8) "For GOD so Loved the world that HE Gave HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON, that who ever believes in HIM should not perish but have eternal life..AMEN" (Youhana,Jn : 3:16). In the first Chapter of the Holy Bible, GOD gave us a symbol of HIS PLAN, GOD Said to Abraham "Take now your son, your only son Isaac, whom you love…AMEN"(ELTakwee,Gen:22:2) " The LORD your GOD in your midst , The MIGHTY ONE WILL SAVE …HE WILL Quiet you with HIS LOVE..AMEN"(Safania, zep:3:17) "See, I HAVE Inscribed you on the Palms of MY HANDS..AMEN"(Ashia,Is:49:16) "Yes I HAVE Loved you with an everlasting love. .AMEN"(Armia,Jr:31:3) We follow Our LORD Commandments because we love HIM more than any human or any material thing ".nor any other created thing shall be able to separate us from the LOVE of GOD which is in JESUS CHRIST Our LORD.AMEN"(Romia:8:39)"If you love ME keep MY commandments. AMEN" "If you keep MY commandments you will abide in MY LOVE.AMEN" (Youhana,Jn:14:15 & 15:9-13). "Love the LORD Your GOD with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your mind…And the second is like it: you shall love your neighbor as yourself...AMEN"(Tathenia,Dt:6:5, Matta,Mt:22:37) "But if any one LOVES GOD , this one is known by HIM AMEN"(1Coronthius,1Co:8:3)"I will LOVE YOU O LORD My strength. AMEN"

    Loving others is one of the fundamental basis of our Faith. Usually any body will love the one who loves him "For if you love those who love you what reward have you?…AMEN".(Matta,Mt:5:46).St Paul inspired by the Holy Spirit; -- {"But the Holy men of GOD spoke as they were moved by the Holy Spirit. AMEN"(2Boutros,2P:1:21)}; -- told us "And walk in love as CHRIST HAS LOVED us and Given HIMSELF for us...AMEN " ".and though I have all the faith that so I could remove the mountains, but have no love, I am nothing. AMEN:" "But concerning brotherly love, you have no need that I should write to you , for you yourselves are Taught by GOD to love one another. And indeed you do so. AMEN"(Ephsus,Eph:5:2) (1Coronthius,1Co:13:2)(1Teskalini,Th:4:9) ’this is MY commandment that you love one another as I HAVE LOVED you. Greater LOVE has no one than this , than to lay down one’s life for his friends. You are MY friends if you do what I Command you. AMEN"(Youhana,Jn:15:12-14). "Love your enemies " (Matta.Mt:5:44)."Beloved, let us love one another for love is of GOD…he who does not love does not know GOD, for GOD Is Love"(1Youhana, 1Jn:4:7-8) "Therefore if your enemy is hungry feed him, ….for in doing so you will heap coals of fire on his head. AMEN"(Romia,Ro:12:20) ( Amthal, Pr:25:21-22). "Many waters can not quench love"(Sefr Anashed,Sgs:8:7). In the parable of the Good Samaritan when the lawyer asked JESUS"And who is my neighbor". JESUS explained to us that every one is our neighbor.(Luka,Lk:10:34).

    O LORD Support our Pope to fulfill the unity of the Church, "Fulfill my joy by being like-minded, having the same love, being of one accord, of one mind. AMEN" "..Speaking the truth in love, may grow up in all things into HIM who is the Head, CHRIST, from WHOM the whole body, joined and knit together.. AMEN""And may the LORD Make you increase and abound in love to one another and to all. AMEN" (Philipi,Phil:2:2),(Ephsus,Eph:4: 15-16 ),(1Teskaloni,1Th:3:12) O LORD Be with us all ".. to whom shall we go?. YOU Have the Words of Eternal Life. AMEN" (Youhana,Jn : 6:68).

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  • In the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, One God Amen

    "..But you were justified in the NAME of the LORD JESUS and the SPIRIT of our GOD..AMEN"(1Cornothius,1Co:6:11)."..But rather rejoice because your names are written in heaven..AMEN"(Luka,Lk:10:20)

    Dear Sisters and Brothers in CHRIST

    In the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, One God Amen

    "..But you were justified in the NAME of the LORD JESUS and the SPIRIT of our GOD..AMEN"(1Cornothius,1Co:6:11)."..But rather rejoice because your names are written in heaven..AMEN"(Luka,Lk:10:20)

    Dear Sisters and Brothers in CHRIST

    In the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, One God Amen

    "..But you were justified in the NAME of the LORD JESUS and the SPIRIT of our GOD..AMEN"(1Cornothius,1Co:6:11)."..But rather rejoice because your names are written in heaven..AMEN"(Luka,Lk:10:20)

    Dear Sisters and Brothers in CHRIST

    In the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, One God Amen

    "..But you were justified in the NAME of the LORD JESUS and the SPIRIT of our GOD..AMEN"(1Cornothius,1Co:6:11)."..But rather rejoice because your names are written in heaven..AMEN"(Luka,Lk:10:20)

    Dear Sisters and Brothers in CHRIST

    The Names of OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST (continued)(Part X):

    On the RIGHT of GOD , at the RIGHT HAND of GOD: GOD uses simple expressions in the Holy Bible that may help us to understand HIS WORDS. "Give me understanding and I shall keep YOUR Law..AMEN" (Mazameer,Ps:119:34) To be on the right side denotes: being correct, just and good "and you shall do what is right and good in the sight of the LORD..AMEN"(Tathenia,Dt:6:18). The Right Hand refers to the power and is used by the fathers for Blessing "Then Israel stretched his right hand…so he Blessed them ..AMEN"(Takween,Gn:48:14&20). ). Also sitting on the Right Hand denotes the Honor. That is what Solomon did when his mother came to speak to him "…and she sat on his right hand..AMEN"(1Molook,1K;2:19). This is one of the basis of drawing the Coptic Nativity Icons. Our Mother St Mary is always drawn on the Right side of the Child JESUS"AT YOUR RIGHT HAND Stands the Queen in gold..AMEN" (Mazameer,Ps:45:9). When celebrating a Coptic wedding the bride always sits on the right side of the bridegroom. {Ok. My sisters in CHRIST!. }. King Belshazzar (Daniel,Dn:5:5) saw the part of the hand that wrote on the plaster of the wall. So these 2 words are used in the Bible as one of the NAMES of Our LORD: "Your Right Hand O LORD Has Become Glorious in Power..You Stretched out Your Right Hand and the earth swallowed them..AMEN"(Koroog,Ex:15:6&12)."Show YOUR Marvelous Loving kindness by YOUR RIGHT HAND..AMEN" "Deliver my life from the wicked , with … With YOUR HAND..AMEN" "With the Saving Strength of HIS RIGHT HAND..AMEN""YOUR RIGHT HAND Will Find those who hate you..AMEN" "Nor did their own arm save them, But it was YOUR RIGHT HAND ..AMEN" (Mazameer,Ps:" ""According to YOUR NAME, O GOD …YOUR RIGHT HAND Is Full of RIGHTEOUSNESS..AMEN" "Save with YOUR RIGHT HAND AND Hear me..AMEN" "YOUR RIGHT HAND Upholds me ..AMEN’"I will remember the years of the RIGHT HAND of THE MOST HIGH..AMEN"(Mazameer,Ps: 17:7&13-14; 20:6; 21:8; 44:3; 48:10; 60:5; 62:8; 73:23; 77:11). The meaning of the (vineyard) in Verse (Mazameer,Ps:80:15) may denote the Church that is based on the: True Faith of the believers in Our LORD JESUS CHRIST " And the vineyard which YOUR RIGHT HAND Has Planted..AMEN" "And High Is YOUR RIGHT HAND..AMEN" "The LORD Said to My LORD Sit at My RIGHT HAND..AMEN" "The RIGHT HAND of the LORD Does Valiantly, the RIGHT HAND of LORD Is Exalted..AMEN" (Mazameer,Ps: 89:13; 110:1; 118:15-16). (Marcos,Mk:12:36) "JESUS Said: I AM HE ; And you will see the SON of MAN Sitting at the RIGHT HAND of the POWER…AMEN" (Marcos,Mk:14:62, Luka,Lk:22:69) "This JESUS…Being Exalted to the RIGHT HAND of GOD ..AMEN"" " HIM GOD Has Exalted to HIS RIGHT HAND..AMEN" "And saw the Glory of GOD and JESUS Standing AT THE RIGHT HAND of GOD..AMEN " "We have such a HIGH PRIEST WHO Is Seated at the RIGHT HAND of the Throne of the MAJESTY ..AMEN" (Amaal.AC: 2:32-33; 5:31; 7:55; Ebraneen:He:8:1). St John(Youhana) in the Revelation ( Roaya) that GOD Gave him; Verses 1:13-16 saw the LORD "ONE Like the SON of MAN… HE Had in HIS RIGHT HAND seven stars..AMEN".

    The LORD used as well the word (FINGER of GOD) "Then the magicians said to Pharaoh" this is the FINGER of GOD ..AMEN""Moses two tablets of the Testimony, written with the FINGER of GOD ..AMEN"(Ex:8:19 &31:18) …JESUS Said" But if I Cast demons with the FINGER of GOD, Surely the Kingdom of GOD Has Become upon you..AMEN" (Luka,Lk: 11:20 ).

    A Prayer in the NAME of JESUS: ……O JESUS…

    O LORD WHO Said: "They will call MY NAME and I Will Answer them …AMEN"(Zakaria,Zec:13:9), Hear our Prayers.

    O JESUS…The CREATOR; Create in us a clean heart, . O JESUS; Our SAVIOR: Save all of us from evil,

    O JESUS…The KING ; Rule on our hearts and minds.,…The REDEEMER; Redeem us from all our inequities,

    O JESUS…The COUNSELOR; Guide all of us. …The GLORY of GOD; Glorify all of us in YOU,

    OJESUS …The TRUE PHYSICIAN; Heal all the sickness of our souls and bodies,


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  • 11- In the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, One God Amen

    "that at the NAME of JESUS every knee should bow..AMEN" (Philipi,Phil :2: 2) "How Excellent Is YOUR NAME in all the earth..AMEN" "And in the NAME of Our GOD we will set up our banners..AMEN" (Mazameer,Ps: 8: 1 & 20:5 )

    . "Through HIM we have received Grace and Apostle ship for obedience of Faith among all nations for HIS NAME, among whom you are also called of JESUS CHRIST AMEN" Romia,Ro:1:5-6).

    Dear Sisters and Brothers in CHRIST

    B) The Names of OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST (continued)Part ( XI):

    34) The HEIR: : " GOD, WHO at various times and in various ways Spoke in time past to the fathers by prophets, Has in these last days spoken to us by HIS SON Whom HE Has Appointed HEIR of all things…As HE by INHERITANCE Obtained a more excellent NAME than they..AMEN) (Ebranien, He:1:1-4). At the time of the Holy Incarnation while JESUS was teaching , the Jewish priests thought that HE Is Coming to Take their earthly kingdom so they decided to get rid of him. JESUS, Knowing what is in every man’s mind, Told them the parable of the wicked vinedressers. " Therefore still Having ONE SON, HIS Beloved, HE also Sent HIM to them last…But those vine dressers said..This is the HEIR, come let us kill HIM , and the Inheritance will be ours..AMEN""(Matta,Mt:21:38 ; Marcos.Mk: 12:6-7 ; & Luka,Lk :20:14). JESUS shared with us our human nature (In every thing except the sin), By the Mercy of Our LORD we are hoping to share with him HIS GLORY "..having believed you were sealed with the Holy Spirit of Promise, who is the guarantee of our Inheritance until the Redemption of the Purchased Possession, to the Praise of HIS GLORY ..AMEM" "that you may know…what are the riches of the GLORY of HIS INHERITANCE in the Saints..AMEN"( Ephesis,Eph:1: 13-14 & 18)." In my FATHER’S House are many mansions…I Go to Prepare a place for you..AMEN"(Youhana,Jn:14; 2). ). "GOOD Teacher, What shall I do that I may inherit eternal life?…AMEN" (Marcos,Mk:10:17). This Heavenly Inheritance is Preserved for the true believers who love , obey GOD, who sacrifice, share the pains of Our LORD, who faithfully act as strangers on earth and leave the material things .. "..I am stranger on the earth..AMEN" (Mazameer,Ps: 119:19) " Set your minds on things above, not on things on earth ..AMEN"( Colossy,Col :3:2). " Our father Abraham did that. He left his country and went to a strange land, and the disciples did that when they left every thing. (Gn:12:1; Amaal,Ac:7:5; Marcos,Mk:10:28) . ""Do not love the world or things in the world. If any body loves the world the Love of the FATHER is not in him..AMEN"(1Youhana,1Jn:2:15) "..heirs of GOD and joint heirs of CHRIST, if indeed we suffer with HIM..AMEN( Romia,Ro: 8:17) "Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth..AMEN" Those who do the same will be"…Heir of the Kingdom which HE Promised to those who love HIM..AMEN"( Yacoub, Js :2:5) "Then the KING say to those on HIS Right Hand. :Come you Blessed of My FATHER, Inherit the KINGDOM Prepared for you from the foundation of the worl..AMEN" (Matta, Mt:5:5& 25: 34) "Assuredly I Say to you there is no one who has left house or parents or brothers or wife…for the sake of the Kingdom of GOD…who shall not receive many times in this present time and in the age to come Eternal Life..AMEN"(Luka,Lk:18:29-30)

    35) The SUN OF RIGHTEOUSNESS, The STAR: As discussed before JESUS Is the TRUE LIGHT. In a prophesy about the HOLY INCARNATION it is written "But to you who fear MY NAME the SUN of RIGHTEOUSNESS Shall Arise…AMEN" (Malachi,Ml:4:3)." "…Until the day dawns and the MORNING STAR rises in your hearts…AMEN" (2Boutros,2P:1:19)"A STAR SHALL Come out of Jacob…AMEN’ (Al Adaad, Nu: 24:17)."For the LORD GOD Is a SUN…AMEN"( Mazameer,Ps 84:11)"HIS Face Shown like the Sun…AMEN"(Matta,Mt:17:2).""I saw a LIGHT from heaven brighter than the sun…AMEN"(Amaal,Ac:26:13)."and I WILL give him the morning star..AMEN"(Roaya:Rev:2:28 ).

    Prayer in the NAME of JESUS…O JESUS

    O JESUS… ….The HEIR …support us so that we overcome evil "he who overcomes shall inherit all things and I Will Be His GOD and he will be MY son..AMEN" (Roaya:Rev: 21:3).

    O JESUS……The SUN OF RIGHTEOUSNESS…We don’t need any sun light or any other light except YOUR LIGHT that changes the darkness of our lives to light "They need no lamp nor the light of the sun for the LORD GOD Gives them LIGHT and they shall reign for ever and ever..AMEN (Roaya:Rev: 22:5).

  • 12-In the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, One God Amen

    Dear Sisters and Brothers in CHRIST

    "I WILL Put MY SPIRIT on HIM….and in HIS NAME the gentiles will trust..AMEN"(Matta,Mt: 12:21; Ashia,Is:42:1-4)."But you were Washed, but you were Sanctified, but you were Justified in the NAME of the LORD JESUS and by the SPIRIT of OUR GOD ..AMEN"(1Cornithius,1Co:6:11) { This denotes our washing from the original sin by baptism and our sanctification with the sacred oil of the Mayroon in the NAME of Our LORD}.

    Have a Blessed Celebration of the (Faseh-Easter) of (Younan) Jonah. This Chapter of the Bible is centered about GOD’S JUDGEMENT and the fruit of praying, fasting and repentance which leads to gaining GOD’S MERCY "Let neither man…taste any thing…cry mightily to GOD…every one turn from his evil way.... so that we may not perish ...AMEN""..Unless you repent you will all likewise perish..AMEN" (Younan, Jon:3:7-10;Luka,Lk:13:3). On this occasion let us discuss a NAME of Our LORD related to the Judgement.

    B) The Names of OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST (continued)Part ( XII):

    36)The JUDGE: In HIS First Coming ( The Holy Incarnation ) Our LORD JESUS CHRIST Didn’t Come to Judge but to Save" For the SON of MAN Did Not Come to destroy men’s lives but to Save them..AMEN" "I Didn't COME to JUDGE the world but to Save the world..AMEN"( Luka,Lk: 9:56, Youhana,Jn:12:47) In HIS GLORIOUS Second Coming JESUS Will JUDGE the whole world "He who believes in HIM Shall not Be Condemned, but he who does not believe Is Condemned already because he has not believed in the NAME of the Only Begotten SON of GOD...AMEN" (Youhanna,Jn:3:18)" A Prophecy Is written in the old testament about the second coming of Our LORD"For HE Is Coming to JUDGE the earth, with Righteousness HE Shall JUDGE the world..AMEN"(Mazameer,Ps:98:9) "Fear GOD and give Glory to HIM for the hour of HIS JUDGEMENT Has Come ..AMEN"(Roaya,Rev:14:7)."For the SON of MAN Will Come in the GLORY of HIS FATHER with HIS Angels and then HE WillReward each one according to his works AMEN"(Then the KING Will Say to those on HIS Right Hand ; Come you Blessed of MY FATHER , inherit the Kingdom prepared from you from the foundation of the world..AMEN" (Matta, Mt:16:27; 25:31-34)" For the FATHER JUDGES no one, but Has Committed all JUDGEMENT to the SON..AMEN" (Youhana,Jn:5:22). "For we must all appear before theJUDGEMENT seat of CHRIST, that each one may receive the things done in body ..AMEN" (2 Cornithius, 2Co:5:10)"..and all the Churches shall know that I AM HE Who Searches the minds and hearts and Will Give to each one according to his works..AMEN"(Roaya,Rev:2:23)"GOD Is a JUST JUDGE..AMEN"(Mazameer,Ps:7:11)."But we know that the JUDGEMENT of GOD Is according to TRUTH..AMEN"(Romia,Ro:2:2-3). One of the greatest sins is condemning the others and looking at specks in their eyes. JESUS Told us "Judge not and you Shall not Be Judged, Condemn not and you Shall not Be Condemned. Forgive and you Will Be Forgiven..AMEN""Blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain Mercy..AMEN" (Luka,Lk:6: 36-42& Matta,Mt: :5:7 ). Not only to be good"Your reprisal shall return on your own head"(Obodia,Ob:1:15), but also to forget and not only to forgive any offense done to us up to 70 X 7, and not to do what unforgiving servant did(Matta,Mt:18:22-35) Our LORD is a Merciful GOD. HE Gives us the believers the opportunity to repent" If YOU LORD Should Mark iniquities, O LORD who could stand …AMEN"(Mazameer,Ps: 130:3). HIS HOLY BODY and HIS SACRED BLOOD (The BREAD of LIFE) are offered daily in the Holy Eucharist on the Altar for the forgiveness of our sins. Our LORD Sacrificed HIMSELF so that " Mercy and Truth Have Met Together..AMEN" (85:10)

    37)The MEDIATOR: JESUS Is the ONE & Only MEDIATOR to grant us the DIVINE PEACE "If there is …. A mediator among one thousand (Ayoub, Job: 33:23) ,"And for this reason HE Is the MEDIATOR of the new convenant…AMEN (Ebranien,He:9:15&12:24) "By the HAND of a MEDIATOR…GOD Is ONE. .AMEN"(Galatia,Ga:3:19-20)

    Prayer in the NAME of JESUS..O JESUS …The JUDGE .."Avenge YOUR elect..AMEN"(Luka,Lk:18:8) OJESUS..The Lover of mankind ,Our Mediator, Our Savior who DID Forgive the sins of the people of Nineveh when they turned from their evil and wicked works, ...Help all of us to Repent and Forgive our sins , mediate and remove the barrier between us and YOU"That GOD in CHRIST Reconciling the world to HIMSELF..AMEN" (2 Cornothius,Co:5:19).
  • 13-In the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, One God AMEN

    "Deal with me for YOUR NAME"S SAKE…AMEN" ""I remember yOUR NAME in the night O LORD And keep YPOUR Law..AMEN" (Mazameer,Ps:109:21 & 119:55 )

    Dear Sisters and Brothers in CHRIST

    B) The Names of OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST (continued)Part ( XIII):

    38) The MAN: After Adam and Eve disobeyed GOD, GOD Put an enmity between the serpent ( The Devil) and man. The first Prophecy about the Holy Incarnation is stated in (Takween,Gn:3:15). Each woman was expecting to give birth to the MAN (JESUS, WHO Is the Savior) and WHO will Briuse the head of the serpent (Evil), Eve wrongly thought that she had begotten the MAN" when she said "I have aquired a man from the LORD" (Takween,Gn:4:1) But the only ONE Who could disarm the devil and conquer him forever Is Our Savior; JESUS CHRIST. In the (Mazameer) it is written "This ONE(MAN) ….Born in her, And the MOST HIGHEST HIMSELF Shall Establish her ..AMEN" (Mazameer,Ps:87:5-Coptic translation ). In the Holy Gospel Pilate said about JESUS "Behold, the MAN…AMEN"(Youhanna,Jn:19:5).

    39)The DOOR : JESUS Is the Only DOOR to Eternal LIFE. " ….most assuredly I Say to you I AM the DOOR of the sheep…AMEN" (Youhana,Jn:10:7 also 7&1). " HE Opened the DOOR of FAITH to the Gentiles..AMEN" (Amaal,Ac: 14:27). If any one does not share JESUS Suffering and does not labor continuously to enter though this DOOR "Enter by the narrow gate" (Matta, Mt: 7:13-14)it Will be closed and he cant enter "and the DOOR was closed" ( Matta, Mt :25:10 ). The Door also denotes the door of the house of GOD. In (Adaad,Nu:16:19) the GLORY of GOD Appeared at the Door of the Tabernacle. As the Church is the ship that carries us to the port of Peace, the following verse is written at its door " This is the DOOR of GOD, through it the righteous ones enter...AMEN"(Mazameer:118:20-Coptic Translation). In a verse that signifies the shed HOLY BLOOD of Our LORD it was written, "The priest shall sprinkle the Blood Altar on the LORD at the Door of the Tabernacle. AMEN"(Lawein, Lev: 17:6). Also the door denotes our heart door "..sin lies at the door….but you should rule on it..AMEN"( Takween, Gen:4:7). JESUS CAN ENTERS though any closed door"..when the doors were shit…JESUS Came and Stood in the midest..AMEN" (Youhana, Jn:20:19). But HE does not ENTER the door of our heart unless we accept HIM. As it is said we are born without our free will, but we are saved By the GRACE of Our LORD only if our will accepts HIM.

    When JESUS Knocks "Behold I Stand at the door and Knock, if any one hears MY Voice and open the door, I Will Come to him and Dine with him…AMEN" (Roaya, Rev: 3:20) We knock ( that is we Pray) on the DOOR…"O LORD Teach us how to pray""knock and it will be opened to you..AMEN"(Luka, Lk: 11:1 &9). Any one who accepts JESUS and continues to follow HIS Commandments will have eternal life"..to you who believe in the NAME of the SON of GOD that you may know that you have eternal life and that you may continue to believe in the NAME of SON of god..AMEN"(1Youhana, 1Jn: 5:13) Grace of HOLY SPIRIT…Paper & Gospel notes

    Prayer in the Name of JESUS

    O JESUS…THE DOOR.. YOU Said "…how much more Your HEAVENLY FATHER Give the HOLY SPIRIT to those who ask HIM..AMEN" (Luka,Lk:11:13) we are knocking , crying and asking :Please Grant the GRACE of YOUR HOLY SPIRIT to all of us AMEN. Concl:

    O JESUS..The JUDGE.. Have Mercy on all of us "Do not enter into JUDGEMENT with YOUR servant for in YOUR SIGHT no one living is righteous…" "I spread out my hands to YOU…Lead me in the land of uprightness…AMEN"(Mazameer,Ps:143: 2, 6 & 10).

    O JESUS....The MAN..we are YOUR adopted chidren, Surround us with YOUR Loving Care , YOU Said "HE Gave the right to become children of GOD, to those who believe in HIS NAME..AMEN"(Youhana,Jn:1:12).
  • 14-In the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, One God AMEN

    "I remember YOUR NAME in the night O LORD, And keep YOUR Law...AMEN"(Mazameer,Ps:119:55 ). "Behold, I AM Coming quickly…he who overcomes…I Will Write on him My NEW NAME..AMEN"(Roaya,Rev:4:12)

    Dear Sisters and Brothers in CHRIST

    B) The Names of OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST (continued)Part ( XIV):

    40)The LION: The lion is the strongest animal . In (Takween,Gen:49:9-10) there is a prophecy about the coming of our LORD and HIS Holy Incarnation, being in body of Judah tribe (Matta,Mt:1:3)" Judah is a LION whelp, from the prey my son, you have gone up …And as a LION…AMEN". In (Roaya, Rev: 5:5) it is written that Our LORD JESUS CHRIST Will Prevail "Do not weep, Behold, the LION of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, Has Prevailed…AMEN". One of the four Living Creatures has the Face of Lion (Hazkial,EZ:1:10) & (Roaya,Rev:4:7). The LION is also a symbol of the Gospel written according to St. (Marcos) Marc. This symbolic _expression denotes Our LORD, The LION, The Power of GOD . In the Gospel the word lion is also used to denote the (The devil) who is the evil power that we must always fight. St (Boulos) Paul wrote "Also I was delivered out of the mouth of the lion…AMEN" (1Thimothaos, 1Ti: 4:17) and St (Boutros) Peter wrote "Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion …AMEN" (1Bouros, 1P; 5:8). By being always sober and vigilant we can, By the Grace of Our LORD, overcome the evil. By the Grace of GOD, Samson, conquered the lion "And the SPIRIT of the LORD Came Mightily upon him, and he tore the lion apart…AMEN"(Kodah,Jg:14:6 )

    41)The BUILDER:( He:9:11) : JESUS Is the CREATOR , and BUILDER every thing." For he waited for the city which has foundations whose BIULDER …Is GOD…AMEN" (Ebraneen,He:11:10) "You are GOD’S Building…AMEN" (1Coronthius, 1Co:3:9) (Roaya, Rev:4:11) . The building that is built for worshiping GOD is called the House of GOD" And he called the name of that place Bethel…AMEN) (Takween, Gn: 28:18&19), (Bethel in Hebrew means the House of GOD).

    In English speaking countries one’s home is called :H.S.H. or Home Sweet Home. Every one psychologically feels safe when he(or she- OK –Dears Sisters in CHRIST ) is at home. Some of our (Kouds Abouna) fathers used the NAME (HOME):

    41A)- HOME: as a NAME of Our LORD as spiritually speaking we live in JESUS . But most fathers of our Orthodox Church prefer to use the name (HOME) to denote the Home of GOD or the Church where every one feels safe in the presence of the LORD our protector."LORD who may abide in YOUR Tabernacle…he who walks uprightly…AMEN""How lovely is YOUR Tabernacle, O LORD of hosts" (mazameer,Ps:14:1 , 84:1) AS stated above by Faith Abraham see the above mentioned verse (Ebraneen,He:11:10) WE, as well, the believers in HIS NAME during our lives on earth . we go to the Church (Home of GOD) praying and asking for GOD"S Help in fighting the evil in the hope getting our heavenly heritage of eternal life that is living in the Heavenly HOME( the Church that completed its fighting successfully and overcame evil)" "Our LORD promised the believers who believe in HIM " Let not your heart be troubled; you believe in GOD, believe also in ME…in my FATHER’S House Are many mansions… I Will Come again and Receive you to MYSELF, that where I AM you may be also….AMEN"(Youhana, Jn:14:2-4 ). Mind you, Our LORD JESUS Said {may be also}he does not say will be, as this is left to Our LORD Mercy and Judgement on each one’s work. "but do you want to know, O foolish man, that faith without works is dead?...AMEN"( Yakoob,Jas:2:20). H.H. our Beloved POPE Shenouda 3rd in His article in Watani February 20, 05; explained that when the LORD resurrect the daughter of (Jairus ) after she died at home that this meant that she has just left the Church , while the son of the widow of Nain had just left home (The Church) few hours ago and Lazarus a symbol of a one who had left the Church a long ago and was putrefied ( Marcos:5:22-24 & 35-43 & Luka,Lk:7:12-17 & Youhana,Jn:11:1-44 ). Any one who lives away from the Church (Home) will surely putrefy. JESUS Lives in us and we live by JESUS. Without HIM we have no life.

    Prayer in the NAME of JESUS: O….JESUS…The LION..we all cry to YOU repeating what St (Bolos) Paul wrote" Deliver me (us) from every evil work and preserve me (us) for HIS (YOUR) Heavenly Kingdom. To HIM BE GLORY for ever and ever.AMEN" (2Thimothius,Ti:418)

    O….JESUS…SON of David Have Mercy on all of us ( G) (Dt28:58 ; Rev:2:3&13) & (Ps:13:3) (Matta,Mt:18:20)—0r 20:18

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  • 15-In the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, One God AMEN

    "HOLY FATHER Keep through YOUR NAME those whom YOU HAVE Given ME, that they may be one as WE ARE…AMEN"(Youhana,Jn:17:11) "That they may all call on the NAME of the LORD, to serve HIM with one accord…AMEN"(Safania, Zep: 3: 9). In the Orthodox Creed we pray "And in One Catholic (Means United) and Apostolic Church…AMEN". In the Coptic Liturgy according to St Basil we pray: "HE MADE us unto HIMSELF a congregation, and Sanctified us by YOUR HOLY SPIRIT …AMEN". Let us all Pray for the Unity of the Church

    Dear Sisters and Brothers in CHRIST

    B) The Names of OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST (continued)Part ( XV):

    42)The MASTER CRAFTSMAN, The MASTER MAKER : Of the prophecies of the HOLY TRINITY "By the WORD of the LORD the hevaven was made….by the BREATH of HIS Mouth..AMEN" "Then I WAS by HIM as a MASTERCRAFTSMAN…AMEN"(Mazameer,Ps:33:6) (Amthal,Pv:8:30), JESUS Is the CREATOR , and MAKER of every thing." All things were Made Through HIM, and without HIM nothing Was Made that was Made…AMEN"(Youhana,Jn:1:3-4). In the Orthodox Creed we pray "By WHOM all things Are MADE…AMEN". JESUS Is the MAKER of our bodies and Lives in the bodies of the true believers "Do you not know yourself that JESUS CHRIST IS in you?-unless you are disqualified…AMEN" ( 2Corothius, 2Co:13 : 5) "Can a man be more pure than HIS MAKER?…AMEN" 4:17,)& "Else My MAKER Would soon Take me away…AMEN" "But no one says where is GOD my MAKER…AMEN"(Ayoub,Job:4:17, 32:22&35:10) "Let us kneel before the LORD Our MAKER…AMEN""YOUR HANDS Have MADE me..AMEN" (Mazameer,Ps 95:6; 119:73). "The LORD Is the MAKER of all of them…AMEN" (Amthal,Pv:22:2). "In that day a man will look to His MAKER…AMEN" MAKER…AMEN" , "Thus Says the LORD Who MADE it…The LORD Is HIS NAME …AMEN" (Ashia,Is:17:7 )(Armia,Jer:33:2) Every believer has to remember GOD His MAKER every second of his earthly life. remember It is written that the Jews Forgot their GOD, their MAKER "And you forgot the LORD your MAKER…AMEN" "For Israel has forgotten their MAKER…AMEN" (Ashia,Is: 51:13 )( (Hoshaa,Ho:8:14),

    The bodies of the true believers who love and keep JESUS Word are "the temple of GOD and the SPIRIT of GOD Dwells in you…AMEN" " And what agreement has the temple of GOD with idols? For you are the temple of the LIVING GOD…AMEN"" If any one loves ME, he will keep MY Word…WE Will Come to him and MAKE Our Home with him…AMEN" (1Corothius, 1Co:3:16) (2Cornithius,2Co:6:16)( & (Youhana, Jn:14:23). The true believers accept the Will of Our LORD our Maker with utmost joy and always pray " Your Will Be Done…AMEN" (Matta,Mt: 6:10 ). As St Paul wrote "..will the thing made say to who formed it: ‘Why have you made me like this?’….AMEN" "Woe to him who strives with His MAKER…AMEN" (Romia,Ro:9:20) (Ashia,Is 45:9). The true believers hope to live in the Heavenly city MADE by GOD "For he waited for the city which has foundations whose Builder and MAKER Is GOD…AMEN" (Ebraneen,He:11:10) "So we are always confident, that we are at home in the body we are absent fromD …AMEN" (2Cornithius,2Co:5:6).

    43)The MEDIATOR: JESUS Is the ONE and only MEDIATOR. In a prophecy about the Holy Incarnation of our LORD, it was written by the Grace of the Holy Spirit "A MADIATOR among a thousand to show man HIS UPRIGHTNESS…AMEN"(Ayoub,Job:33:23) "…and it was appointed by the HAND of a MEDIATOR. …But GOD Is ONE…AMREN" "For there is ONE GOD and ONE MEDIATOR between GOD and men, the MAN CHRIST JESUS…AMEN" "In as much as HE Is also a MEDIATOR for a Better Convenant…AMEN" "And for this reason HE Is the MEDIATOR of the New Convenant…that those who are Called May Receive the Promise of Eternal Inheritance…AMEN" "To JESUS the MEDIATOR of the New Convenant…AMEN"(Galatia, Ga: 3:19-20). (1Thimosius,1Ti:2:5), (El Ebranien,He:8:6 , 9:15 & 12:24) Prayer in the Name of JESUS: O..JESUS the MAKER of every thing YOUR Flock cry to YOU to Be in them, YOU Said "I in them and YOU in ME that they may be perfect in one; and that the world may know that YOU Have Sent ME…AMEN" (Youhana, Jn:17:23)…O JESUS…The TRUE LIGHT…we need YOUR HELP to conquer the darkness of evil …O JESUS …The MAN, the MEDIATOR…Mediate between us the sinners and GOD…O JESUS…Our LORD and Our GOD Forgive our sins…AMEN.

  • 16-In the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, One God AMEN

    "What Is HIS NAME.. I AM WHO I AM….This Is MY NAME forever…AMEN.." (Koroog,Ex:3:13-15) "…In the NAME of Our LORD JESUS CHRIST, that you withdraw from every brother who walks disorderly…AMEN"(2Tesskaloni, 2Th:3:6). "For I am ready not only to be bound but also to die at Jerusalem for the NAME of the LORD JESUS..AMEN"(Amaal,Ac:21:13).

    B) The Names of OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST (continued)Part ( XVI):

    Dear Sisters and Brothers in CHRIST

    The reading of the First Sunday Gospel of the Great Advent ( March 13th ), Treasures Sunday. (Ahad El Konoz) teaches us to labor and always be ready for the Heavenly Wedding (The Kingdom) . Now let us discuss a NAME of Our LORD related to this:

    44) SON of the KING ( GOD ) : "The KING of kings and the LORD of lords ..AMEN": (1Timothous, 1Ti : 6:15). JESUS Is Our LIVING GOD (Ashia,Is:9:6) , (Discussed under number 1 Part I. JESUS IS THE KING (Mazameer,Ps:2:6), (Discussed under number 12 part II) JESUS Is the SON of GOD (Mazameer,Ps:2:12; 110;1), (Discussed under number 2 part I). In the parable of the wedding festival of the SON of the KING (GOD), JESUS Focussed on the refusal of the Jews to accept HIM. HE Invited them to the Heavenly Wedding (KINGDOM) but they didn’t accept to attend. JESUS Teaches us clearly in this parable that all are invited but only the Chosen are the ones who accept HIS INVITATION and are Welcomed in HIS (WEDDING) KINGDOM. "For many are Called, but few Are Chosen…AMEN"(Matta,Mt:22:2-14 ) , In this parable when Our LORD Addressed one of the Chosen" Friend, how did you come here without a wedding garment ?..AMEN "( Verse:12), Our LORD Meant that every one must be Spiritually ready for attending . The white clothes that are put in the wedding denotes the purity and righteousness."Then a white robe wass given to each of the,,,AMEN" (Roaya,Rev: 6:11). It goes without saying that when we go to pray and to attend the Holy Eucharist we meet and more than that share Our LORD. So as much as we are wearing our Spiritual clothes ( Obeying the commandments) as our material clothes should be respectable non revealing. This means all the Believers, Please dear Sisters in CHRIST don’t think for a minute that you are the only ones addressed . We are all one in ONE. "Now you are the Body of CHRIST….AMEN" "..there is neither male or female; for you are all one in CHRIST JESUS…AMEN"(1Coronthius,1Co:12:27; Galatia,Ga:3:28), {For example no man can go to the Church wearing a short, OK Dear Sisters in CHRIST}. Although please allow me to say that Few believers, not many THANK Our LORD, go for praying in some of our Churches putting on non suitable clothes. Am I right in saying that?. Please forgive me. "Putting on the breastplate of faith and love..AMEN"(1Teskaloni,1Th:5:8). Spiritually speaking we are putting on Our LORD HIMSELF> "But put on the LORD JESUS CHRIST , and make no provision for the flesh to fulfill its lusts..AMEN" (Romia,Ro:13:14).

    45) The MESSENGER: In prophecies about the Holy Incarnation " If there Is a MESSENGER for HIM..AMEN" (Ayoub,Job:33:23) . "HE Has SENT ME to HEAL the brokenhearted.. AMEN"(Ashia, IS:81:1-2, Luka,Lk;4:18). "YOU the Comer?…AMEN"(Matta, Mt:11:3)"And have known Surely that I CAME forth from YOU, and they have believed that YOU SENT ME…AMEN" "MY Doctrine Is not MINE , but HIS WHO SENT ME…AMEN" (Youhana, Jn:17:8 & 7:16).. "I MUST Preach the Kingdom of GOD to other cities also because for this purpose I HAVE BEEN SENT..AMEN"(Luka,Lk:4:43) Our LORD sent the seventy to tell people His message, as St Paul guided by the Holy Spirit wrote "Continue earnestly in prayer, being vigilant in it with thanksgiving., meanwhile praying also for us that God would open a door to us for the Word. To speak the Mystery of CHRIST…AMEN (Colossi, Col. 4:2-3a)

    Prayer in the NAME of JESUS: O JESUS… Our LIVING GOD, the KING , the SON of GOD , the SON of the KINGS we all cry to you repeating what St Paul Guided by the Holy Spirit wrote " I have been crucified with CHRIST; it is no longer I who live, but CHRIST lives in me, ad the life with which I now live in flesh I live by the Faith in the SON of GOD…AMEN" (Galatia, Ga ;2;20 .O LORD…The TRUE PHYSICIAN., the RIGHT HAND of GOD…HEAL all our iniquities and all our spiritual and bodily diseases. "By Stretching out YOUR HAND to HEAL…through the NAME of YOUR HOLY…. JESUS..AMEN" (Amaal,Ac:4:30).
  • 17- In the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, One God Amen

    "…through HIS NAME, Who ever believes in HIM Will Receive Remission of sins…AMEN" ( Amaal,Ac:10:42-43)."because they went forth for HIS NAMES’S SAKE…AMEN"( 3Youhana,3Jn:1:7) "My brethren, take the prophets who spoke in the NAME of the LORD , as an example of suffering and patience…AMEN" (Yacoub,Jas:5:7) "HE Leads me to the paths of Righteousness for HIS NAME"S SAKE…AMEN"(Mazameer,Ps:23:3 Dear Sisters and Brothers in CHRIST

    B)The Names of OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST (continued)Part ( XVII

    The readings of the Gospel in the 2nd , 3rd &4th Sundays of the Great Lent were successively about: the temptation , the parable of the Lost son & the Samaritan woman. The Names of Our LORD related to these readings are [By numbers from 46-54]: The HELPER, The RESCUER, The PROTECTOR, The COMFORTER, The DELIVERER, The DEFENDER, The PRESERVER (all are Similar NAMES), The FORGIVING of sins or the MERCIFUL LORD , The OMNISCIENT. Now let us starting discussing each Name one by one in some detail:

    46)The HELPER : JESUS did not promise a life free of troubles , but HE Promised to be with us and to support us in every trouble , as HE Is Our GOOD SHEPHERD "I AM with you always, even to the end of age…AMEN" (Matta,Mt:28:20).). "YOU are the HELPER of the fatherless…AMEN" "Our help is in the NAME of the LORD Who made heaven and earth AMEN"(Mazameer,Ps:10:14, 124:8 ). "Surely the LORD GOD Will help me…AMEN"(Ashia,Is:50:9). Temptations do not come from the LORD " For GOD Cannot be tempted by evil, nor does HE HIMSELF Temp any one. But each one is tempted when he is drawn away by his desires …AMEN" ( Yacoub,Jas:1:13-14 ). In the readings of the GOSPEL(Sunday of Temptation), Our LORD Allowed HIMSELF to be subjected to temptation just for the purpose of teaching HIS FLOCK that by HIS HELP we have the power to endure temptation "Blessed is the man who endures the temptation, for when he will receive the crown of life which the LORD Has Promised to those who love HIM…AMEN" ( Yacoub,Jas:1:12). The LORD May allow HIS true believers to be subjected to trials to test and to purify HIS FLOCK, like gold and silver that are tested and treated with fire to be purified . In Our FATHER"S Prayer we pray "Do not Lead us into temptation. ….AMEN"( Matta,Mt:6:13). Prophet David Asked GOD to test him "Examine me O LORD, and prove me, Try my mind and my heart …AMEN" (Mazameer, Ps: 26:3) "For whom the LORD Loves HE Chastens; And Scourges every SON ….AMEN"(Ebraneen, He:12:6, Amthal. Pv:3:11-12) "that the genuineness of your faith , being much more precious than gold, that perishes, though it is tested by fire,…. may be found to praise, honor and glory at the Revelation of JESUS CHRIST…AMEN" "Receiving the end of your faith, the salvation of your souls .. AMEN" "HE Will Sit as a Refiner and Purifier of silver, HE Will purify the sons of Levi, and Purge them as gold and silver…AMEN " (1Boutros,1P:1:7; Malachi,Ml :3:3) " "Yes, and all who desire to live Godly in JESUS CHRIST will suffer persecution …AMEN" (2Timothaus,2Ti:3:12) " ..because we know you are partakers of the suffering, so also you will partake of the Consolation…AMEN" "( 2 Coronthius, 2Co:1:8) "Do not fear any of those things which you are about to suffer, Indeed the devil is about to throw some of you in prison, that you may be tested and you will have tribulation …Be faithful until death and I WILL Give you the Crown of Life…AMEN" (Roaya,Rev:2:10). So we may boldly say: "The LORD Is my HELPER, I will not fear …AMEN" (Ebranien, He:13:6; Mazameer,Ps : 118:6) "And in the day of salvation I HAVE HELPED you…AMEN"( 2 Coronthius, 2Co :6:2; Ashia,Is:49:8) "Therefore having obtained HELP from GOD…AMEN" (Amaal,Ac:26:22)

    .47) The RESCUER: Our LORD JESUS Is Our RESCUER from any spiritual or physical dangerscoming from our enemies. HIS RESCUE May Be Delayed for sometime "LORD how long Will YOU Look on, Rescue me from their destruction, my precious life from the lions…AMEN"(Mazameer, Ps:35:17). "HE Delivers and Rescues…AMEN" (Daniel, Dn:5:27)


    O JESUS… Our HELPER "YOU HAVE BEEN My (Our)HELP, Do not Leave me(Us) or Forsake me (us), O GOD ..of My(Our) SALVATION…AMEN"( Mazameer, Ps: 27:9)

  • 18-The NAMES of Our LORD JESUS CHRIST (Cont-Part XVIII)- A Hint on Benefits of Vegetarian food.

    "For YOUR NAME"S Sake, O LORD, Pardon my iniquity for it is great" "Unite my heart to fear Your NAME...AMEN" "For YOU Have Magnified YOUR WORD above all YOUR NAME…AMEN" (Mazameer, Ps:25:11, 86:11, 138:2 ).

    Dear Sisters and Brothers in CHRIST

    (Mazameer, Ps:15:50)...(Matta, Mt:21:17)(Amaal,Ac: 10:18).(Takween, Gn: 15:28). (Matta, Mt:28:11).(Ashia,As: 26:43). (Ayoub,Job:2:42) (Roaya,Rev:8:3).

    48) The COMFORTER: JESUS Christ Is the COMFORTER of HIS Flock "…Heal the broken hearted….set at liberty those who are bruised…AMEN" ( Luka,Lk:4:18)"Is Able to Save completely those who come to GOD through HIM, because HE always LIVES to Intercede for them…AMEN" (Ebranien, Heb 7:25) "And the LORD GOD Will Wipe away tears from all faces…AMEN" "COMFORT, Yes COMFORT My people, Says Your GOD…AMEN" "For the LORD Has Comforted HIS people..AMEN" "I AM HE Who Comforts you…AMEN" "To Proclaim the Aceeptable Year of the GOD …To Comfort all who mourn…AMEN" (Ashia, Is:25:8; 40:1;49:13;51:12;52:9&61:2) "HE Heals the broken hearted…AMEN" (Mazameer, Ps: 147:3)" The WOORD of My LORD the KING Will now Be Comforting…AMEN"(2Samuel,2S;14:17). In Lamentations ( Marathi Armia:1:16) Prophet Armia expressed the case of human when Spiritually speaking GOD Is Far "My eyes overflows with water, because the COMFORTER who should Restore my life Is far from me…AMEN". In any problem, we must fully TRUST in the LORD, have no doubt and HE WILL Comfort us " Even if I walk in the midst of the shadow of death, I shall not fear evil things…AMEN " "Commit your way to the LORD, Trust also in HIM And HE Shall Bring it to pass…AMEN" (Mazameer,Ps :23:4; 37:5& Tathneya,Dt:11:12)-- Our LORD Told us to Trust in HIM and not to be interested .the material joy of the world "Blessed are those who mourn, for they Shall Be Comforted…AMEN" St Paula famous saying is " Those who escapes the mourning escapes from GOD". Our LORD JESUS Healed and Comforted the sick woman due to her FAITH "Daughter be of Good Comfort, your faith has made you well ..AMEN" (Matta,Mt:5:4;9:22). "Casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you. AMEN"(1Boutros,1P:5:7). Many of us feel discomfort and keep worrying about trifle trouble. Personally I am one of the tops in that. O LORD Please help me for the weakness of my Faith AMEN. It is well known that anxiety is the main reason for many psychological &bodily diseases It causes rise in Cholesterol and lipids(Fats) in the body. Cholesterol absorbed from food is about 10%, while 90% is produced internally by the body. A British doctor reported that there is about 33% increase during the days that someone is feeling worry!. But at the same time it is proven that high saturated fat and carbohydrate intake enhances the precipitation of the already high cholesterol (due to anxiety) on the arteries causing the rise in blood pressure and heart problems. THANK our LORD who guided the Church fathers to arrange the regimen of our Lents. Vegetarian food is quite healthy. In tradition humans and all the beasts were vegetarians at the start. This may be the reason that the lion didn’t eat the lamb in Noah’s ark. The Fish is rich in unsaturated fatty acids that are healthy food. (mind you not shrimps-in any way it is quite expensive to buy shrimps) that was blessed by our LORD when HE Appeared to HIS Disciples after HIS HOLY RESURRECTION at the breakfast by the sea "JESUS then Came and Took the bread…am\nd likewise the fish…AMEN" (Youhanna,Jn:21:13). THANK YOU GOD Please Bless our fasting and allow all of us to get the useful spiritual and bodily benefits of the lent AMEN. We must have Trustin the Power of the Prayers "Is anyone among you is suffering, let him pray…. AMEN" (Yacoub,Jas:5:13). JESUS Told us " And HE Shall give you another COMFORTER…The SPIRIT of the TRUTH….I WILL not Leave you orphans; I Will Come to you…AMEN" (Youhanna,Jn:14:16-18)."Take My yolk upon you ….and you will find rest for your souls ..AMEN"(Matta,Mt:11:29) "Blessed Be the GOD…The GOD of all Comfort Who Comforts us in all our tribulations…Amen" (2Cornothius,2Co:1:3-4).

    O JESUS..The COMFORTER, The POWER OF GOD…Grant us the power to endure our suffering for the SAKE of YOUR NAME " " (Colossy,Co:1:11), "But he who endures to the end shall be Saved…AMEN" (Matta,Mt:24:13).

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  • 19- The NAMES of Our LORD JESUS CHRIST (Cont-Part XX) "…for obedience to the Faith among all nations for HIS NAME…AMEN" (Romia,Ro:1:5). "In the NAME of our LORD JESUS CHRIST, when you are gathered together…AMEN" (1Coronthius,1Co:5:4) "And he spoke boldly in the NAME of the LORD JESUS…AMEN"(Ammal,Ac:9:29)

    Dear Sisters and Brothers in CHRIST

    As the date of our Orthodox Celebration of the Resurrection of the LORD is on May 1st , let us discuss a related NAME of the LORD . That is to say " The RESURRECTION’ before discussing the other remaining NAMES.

    49)The RESURRECTION: JESUS Is Our RESURRECTION "Most assuredly, I Say to you for the hour is coming, and NOW is, when the dead hear the voice of the SON of GOD, and those who hear will live {Believers in The NAME of our LORD JESUS CHRIST who hear and follow HIS WORD Are Granted the Eternal Life} "….for the hour is coming in which all who are in graves will hear HIS VOICE and come forth-those who have done good to the RESURRECTION of LIFE….AMEN" {The JUDGEMENT} "I AM the RESUSRRECTION and the LIFE, he who believes in ME, though he may die, he shall live.. AMEN". (Youhana, Jn: 5:24-29&&11:24-25). "…Our LORD JESUS CHRIST Granted us the eternal life by Sacrificing HIMSELF by HIS OWN WILL(Youhanna,Jn:10:18), on the CROSS {The Tree of Life( Plz see Takween,Gen:3:22) that was watered by HIS PRECIOUS BLOOD. "If by one man’s (Adam’s) offense death reigned , much more those who receive abundance of GRACE….wil reign in Life though ONE: JESUS CHRIST…AMEN" (Romia,Ro:17). The Foundation of the Christian Religion is that our True Belief lies in the RESURRECTION of Our LORD. St Paul Guided by the Holy Spirit wrote "And if CHRIST Is not RISEN, THEN our preaching is empty…AMEN" " We believe in ONE GOD ….We believe in ONE LORD JESUS CHRIST …and HE Was Crucified for us….., Suffered and on the Third day ROSE from the dead…AMEN" (Orthodox Creed). "Priest: Therefore, as we also commemorate HIS HOLY PASSSION, HIS RESURRECTION from the dead, HIS ASCENSION into Heavens,...AMEN" (The Coptic Holy Liturgy after St Basil). "he, foreseeing this , spoke concerning the RESURRECTION of the CHRIST…AMEN" "…and preached in JESUS the RESURRECTION from dead….AMEN" "And with great Power the Apostles gave witness to the RESURRECTION of the LORD JESUS…AMEN" ( Amaal,Ac:2:31, 4:27 33). "Nor they die any more for they are equal to angels and are Sons of GOD , being Sons of the RESURRECTION…AMEN" (Luka,Lk:20:36).` Thanks to our Church fathers, who Guided by the Holy Spirit, arranged for us the readings of the Holy Passover (Pascha) Week. Monday readings reminds us of the Just Judgement. We will all Perish if we do not repent ( Plz see:Luka,Lk: 13:3). St John ( Named St John the Golden mouth due to his spiritual sayings) told us an explanation about the parable of the fig tree "That the broad fig leaves represent the broad way that leads to destruction (Plz read:Matta,Mt:7:13) , and he wrote that was why Our LORD Cursed it"(Marcos,Mk:11;21). ). "…so you shall perish, because you would not be obedient to the VOICE of the LORD Your GOD…AMEN"(Tathnya,Dt:8:20). Believers must expect turbulence and share the sufferings of our LORD to hope for the Reward of the Heavenly Kingdom. "Believers that walk in the WAY must be ready for trials….Gold is tested by fire and the Chosen in the furnace of turbulence …You who Fear GOD Hope for HIS Gracious donations, Eternal Life and HIS Mercy…AMEN" "You and all who desire to live Godly in CHRIST JESUS will suffer persecution….AMEN" "For many are Called, few are Chosen…AMEN"( Yashouh Ebn Sirag,Js son of Serach, :2;1-9,From the readings of the Tuesday of the Holy Week (Pascha), The 2nd Lawful Book; 2 Temothous,2Ti:3:12 &Matta,Mt:22:14). Many Prophets about the RESURRECTION are stated in the old Testament

    "Rise O LORD, Save me, O my GOD…AMEN" "Now I Will Arise Says the LORD…AMEN" (Mazammer,Ps:3:7 &:12:5) Prophet Ayoub was wondering about his answer to GOD at the Resurrection "What then shall I do when GOD RISES Up, when HE Punishes, what shall I answer HIM….AMEN" (Ayoub,Job:31:14).

    Prayer in the NAME OF JESUS: O JESUS, our RESURRECTION GRANT us Your Divine Peace, And Support us to labor and to deserve being Called after Your NAME. "Blessed and Holy who has part in the first Resurrection, over such the second death has no power….AMEN" (Roaya;Rev:20:6) "I LIVE, you will live also. At that day you will know that I AM in MY FATHER, and you in ME, and I in you…AMEN" (Youhanna,Jn:14:19-20).
  • 20- The NAMES of Our LORD JESUS CHRIST (Cont-Part XX)

    "…for HIS NAME Has Become Well Known…AMEN" (Marcos,Mk:6:14) "Because they went forth for HIS NAME’S SAKE….AMEN" (3Youhanna,3Jn:1:7), " …and now O LORD…….YOUR NAME Is Glorified in that day…..AMEN" ( Praise of Prophet Barouch- 2nd lawful Book, Barouch:2:1-4) "My NAME Shall Be there, that you may hear the prayer which Your servant makes toward this place…AMEN"(1Moolok,1K:8:29)

    Dear Sisters and Brothers in CHRIST

    50) The PROTECTOR: Our LORD Is the Protector of HIS Flock and HIS Church. "If it had not Been the LORD Who Was on our side…they would have swallowed us alive…AMEN" (Mazameer,Ps:124:2-3) The Christian Church is built on the Rock of Faith in JESUS CHRIST’S NAME. Our LORD Meant that when HE Spoke to Peter "..and on this ROCK I Will Built MY Church, and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it…AMEN"(Matta,Mt:16:18). " GOD Is in the midst of her, she shall not be moved, GOD Shall HELP her…AMEN"(Mazameer,Ps:46:5). We Pray for the saftey of the Church and the Whole World in the Orthodox Liturgy {Priest: Remember, O LORD the safety of this Place(The Church),which is Yours….(Deacon):Pray for the safety of the World…(Congregation): LORD Have Mercy AMEN}.But it should be kept in mind that none of us should try the LORD.

    "Now therefore why do you test GOD…AMEN" (Amaal, Ac: 15:10)

    As an example we must not throw our selves from a high place and cry to the LORD to Protect us. The LORD JESUS, when the devil asked HIM at the Mountain of the Temptation to Throw HIMSELF "as it is written: HE SHALL give HIS Angels to charge over you …JESUS Said it is written again: you shall not tempt the LORD Your GOD …AMEN" " (Matta,Mt:4:6-7,MazameerPs:91:11-12; Tathnia,Dt:6:16).

    Our LORD JESUS Teach us 2 lessons :

    Not to Try the LORD "You shall not tempt the LORD Your GOD as you tempted HIM in Messah…AMEN"(Tathnia,Dt:6:16).
    Focussing on a single verse may lead us to an incorrect conclusion. We must depend on the whole Holy Bible as one unit.
    Our LORD Is with those who Obey HIS WORD and Protect them "Draw near to GOD and HE Will Draw near you.AMEN" (Yakoub,Jas 4:8)

    "Behold the LORD HAND Is not Shortened…Nor HIS Ear Heavy…But your iniquities have separated you from Your GOD..AMEN" (Ashia,Is:59:1-2)-

    The lions did not hurt Prophet Daniel and the LORD Protected him "…and no injury whatever was found on him, because he believed in His GOD…AMEN"(Daniel:6:23).

    "…and nothing shall by any means hurt you…AMEN" ( Luka,Lk:10:19). "Do not fear little Flock for it is your FATHER Good Pleasure to give you the KINGDOM..AMEN"(Luka,Lk:12:32).

    Please notice that Our LORD Called us HIS Little Flock, this may mean that we are the humble ones in this world. "Let not your heart be troubled; you believe in GOD, believe also in ME…AMEN" (Youhanna,Jn:14:1)

    I read an article about the eagles and how do they behave in the storms by allowing wind to carry them up ,before the fierce storm comes. When storms come on us, God Enables us to ride on the winds of the storm that bring sickness, tragedy, failure and disappointment in our lives. By our LORD Grace we can soar above the storm "I Bore you on eagles wings and Brought you to MYSELF…AMEN"( Koroog,Ex:19:4).

    Prayer in the NAME of JESUS:

    O JESUS …THE HELPER …"Help us O GOD , Our Savior, for the Glory of Your NAME AMEN" (From the 6th hour prayer). O JESUS Our SAVIOR "Deliver me(us) from blood, O GOD, the GOD of my(our) Salvation…AMEN" ( Mazameer,Ps : 51:14). O JESUS…The COMFORTER .."Heal the broken hearted..AMEN"(Luka,Lk:4:18). O JESUS Our RESURRECTON …Fill our hearts with joy and gladness, that we too have suffiiency in every thing always, may abound in every good deed AMEN( Orthodox Liturgy).

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