What do I do? :'(

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Hello everyone,
I read the thread called depression and thought that it was time for me to tell you guys about how I feel. I am depressed, I feel rejected from everyone around me, from my parents to my Priest. Church used to be my only escape from all the troubles I had but God didn't even let me rest there. In the last period of time many problems arose.senior deacons have hit me or slapped me on the face a couple of times before, for no reason and sometimes they even blame some of the mistakes of others on me EVENTHOUGH they know I didn't do it...everybody likes picking out the bad stuff in me publicly, and they enjoy it very much, it feels like everyone is challenging me. My life has gone so bad, I used to be a 95%+ student, now I worry about failing and my best mark is 80%, I memorize hymns yet I am the only person at Church that whenever gets to do something or wants to do something has to be revised a 100 times. Other people's parents are Churchgoers and are even maybe part of the Council or their dads are deacons and they do not get any criticism, yet they are well respected. Unlike me, I go to almost all services, I am a deacon and has been one for about 1.5 years now, and I am considered the recently ordained deacon....my parents however do not go to Church and I get made fun of because of that and as you can say I have become the "maltasha" of the Church. Whenever anything happens, I can't even find the comfort of a Priest who would support me, rather my Priest does not support me one bit, and I am the least likely to be chosen for anything....I go home emotianally distressed and sometimes I lock myself in my room and cry as much as I can, I don;t want to blame all of this on God rather I do think it's a kind of message or punishment.

I feel so terrible, the only thing on mind right now is stop going to Church, stop serving at all or even change Churches and go to another Orthodox Church and ofcourse the third soloution is probably the last soloution I will be using....

Please help me.... :'(



  • that's sad... :'(

    I don;t know how to help you there my friend but hopefull God will help you and it might just be a test you are going through....
    I have passed through a similar story with service yet it was less serious than yours. I pray that God's Hands will save you from whatever agony you are facing.

    God Bless.

  • please dont cry :(

    look the more and more you try to be closer to God, the more and more the devil will try to prevent that from happening. He is very cunning and deceitful and tricks us a lot, so we all must be careful, because we dont want to lose our beloved Jesus.

    You must always EXPECT difficulties and tribulations, in whatever you do there will always be obstacles along the path, ..the road that leads to life is not easy, but you have to be “ patient in tribulation” Romans 12:12, “Knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience, but let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing” James: 3,4

    There is really no reason to be upset, think of all what Jesus went through, He was despised and rejected by His OWN creation, the works of His hands, they even spat on His face. The people that He created whipped Him, crucified Him, pierced His side, mocked Him, put a crown of thorns upon His head...etc . (whatever we face is nothing in comparison to what Christ faced)

    Even if for no reason..others might treat you badly, just remember that Christ was also very badly treated.....but He did not react by "giving up"/"running away", / "stop going to Church, stop serving at all or even change Churches and go to another Orthodox Church and ofcourse the third soloution is probably the last soloution I will be using"

    .....instead He told us to “But I say to you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you” Matthew 5:44..and He taught us to turn the other cheeck, giving up is not the answer, but being patient to the end is what God wants of us..and you will have your reward in the end. “Blessed is the man who endures temptation; for when he has been approved, he will receive the crown of life which the Lord has promised to those who love Him.” James 1:12

    pray from your heart and remember that God always listens to the voice of His children, ask God to help you and to strengthen you and support you.

    You are not alone "lo, I am with you ALWAYS, even to the end of the age" Matthew 28:20, so dont worry if Jesus is with you, then everything will be ok..."If God is with us..who can be against us"
  • :-[ hay
    that is so horrible
    hay whatever ou do dont stop serving or dont stop goind to church because that way the devil one over you i think and strongly advise u to go to another coptic orthodox church and i think u will be happier there but never lose faith in God and dont forget the most important thing that every second in your life is a test and im sure if u keep obeying God and do what he expects of u u will get closer to God and the devil will flee from u

    i will pray for u
    pray 4 me FROG
  • wats up fady

    im really sorry you are going through this, and like the person who replyed before me, jesus went through the same tribulation. but do me a favor email me, id like to explain somtthing in depth. my email is [email protected] ( typical egy lol )

  • Fady,

    Please don't be sad.

    Don't you remember that when Jesus took the 5 loaves and 2 fishes, He BROKE the bread first in order to bless it and complete the miracle. So it is with our lives as Christians. Sometimes, in order to fulfill God's plan, we have to be broken so that the blessings given to us by God can be passed on to others. Having said that, remember that at the end of the miracle, there were 12 baskets left over for the apostles - way more than they could eat. So, if you feel that God is asking too much of you right now, don't worry - let Him use you to help others and He will replinish you with more than you will know what to do with. The more you give away, the more you will recieve :)

    Also Fady, I admire you. It is very hard for someone to go to church (let alone serve!) when they don't have the support of their parents. You are an example for others who may feel the temptation to stay away from church. You MUST not stop serving in the church. I realize that it is not easy for you right now, but I agree with Princess Mary and Fully Rely on God. The closer you get to God, the harder the Devil will work to prevent you. This is truly a testing of your faith. PRAY and PRAY and PRAY. Pray that the peace of god which surpasses all human understanding (phil 4) will give you wisdom, love and patience to deal with this difficult time in your life.

    "God does not ask about our ability: but about our availability" :)

    My prayers are with you. Keep me posted.

    God bless,


  • hey fady,

    please dont cry, you ripped my heart totally with your story.. be strong .. remember Jesus was also slapped and spat on and punished for things He did not do.. He died wrongfully!
    And according to your story, you're experiencing the same thing as Jesus went through... put your spirit in the Lord and hold to Him.. ask Him for comfort and peace.. just ASK! and you shall RECEIVE! i guarantee it!

    God Bless you!

  • Hey,
    I am sorry for all what u are going through.
    I just thought I would post this pic..it's really inspiring.
    It inspires me for what I am going through.
    Thank you,
  • I'm so sorry to hear that...you seriously did rip my heart in two.. I hope everything goes ok..and I suggest that you pray..pray really really hard..and everyone that has read this thread..please pray for our brother Fady..may the Lord lessen the weight of his cross...Rabenna Maak.. its a test..and he wouldn't give it to you..if he thought you weren't up to it..

    May the Lord help you pass this through safely...

  • Is rita the person that wrote that? thats my name!! it was weird seeing it there... anyway..
    Remember Job? He had everything and he loved God and then even when he had nothing he still loved God!! Whenever something goes wrong, whenever anyone hurts you, just read the bible or pray or both and ask God for help through this tough time. He'll be there for you! People can blame you for all that they want but God will never consider their judgements. He knows whats in your heart and he'll be fair with you!! Don't Give up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God Loves You!
  • habibi dun let them bring u down, you have christ in you, think bout it, in all da ppl u can call tight wit u or ur friends He's da only one dats ALWAYS there, remember john 16:33 " IN THE WORLD U WILL HAVE TRIBULATION, BUT BE OF GOOD CHEER I HAVE OVERCOME THE WORLD"

    live khen pekhristos isos penchois:) :)
  • hang in there. God willing, it will get better.
    i speak from experience
  • Fady, God will reward those who suffer. I know that you went through a lot, but the people in the church don't all necessarily have to be " christians" in their actions.
    why don't you try to encourage your parents to go to church?
    tell them that the reason we go to church is to see and partake of our savior, not to see people.
    jesus spoke of hypocrites and apparently you have a lot of those at church. where do you go to church? try to find a closer church. try to speak to your priet first and tell him about what's happening. he has to know. maybe you think he doesn't care, but i think he really didn't pay attention to the matter. he's God's chosen leader, he's holy, but you have to inform him. if there's no change, then go to a closer church. and when people make fun of you, just concentracte on the nails that held Christ to the cross and how He stayed there instead of coming down from the cross to try to prove to the people that He was God.
    God Bless you, and reward you for your sufferings.
  • fady, send me a private message.. we're in almost identical situations.. mina.
  • Hay fady,

    Just wanted to say that you are a brave person. Carry on and may God Bless you. Don't let anything put you down, hold ur head up high. If you haven't done anything wrong, noone can do anything to you. About dat person dat hit you or slapped u... they've got some nerve. rude ppls. did u tell anyone. you shouldn't be quiet about these things. umm how old are u??? how old is da person dat slapped u and stuff..... by the soundz of things ur not at an age to be treated this way.

    I'll pray for ya Fady and don't let ppl treat u this way.....even if they had a reason.

    God bless u
  • To Fady:

    I think it is probably time that you spoke to your parents about your concerns and experiences. There are some serious issues you spoke of that need to be addressed. I firmly believe that this forum will not be the place for you to get the help you need, for your problems require professional intervention. You might start with your parents and school counselor. Together with your parents, then you might need to make an appointment with your priest.

    I pray that you take the first steps, for without others more mature and more responsible, you may not reach a positive outcome.

    Elder Kelley
  • Hey Kelley,
    I really respect your reply but I need to clear up something to you..
    Egyptians are not as open to ideas as Canadians, and I think Fady's parents, based on what he said are NOT! Egyptian parents are all hard minded, and kids are too embarresed to go tell someone about what happens to them...Fady seems to be seeking the help on this forum because he can't find it anywhere else.

    Please Fady, correct me if I'm wrong.

    I will continue to pray for you, pray for me and God Bless you!

  • Mike:

    First of all it is good to hear from you again! It has been awhile. Been very busy lately.

    Now for the situation with Fady. If he is either an American/Canadian, there can potentially be some legal-moral issues here. That is why I shared the information I did. Inspite of what could be his 'cultural' reluctance--in situations of this type certain steps must be taken in order to ensure safety on Fady's part.

    I am not knowledgeable about Egyptian parenting methods. Has it been clarified where he lives? I will await your response.

    Elder H. Kelley
  • Fady,
    There are alot of great responses here, read them carefully, they will help.
    Also try to find some comfort by reading stories from the bible and lives of the saints. One great thing about our Coptic Church, is chances are there is more than one near you, Going to another coptic orthodox church may not be a bad idea. Speak to your FOC or a spiritual guide that you feel comfortable talking to. Just understand that you are NOT alone and God will be with you.
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